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ANGOSS Knowledge Studio Reviews and Features

  • Michigan, USA
  • 1985
  • $101MN to $500MN
BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Transportation and Logistics, Government and Defense, Energy and Utilities, IT and Telecom
Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America
Company Overview
Angoss’ product portfolios are flexible, agile, and visual, thus making predictive analytics reachable and simpler for technical as well as for business users. The major advantage of the Angoss product is its best in class ability to discover patterns and segments. It is also known for its data mining and advanced predictive engine, visualizations, decision trees, intuitive trees, and strategy trees for advanced decision making.

  • Statistical Modelling: Scorecard and regression (linear, logistic, constrained logistic, PLS)
  • Visual Analytics Design: Automated design canvas in an interactive workflow
  • Support for Languages: Imports and exports common languages

Angoss uses data and predictive modeling to present insights that help users make better decisions faster. It uses advanced statistical algorithms for the prediction of outcomes. These outcomes are generated across all stages of model cycles. It helps improving predictive analytics for organizations looking to monetize their data.

  • Customer Data
  • Data Investigation
  • Data Blending
  • Demographic
  • Geo Spatial
  • Interactive Visualisation
  • Marketing Data
  • Report Automation
  • Report Generation
  • Transaction Data
  • Custom Scripting Language
  • Advanced Condition Prediction
  • Apache Spark
  • Auto-scaling
  • Cloud Hosted Data
  • Event Detection
  • Hadoop
  • Hive
  • Licensing - Hybrid
  • Licensing - Per use / Per query
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Other, Company Name Classified
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“Good platform for business users"

Products offered by Angoss are agile and flexible. These features make predictive analytics simple to use for business users. The class ability to discover segments and patterns is one of the major advantages of Angoss’ products. Data mining and advanced predictive engines, decision trees, visualizations, strategy trees, and intuitive trees are some of the areas the company deals with. It enables data import and export to/from Text, SAS, SPSS, Microsoft Excel, R, Hadoop, and databases via ODBC and makes integration easy into other analytical environments. Users can access to additional visual analysis from the Angoss workflow with tableau integration.
Vice President,Company Name Classified
Vice President, Company Name Classified
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“Good software, average interface"

The interface is not very dynamic, however after the first look, it seems bit useful for various tasks. They could have made the interface better. I just need to add my data set, identify, and set my dependent variable and rest everything is done easily by this software.
Other,Company Name Classified
Other, Company Name Classified
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“Help me to understand customer data"

The real-time scoring is the best feature it offers. This feature allows me to interpret customer interaction data and provides me insights to make intelligent decisions based on the previous interaction with the customer.
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Other, Company Name Classified
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“Useful for Initial Analysis"

The software has some good features like decision and strategy trees along with useful exploratory tabs as well. However, it is difficult to save data from decision trees. The only way to save data currently is to right-click and save it. This makes it of limited use if data or trees can’t be saved within knowledge seeker.

Business Analyst,Company Name Classified
Business Analyst, Company Name Classified
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“Enabling Us to Become Powerusers"

We have many consultants around the country working with campus partners. Every person needs to find significant amounts of data and data splits. This tool enables us to do this easily and allows us to become masters of the data. The best part of the software is its ease of use after the data is loaded. The only negative aspect that I could find was the rollout of too many updates that do not seem to add any major functionality changes in the software.
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ANGOSS KNOWLEDGE STUDIO (Division of Datawatch) Presence in Predictive Analytics Software
Angoss has successfully gained adoption with customers in the financial and insurance sectors that are seeking a reduction of risk and increasing the effectiveness of their promotional operations. The company has placed constant emphasis over predictive analytics and has provided several analytics products with predictive assistance in businesses decision-making. Furthermore, it has strategically offered both, onpremises and cloud-based solutions, thus enabling companies to opt for the services that may not have predictive analytics skills on-premises. Additionally, decision trees and strategy trees are promising and easy to understand for both, non-technical and technical businesses. With the integration of programming languages, such as R, Python and SAS which add value to its analytics offering in the market and functionality for highly technical users. The company has greater focus on organic expansion with regular product updates. For example, in September 2015, Angoss released the 9.5 version of its analytics software suite and recently, in April 2016, the company released the 9.6 version of its analytics software suite.
#1 Product Features and Functionality / Core Features
#2 Product Features and Functionality / Enterprise Features
#3 Product Features and Functionality / Integration with Big Data Frameworks / Data Stores
#4 Product Features and Functionality / Licensing
#5 Target Users / Business Analysts
#1 Customer Response Modelling
#2 Demand Forecasting
#3 Business Intelligence
#4 Data Visualisation
#5 Data Preparation


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