• IBM's Risk Analytics Framework offers an end-to-end solution for risk identification, modelling, measuring, monitoring, risk management and reporting. The risk management abilities of IBM products help users not only to achieve Solvency II compliance, but also allow them to make risk-aware business decisions. The framework also allows seamless integration with existing risk modelling and actuarial tools, ensuring consistency of models and data across different systems.

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    • Enterprise
    • New York, USA
    • Founded: 1911
    • $50BN to $100BN
    • 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
  • SAP risk analytics solution takes a systematic approach to develop and adopt robust and sustainable risk management solutions. The risk analytics software solution defines the entire risk-relevant business activities and develops risk libraries to report risk assessment conclusions and to automate risk monitoring. The software technical capabilities include offering easy intuitive dashboards and business user interfaces, and easy data processing, thus facilitating customers to gain the advantage

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    • Enterprise
    • Weinheim, Germany
    • Founded: 1972
    • $10BN to $50BN
    • 75,001 to 1,00,000
  • RiskMonitor distinguishes itself with the ability to function on any source data structure, in a multi-user, high-performance analytical environment. It offers user-friendly application components to set-up, operate and maintain the solution’s tasks and work flow. The solution offers a good deal of flexibility and it integrates best practice methodologies resulting from extensive and continuing investments in research and development. AxiomSL's ControllerView platform provides data lineage, risk aggregation, workflow automation, validation and audit functionality. It also supports disclosures in various formats, including XBRL.

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    • Enterprise
    • 501 to 1,000
  • Oracle's software software facilitates enterprises and organizations to identify confidence levels for each of their projects and offers extensive techniques that help in determining contingency and risk response plans. Oracle’s Primavera Risk Analysis solution is one-of-a-kind of risk analytics solution available in the market today that integrates predeveloped risk registers and defines new risk registers as per the needs of the user. Oracle Financial Services Operational Risk Analytics enables financial organizations to perform historical and predictive analysis using preconfigured reports, charts, and dashboards that help them to effectively identify, monitor, and report risks that can be detrimental for operational losses occurring in banks.

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    • Enterprise
    • California, USA
    • Founded: 1977
    • $10BN to $50BN
    • 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
  • The FIS Early Risk Manager provides access to over 3,300 compliance checklist, which facilitates enterprises to automate their compliance monitoring and testing programs to self-detect the problems and correcting them. The FIS CyberForce Solution is focused to detect cyber vulnerabilities in the systems and is capable of analyzing millions of records in the organization and triggers alerts in case of any data breach that ultimately helps organizations to detect emerging botnet attacks, and prevent losses and damages to reputations. The FIS ChexAdvisor is suitably designed to provide BI solutions to firms so that it can help them mitigate risks and help them in ascertaining risk assessment on commercial and small business applicants through its BizChex solutions.

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    • Enterprise
    • Florida, USA
    • Founded: 1968
    • $10BN to $50BN
    • 50,001 to 75,000
  • SAS offers various risk analytics solutions, which are a part of its enterprise risk management. The solutions are SAS BookRunner, SAS Model Risk Management, SAS Capital Planning and Management, SAS Credit Scoring, SAS Enterprise GRC, SAS Firmwide Risk for Solvency II, SAS Model Risk Management, SAS High-Performance Risk, SAS Model Implementation Platform, SAS OpRisk VaR, SAS Regulatory Risk Management, SAS Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting, SAS Risk Dimensions, SAS Risk Management for Banking, SAS Risk Management for Insurance, SAS Risk Modeling Workbench, and SAS Risk and Finance Workbench.

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    • Enterprise
    • North Carolina, USA
    • Founded: 1976
    • $1BN to $5BN
    • 10,001 to 15,000
    • SME
    • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    • Founded: 1922
    • $101MN to $500MN
    • 1,001 to 5,000
    • Startup
    • New York City, New York, US
    • Founded: 1992
    • Below $10 MN
    • 51 to 100
  • Verisk Analytics works on unique data assets and deep domain expertise to deliver innovations that are integrated into customer workflows. The company offers predictive analytics and decision support solutions to customers in rating, underwriting, claims, catastrophe and weather risk, global risk analytics, natural resources intelligence, economic forecasting, and many other fields. Their solutions offer a powerful combination of capabilities to support customers in assessing the price risk with better accuracy, and and enhanced operational efficiency.

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    • Enterprise
    • Jersey City, New Jersey, US
    • Founded: 1971
    • $1BN to $5BN
    • 5,001 to 10,000
    • Enterprise
    • 501 to 1,000
    • Enterprise
    • 501 to 1,000
    • Enterprise
    • Ann Arbor, Michigan, US
    • Founded: 2013
    • 501 to 1,000
  • Risk Edge is one of the fastest-growing risk analytics companies that focuses on the energy and commodities industry vertical. The company is instrumental in selling and implementing risk software projects to various multinational companies. It provides software, which is not only cost-effective and scalable but also uses advanced analytics, such as ML algorithms and predictive analytics insights, to correctly predict the risks associated with the energy and commodities industry vertical. RiskEdge has been created ona globally accepted VaR Framework, and it has been thoroughly tested to assure accurate results.

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    • Enterprise
    • 501 to 1,000
    • Enterprise
    • New York City, New York, US
    • Founded: 1988
    • $10BN to $50BN
    • 10,001 to 15,000

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Below criteria are most commonly used for comparing Risk Analytics Software tools.
  • Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
    • Provide a list of Risk Analytics product
    • Product variants or licenses (such as enterprise, professional) offered
    • Software Offered
      • Extract, transform and load (ETL) tools
      • Risk Calculation Engines
      • Scorecard and Visualization Tools
      • GRC Software
      • Other Applications ( Portfolio Management, Operation Risk Analysis)
    • Services Offered
      • Training, Support and maintanence services
      • Consulting services
      • Managed Services
      • Any other professional services
  • Product Features and Functionality
    • Support for batch-data/real-time processing technique
    • Type of Solutions
      • Information Extraction
      • Analytical Engine
      • Scorecard Generation and Data Visualization
      • Risk Reporting
      • Complicance
      • Other Solutions
    • Type of risk supported
      • Market Risk
      • Credit Risk
      • Operations Risk
      • Enviornment Risk
      • Strategic Risk
    • Applications
      • Fraud Detection and Prevention
      • Liquidity Risk Analytics
      • Credit Risk Management
      • Real-time situational awareness
      • Industry benchmarking and validation
  • Delivery
    • Preferred mode of delivery
      • Full Time Equivalent
      • Subscription / Licensing
      • Per User Basis
    • End-users catered
      • Manufacturing
      • Retail
      • Finacial Services
      • Healthcare and Life Sciences
      • IT and Telecommunication
      • Governmnet and Defense
      • Media and Entertainment
      • Energy
      • Other, please specify
    • Deployment Model
      • Hosted / On-Cloud
      • On-Premise
    • Delivery Model
      • Directly
      • Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
  • Support and Services
    • Levels of support (such as silver, gold, and platinum)
    • Customer redressal mechanism/program
    • Type of Support Services Offered
      • Technical Support
      • Sales Support
      • Customer Support
      • Other Support Services
    • Pre-sales support activities
      • Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
      • Proof of Concept
      • Product Demos
      • Dedicated Account Manager (DAM)
    • Preferred medium of delivery of support services
      • On-Site Support
      • Remote Support


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