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Axis is relatively easy to use and the product gives detailed reporting on the property revenue side. The system is very user friendly. A new feature of Channel Manager is to provide the users with a simple and safe experience. Axis is a customized management system that provides property management. Axis is a customized management system that provides property management. Axis property management team works by using clear and practical methodologies with the client, digging deep into its roots and shoots to come up with the right insights and answers.

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Bixby is an innovative building amenity platform which provides property management customers with an easy to use service enabling them to provide quality service to tenants and residents. Bixby PMS works closely with customers helping to navigate a new generation of tenants and residents while introducing the potential of technology and introducing the potential and impact of smart home products for  buildings. It enables managers to automate and organize operations, oversee repairs, collect payments and reduces times and money spent on maintenance calls.


Bixby PMS Reviews

  • All-encompassing solution –Bixby is an amazing tool enabling better interaction with residents ensuring more transparency. 


  • Ensures efficiency- Bixby grants a strong relationship with residents and a more efficient internal team. Bixby is mindful of customer needs and provides exceptional customer service.


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BUILDIUM’s USP in the property management software market is its all-in-one platform that offers integrated solutions for property management, accounting, tenant screening, online leasing and much more. It also provides easy-to-use tools that help landlords manage and market their properties, automate processes, and take complete control over their rental business. With BUILDIUM, landlords can boost their revenue and create a more profitable property portfolio.
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    • Caliber Property Management is committed to caring for each property they manage. Caliber takes pride on the ability to provide personalized service to every client and every property. 
    • Managing rentals is a full-time job, not something most owners have time for. As the clients can trust to take care of valuable investment. Clients can depend on the caliber team, 24/7.

    Caliber Reviews

    • Core access point for Managers to suite seamlessly integrated accounting and community management tools.
    • Real-time community inspection tool that allows Managers to manage violations and maintenance requests.
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Console Cloud software is a cloud based property management and accounting software for agencies who want to do less, make more and grow more. Console Cloud is very easy to use and is very helpful to its users by providing navigation like features to its users. Console Cloud has built in inspections, streamlined maintenance, mobile app and client access. The software provides its users everything that is needed to manage the properties of their account. It provides fully automated SMS notifications, bulk communications via social media and many more things in  a single cloud based software.


Console Cloud Reviews

  1. Ease to use – Easy to use and when the user gets stuck anywhere the Console support team is very is easy to navigate the loud based software.


  1. Property Management Software – It provides billing and invoicing, contact management, lease tracking, owner portals, payment processing, portfolio management, tenant portal and many more features.

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Cozy’s USP is its very uncomplicated process of collecting rent. It allows free-flowing communication between renters and landlords which is commendable. Hence, renters can make the necessary requests. The entire process takes place online for free without any trouble at either party. The interface is simple and user-friendly with a lucid language. Cozy allows users to meticulously manage data related to property.

Cozy Reviews


  • All-inclusive Lifesaver - Simple nature to set up one property or many, big or small. Useful background checks make everything convenient.


  • Good, Basic, Solid, and Reliable - Regularity and consistency in the program. Helps with all real estate transactions to keep a track of overall performance.


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Imperium is a  property management software that manages all the commercial properties. It is built to help new growing developers and property managers. The aim of the company is to provide a hustle free leasing so that the tenant and landlord need not worry about anything. The company uses various advanced technologies in order to reach the set target. The goal is to provide quality service and give satisfaction to the users.


Imperium Reviews


  1. Hassle-Free: Imperium provides a hassle-free experience to all its users. It manages everything. All the data once stored is backed up at time intervals and can be accessed online anytime. It can be accessed anywhere without any connectivity issues.
  2. Rich features: Imperium is rich in features, it provides many features that are not available in many of the software. Also, it uses many advanced technologies which makes the whole process very easy.
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Oscar manages both temporary corporate housing as well as long term unfurnished apartments. It also helps to create and manage residents and associated companies. Services to manage inventory can be paid by clients and individuals through credit cards or other modes of payment. The feature of reports helps in allowing both sales and finance to develop a rate strategy and budget.

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Petra Property Management software is a new kind of intelligent property management software that works according to the users choice. It saves hours for the users by providing an easy interface to operate. Petra automatically analyses the property data to spot trends and find the predictors of future growth. It is a friendly and approachable software. Petra software uses the latest machine learning and big data analytics for managing property. It is a real small cookie. It knows all the ways of trade of property. Petra software automatically learns and adapts to the way of working of a user.

Petra Reviews

  • Shows basic steps to learn – The user interface of the software is very easy to handle and helps users to learn how the software works.

  1. Open line of communication – Through an open line of communication, the software helps to keep the tenants and owners informed. 

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Realpage has a truly straightforward user interface, with huge amounts of approaches to get the entirety of the necessary data initially. The dashboard will go over new lease rents, income, and revenue drifts in effectively lucid visual diagrams and outlines. Its suite of arrangements benefits proprietors, supervisors, and financial specialists in the land business, covering traditional multifamily, reasonable, military, students, single-family, senior, excursion, business, and blended use of different property types.

RealPage Reviews


  • It is a Real Page - It is anything but difficult to find and pull the required reports, just as oversee imminent occupants and current inhabitants. All the data that is needed is promptly available.


  • Great Tool to Manage Community - This product is an extraordinary item for reaching and overseeing leads. It is likewise useful in managing rental estimating and contender rents. Leads and prospects are filtered in one spot.


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RentRedis unique selling point is its easy-to-use approach that helps property managers quickly and efficiently manage their entire rental portfolio. RentRedis user-friendly platform enables users to quickly collect rent payments, process maintenance requests and repairs, and streamline the tenant screening process. Additionally, users can access rental analytics, generate reports, and create customized marketing materials to advertise and list new properties. RentRedis platform is also designed to be completely personalized, ensuring that property managers and landlords are in full control of their rental properties.
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The USP of Skyline is its real-time reporting dashboard which allows its users to view all performance and operations from a single screen. The interface is simple and user-friendly. Skyline provides its users with meticulous data related to property managers and tenants along with its extensive accounting feature. Think excellence, think Skyline.

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TenantCloud is a unique property management software that allows landlords, tenants, and property managers to manage their properties easily and securely. With TenantCloud, users can quickly create rental agreements, search for tenants, process rental payments, manage property maintenance, and more. TenantCloud also features an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and use. Additionally, its advanced security features keep user data safe and secure, allowing landlords and tenants to rest assured that their personal and financial information is protected at all times. TenantCloud’s data-driven technology makes it the perfect solution for landlords, tenants, and property managers who are seeking an efficient way to manage their rental properties.
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