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Breezy USP

Breezy is the platform that is set to reinvent the printing structure in organizations through virtualization. With an efficient cloud-based approach, it offers a sophisticated platform that is well-suited for small organizations and giant enterprises. It comes with a well-developed software development kit that allows users to develop secure print support within minutes. 

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Breezy is a modern software that is proud to virtualize the existing printing structure to create a sophisticated, easy-to-use print platform. It supports smaller businesses as well as large enterprises and has advanced support for all types of printers out there. The cloud-based approach has proved to be beneficial for secure printing without connectivity issues. 

When it comes to global deployment, Breezy offers customizable routing and native print support to make the process hassle-free. Breezy is focused on driverless printing that effectively replaces legacy printer drivers with ease like never before. 

Breezy Features

→ Easy setup and interface

  • Sophisticated interface with an easy installation process makes it convenient for new users to get on board. 
  • Automatic detection of printers and properties after the Breezy Connector is installed that saves the hassle of configuring every printer in advance.

→ Flexible solutions 

  • Exceptionally built to handle the requirements of enterprises with over 5,000 printers and support larger documents. 
  • Designed to handle different types of printers at ones without causing any errors. 

→ Driveress printing

  • Effective patented Universal Queue solution to ensure smooth replacement of legacy printer drivers. 
  • Customizable printing solution to any printer where no driver installation is necessary. 

→ Secured system 

  • Unique mobile print provider for transferring encrypted documents where data on any device is secured via military-grade encryption.
  • Reliable user SSO (single sign-on) authentication with authentication providers and identity federation. 

Breezy Pricing

The Breezy pricing structure follows a modular way and offers customized plans depending on the size of the organization and requirements. It offers detailed quotes if contacted from the official website. Users have claimed that Breezy pricing is affordable and ideally designed to suit all types of businesses. 

Breezy Demo 

Breezy is proud to have one of the easiest installations and management. The FAQ section on the official website of the software covers everything necessary for administrators as well as end-users. If required, Breezy offers a demo and can be requested through the official webpage. 


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Breezy Reviews


James Smith

May 04, 2020

“Excellent support system”

Not many platforms offer support for native printers and Breezy is one of them. The customizable routing for global deployments is commendable.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 04, 2020

“Ability to handle multiples printers”

The scalability is surprising! Breezy is designed to handle even large 10mb documents where print servers are connected to more than a thousand printers.
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