Sandboxing tools are a security mechanism, used to detect novel malicious programs that may be hidden inside a downloadable file, email from an untrusted user, or any other untrusted website. Sandboxing is implemented as a virtual environment to test any suspicious inbound data by analyzing its behavior inside the environment. The data is tested against different types and versions of Operating Systems (OSs), such as Windows and Mac, to fully analyze the data. Any newly detected malware is immediately informed to other deployed security solutions and also updated in the vendor’s threat intelligence database to prevent the threat from widespread. Sandboxing tools are offered as a standalone product or as an integral part of other cybersecurity solutions by the security vendors.
1. Micromarkets are defined as the further segments and subsegments of the global sandboxing tools market included in the report
2. Core competencies of the sandboxing tools companies are captured in terms of their key developments, key observations, and key strategies adopted by them to sustain their position in the market


Visionary leaders in the sandboxing tools market are the leading market players in terms of new developments such as product launches, innovative technologies, and the adoption of growth strategies. These players have a broad product offering that caters to most of the regions globally. Visionary leaders primarily focus on acquiring the leading market position through their strong financial capabilities and their well-established brand equity.


Dynamic Differentiators in the sandboxing tools market are established players with very strong business strategies. However, they have a weaker product portfolio compared to the visionary leaders. They generally focus only on a specific type of technology related to the product.


Innovators in the competitive leadership mapping are vendors that have demonstrated substantial product innovations as compared to their competitors. The companies have focused on product portfolios. However, they do not have very strong growth strategies for their overall business, when compared with the visionary leaders.


Emerging companies in the sandboxing tools market have niche product and service offerings. Their business strategies are not as strong as that of the established vendors. The emerging vendors include the new entrants in the market, emerging in terms of product portfolio and geographic reach, and require time to gain significant traction in the market.

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Ceedo Technologies provides solutions for following challenges: Endpoint Protection and Data Loss Prevention (DLP): The Companys MalwareLocker is a solution that containerize all web activities in an isolated environment. All user processes and child processes are executed within the isolated container without them being able to affect files and processes outside the container. In addition, the companys Just-In-Time-Backup automatically backs-up files that were just modified/deleted into a secure hidden location. Both solutions aim to protect completely against all types of Zero day attacks, malwares and Ransomware. Desktop and Application delivery: The companys product, CeedoWorkspace, provides a plug-n-play sandboxed environment, which allows an organization to securely deliver its application and data to its users and contractors working on unmanaged PCs. The environment allows secured deployment of various utilities that are required for remote access, such as Two Factor Authentication (2FA), VPN clients, hardened browsers with SSL certificates, Citrix Receiver, VNC, and Teamviewer. The product also allows delivery of entire user workspace to a users unmanaged PC with complete desktop environment and applications along with all the settings and permissions for the user.
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Check Point Software Technologies offers scalable security solutions to individuals, SMEs, and large enterprises across the globe. The company has a diverse product range including network security, data security, and security management products and solutions. With the increased cloud adoption by organizations, the company is focusing on delivering software-defined cyber security solutions to secure critical IT infrastructure of organizations from advanced cyber threats. Check Point Software Technologies is aiming to enter into the software-defined security market by adopting partnerships and alliance strategy. The company has formed strong partnerships with players such as IBM, VMware, and FireEye, and delivered enhanced integrated security solutions. The company has shared its threat intelligence with IBM and FireEye, and prevented its customers from modern sophisticated threats. These partnerships have not only helped deliver cutting-edge cyber security solutions, but have also expanded the customer base of the company and put the company ahead in the SDP market. The strategy of focusing on R&D activities has helped the company offer new products in the market. The launch of SandBlast Agent has helped the company deliver real-time protection to browsers by using its Zero Phishing technology. Moreover, the launch of software-defined protection security architecture has kept the company at a leading position in catering to the sandboxing market.
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FireEye offers AX series of hardware appliances for dynamic malware analysis (sandboxing). The products provide powerful auto-configured test environments to detect advanced malware, zero-day, and APT attacks, hidden in web pages, email attachments, and files. On detection of new malwares, the local as well as the companys threat intelligence database, FireEye Central Management, are updated. This threat intelligence is then shared with other FireEye threat prevention products as well to make them robust against emerging cyber threats. The products also support importation of YARA-based rules to define byte-level rules for threats specific to the organization. A user can choose one of the two modes of operation – live analysis and sandbox. In live analysis mode, the product is allowed external connectivity as well as full malware life cycle analysis, which provides the ability to track malware attacks across multiple stages and different vectors. In sandbox mode, malwares are analyzed within fully contained virtual environment only. product offering scorecard
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Forcepoint offers Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection (formerly Threat Protection Cloud) that carries out deep content inspection at multiple levels to provide more powerful detection capability than traditional sandbox technologies. The solution sends threat intelligence updates containing the characteristics, behaviors and associated IOCs of every malicious object curated and analyzed within the global service. This allows for faster identification of previously-seen threats, new threats that reuse objects, and streamlines the analysis, detection and response to previously unseen threats. Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection Appliance leverages best-of-breed open source technology Cuckoo with Raytheons defense-grade ThiNK, proprietary sandboxing technology. Adding dual behavioral analysis to the above mentioned seven step static analysis process makes Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection Appliance one of the most robust automated malware analysis solutions in the world. In addition, it lowers the cost and complexity of managing 2 distinct sandboxes or having to manually integrate multiple sandboxes into one system, maximizing the ability to catch malicious code.
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Fortinet offers a complete portfolio of security products and services to support a varied range of customers. The company focuses on integrating its security platforms with its efficient security products and solutions to provide complete security solutions to its customers. The company sells its products and services to leading technology distributors including Exclusive Networks Group, Fine Tec Computer, Ingram Micro Inc., and Arrow Electronics, Inc. Fortinet emphasizes on R&D activities and promotes innovation. For instance, the company invested USD 183 million for R&D activities in 2016. The company has been focusing on developing its FortiGate line of Network Security Platforms, management, and reporting tools, which helps the company to cater to complex and dynamic requirements of data center security. Fortinet also provides a wide range of products, solutions, and support services, and other tailored and customized services and solutions for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). Fortinet has focused on enhancing its products, solutions, and services to meet the dynamic demands of end-users. For instance, the company has launched a new threat detection program through which it provides free threat detection solutions to organizations, which help them analyze network and data risks. The company has also been focusing on adding new distributers and partners in its marketing channel across the globe to increase its market reach. Fortinet has also adopted aggressive strategic collaboration and partnership strategy to improve its security product portfolio. For instance, Fortinet has collaborated with VMware and NTT Communications for providing advanced security solutions to its customers. business strategy scorecard
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Juniper Networks is one of the leading security vendors that design, develop, and sell security products and services. The solutions enable customers to build highly scalable, reliable, secure, and cost-effective networks for their businesses. The company operates through various business segments such as routing, switching, security, and services. The company offers cSRX series products, i.e. container firewall and virtual firewall to provide enhanced firewall security. The Sky Advanced Threat Prevention prevents the IT infrastructure from sophisticated APTs. Juniper Networks sells its products to SMEs and large enterprises across various industry verticals such as government, BFSI, IT and telecom, retail, healthcare, and education. The company has a wide customer base spread in more than 100 countries from different regions such as North America, Europe, APAC, MEA, and Latin America.
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McAfee offers Advanced Threat Defense as part of the Intel Security product offering. The product can detect advanced targeted attacks and share information with the companys other network and endpoint security solutions to enable enhanced and updated security for the organizations entire IT infrastructure. The product performs both static and dynamic analysis (sandboxing), which helps in complete analysis of inbound data for threats and determine their intended behavior. Any form of new threat information is shared with other security devices and solutions to immediately act upon the threat and prevent it from becoming widespread. McAfee Advanced Threat Defense can be integrated in two ways directly with selected security solutions or via McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange. Direct integration allows faster and wider response to new malware attacks by applying new threat intelligence into policy enforcement processes and blocking additional instances of the same or similar threat from entering the enterprise network. McAfee Advanced Threat Defense can be deployed on-premises as a physical or virtual appliance.
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Palo Alto Networks offers cloud-based threat analysis services, namely, WildFire. WidFire is an advanced malware analysis and prevention engine that incorporates multiple analysis techniques, combining dynamic and static analysis, innovative machine learning techniques, and a bare metal analysis environment. Post detection of a new malware, a new prevention control is created in about 5 minutes, without human intervention. Newly detected threats are immediately shared with the companys Threat Intelligence Cloud, which is then used to enhance the immunity of other security solutions used by other users across the globe. This information is utilized by the companys other security solutions, such as Threat Prevention, URL filtering, AutoFocus (contextual threat intelligence service), and Traps (advanced endpoint protection). This information is also shared with technology partners through WildFire API. Deployment modes for the product are global cloud, private cloud with an on-premises WildFire appliance, hybrid cloud (combination of both global and private cloud), and EU cloud.
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SonicWall offers a cloud-based service, SonicWall Capture, that performs advanced threat detection using sandboxing. The service comes with SonicWall firewalls to extend its protection capabilities for unknown malware and intrusions. Any type of suspicious file is sent to the SonicWall Capture cloud for analysis. SonicWall Capture is a multi-engine sandboxing platform, which includes virtualized sandboxing, full system emulation, and hypervisor-level analysis. It supports analysis of broad range of files that includes executable programs, DLL, PDFs, MS Office documents, archives, JAR, and APK. It also supports various OSs, including Windows, Android, and MAC OSX. Information of newly identified threats are sent to the companys Global Response Intelligent Defense (GRID), Network Gateway, Anti-Virus, and IPS signature databases, and URL, IP, and domain reputation databases within 48 hours.
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Zscaler offers Zscaler Cloud Sandbox, an advanced behavioral analysis tool that provides protection from new types of zero-day threat, ransomware, and other polymorphic malware. The product fully analyzes executables, libraries, Office documents, archives, and web and mobile content. Its key features include good scalability support, strong security by being an integral part of Zscalers Cloud Security Platform, faster threat information sharing, and cost effectiveness. The cloud based deployment model enable same protection level and consistent enforcement of policies across all users of an enterprise, regardless of their location. According to the company, the product updates 120,000 unique security threats every day. The company operates over one of the worlds most information-rich threat intelligence database, maintained by itself as well as feeds from its more than 40 security partners.
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