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HPE StoreEasy (file and application storage) belongs to the NAS product family. It provides a secure space for midsized & small businesses and distributed organizations to share files collaboratively as well as storage for employees. HPE StoreEasy provides capabilities and tools to make the most use of storage, spend less time on managing storage, compact scale capacity, and affordable backup of data to Microsoft Azure. HPE StoreEasy caters to two types of storage, namely, HPE StoreEasy 1000 storage and HPE StoreEasy 3000 gateway storage. HPE StoreEasy 1000 storage’s key features are namely, capacity, data services, and management. The capacity can be expanded externally with HPE D3000 or D6000 disk enclosures. The data services features are file share and sync, deduplication, snapshots, quotes, file classification, reporting, and file screening storage. The management features are StoreEasy dashboard & server manager and iLo4 advanced. HPE StoreEasy 3000 (file and object service for SAN) gateway storage’s key features are form factor, number of users, network controller, supported disk arrays, data service features, management features, and warranty. StoreEasy caters to various solutions, namely, enterprise file sync and share, user file sharing, and home directory consolidation and Microsoft SQL server and services, namely, storage technology services, deploy and integrate, and operate and support.

The company offers a comprehensive enterprise solutions portfolio for various industries. The company focuses on developing extensive portfolio addressing the shifts and new trends in technology. The company is growing its business organically in the NexGen Data Systems (NGDS) market by developing and launching various advanced data storage products. The company is focused towards the development of all new data storage solutions, namely, Software Defined Storage (SDS), cloud, hybrid storage, and others.

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