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Below criteria are most commonly used for comparing Security as a Service Startups tools.
  • Support
    • Types of support services offered
      • Technical Support
      • Customer Support
      • Post Purchase Support
  • Feature and Functionality
    • Type of solutions offered
      • Security Information and Event Management
      • Email Security 
      • Encryption
      • Intrusion Management
      • Vulnerability Scanning
    • Scalability
      • Organization size
    • Regulations compliance
      • PCI DSS
      • HIPAA
      • FISMA
      • GLBA
      • GDPR
    • Product Applications
      • Security as a service offerings
      • Pricing Strategy
      • Network Security
      • Endpoint Security
      • Application Security
      • Database and Cloud Security
      • Web and Email Security
  • Deployment
    • Deployment Model
      • On-Premise
      • Hosted / On-Cloud
    • Delivery Model
      • Directly
      • Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors / MSSPs


  • 1

    The CloudCodes CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) dashboard enables IT departments to set up Data Loss Prevention policies for their cloud computing activities. Through CloudCodes SSO, users gain access to all enterprise devices and apps by entering a single username and password.

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    • Startup
    • Maharashtra, India
    • Founded: 2011
    • Below $10 MN
    • 1 to 50
  • 2

    Solutions from InstaSafe enforce stringent cybersecurity inside and outside office premises. The company offers simplified multifactor authentication, a single-pane view with detailed reporting, and the freedom to use any device without compromising on security.

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    • Startup
    • Karnataka, India
    • Founded: 2012
    • Below $10 MN
    • 1 to 50
  • 3

    scoutTHREAT offers e-mail and machine-to-machine STIX-based reporting to commercial, government, and community partners in order to share actionable information without manual conversion. It is a secure platform that allows authorized users to access specific case details based on predefined roles.scoutPRIME provides automated collection, correlation, and reporting of threat intelligence, allowing cybersecurity staff to engage in higher-value activities.scoutSHIELD eliminates the need to maintain long-term policies and avoids the complexity around changing rule sets by using automated rule sets derived from industry-standard LookingGlass threat intelligence.

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    • Startup
    • Virginia, USA
    • Founded: 2006
    • $51MN to $100MN
    • 51 to 100
  • 4

    Airloom's cloud access security brokers (CASBs) provide information security professionals with a critical control point for the secure and compliant use of cloud services across multiple cloud providers. Many SaaS apps have limited visibility and control options, however SaaS adoption is becoming pervasive in enterprises, which exacerbates the frustration of security teams looking for visibility and control. CASB solutions fill many of the gaps in individual cloud services and allow enterprise security teams to simultaneously have control across a growing set of cloud services.

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    • Startup
    • NSW, Australia
    • Founded: 2000
    • 1 to 50
  • 5

    Aqueduct's security as a service has unique features which offer a lot of benefits to the users. These include: Deep security insights: - Threat visibility across application stack - Security content mapped to the stages of an attack - Continuously updated threat intelligence and security content - Continuous protection: 24×7 security monitoring - Expert-assisted remediation - Quick incident response - Lower total cost: Pay-as-you-go pricing model - No 24×7 staffing required - No expensive software licenses, maintenance or hardware to purchase

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    • Startup
    • Massachusetts, USA
    • Founded: 2011
    • $10BN to $50BN
    • 51 to 100


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