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Tray USP

Tray Retail POS System expands its versatility by adding integration solutions that include automated email marketing, inventory, cashless gaming cards and online ordering by third parties. In addition, the software's kiosks can be incorporated with several leading point-of-sale systems, allowing retailers to offer self-service without needing to upgrade their current technology infrastructures. Since the platform has been developed with self-service in mind, kiosks feature an intuitive and attractive interface powered by images.

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Tray Retail POS System is a cloud-based software platform that allows merchants in the Family Entertainment, Amusement, and Restaurant industries to deliver on-demand. The product package covers the point of sale, stand-alone kiosks, online ordering, electronic waivers, a mobile app and scheduling and hosting for parties. The way people order and pay is changing; we are now living in a world of on-demand. It offers a robust solution providing on-demand service to merchants.

Tray Pricing

Tray pricing starts from $89 per month. One would have to contact the support team to convey their requirements and get a customized Tray pricing quote for their scope of work. An individual even can drop an email query for the same. Detailed Tray pricing has not been disclosed, but it is in line with the leading competitors in the market. Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on your needs. For more details about Tray pricing
plans, contact the company.

Tray Demo

Tray Retail POS System provides free trial and the users can start working on the software and understand if it suits their applications. There’s a free demo option on their website i.e. 


The Cloud kitchen

  • Concentrates on off-premise dining. This new category has a selection of formats from supply without the shop.
  • Efficient operations as the entire focus are on dining. Staff would be rather efficient in the kitchen. 

Debit card (cashless) systems 

  • Tray Retail POS System integrates several leading debit card systems that allow traders to sell and recharge cashless play cards.
  • Creates revenue reporting for clients.

Omnivore POS Integration

  • Enables self-service without having to replace the entire infrastructure.
  • Provides simple, unique access to many POS systems, allowing the kiosks and handheld devices to be used alongside the existing POS system.

Provides third party delivery

  • Provides communication with third party deliveries, direct orders are sent to POS and hence counter space is cleared.
  • Enhances the accuracy of the order by sending instructions just as the guest requested.


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    Barcode Scanning
  • +14
    Discount Management
  • +7
    Loyalty Program Support
  • +11
    Annual Subscription
  • +8
  • +14
    Installed - Mac
  • +13
    Installed - Windows
  • +5
  • +13
  • +12
  • +13
    Commission Management
  • +12
  • +5
    Gift Card Management
  • +6
    Inventory Management
  • +8
    Pricing Management
  • +9
    Returns Tracking
  • +10
    Sales Tracking
  • +11
    Touch Screen
  • +11
    On-Site Support
  • +10
    Remote Support
  • -7
    Customer Support Service
  • -9
    Support and Maintenance
  • -8
    Training and Development
  • -7
  • -13
    Barcode Scanning System
  • -8
  • -7
    eCommerce Integration
  • -9
    Email Marketing
  • -14
  • -9
    Free Trial

Tray Reviews


Buyer, Food Manufacturing, Enterprise

Apr 30, 2020

“Simple & 24/7 support”

The main advantage of Tray is that it is easy to use and it provides 24/7 support to help the business.
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Buyer, Energy and Utilities, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Full-featured reservation available”

Enables clients to book online parties on their website. Plans custom booking packages for customers. Packages provide a summary, a package fee and additional guest rates.
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