Top Features of Smart Grid Software

A smart grid is an electricity network that uses digital technology to provide superior monitoring, automation, control, and management of energy transmission, distribution, power generation, and network supply. Smart Grid Software comes with multiple advanced traits that ensure a reliable grid for organizations.

  1. Advanced Meter Infrastructure
  2. AMI Analytics
  3. Demand Response Management
  4. Distributed Energy Resource Management
  5. Grid Asset Management
  6. Grid Virtualization
  7. IT Infrastructure Security
  8. Smart Grid Communication
  9. Substation Automation
  10. Energy Management


Top 10 Smart Grid Software

Is Smart Grid Software fascinating software?  Smart Grid Software being implemented by loads of organizations nowadays, so getting the desired software can be a strenuous task. More numerous investments and large-scale business cooperation are likely to take place early, based on creativity. Some of the big players at the moment are:

  1. Abb Ltd
  2. Siemens Ag
  3. Oracle Corporation
  4. Schneider Electric
  5. Landis+Gyr
  6. Itron Inc
  7. Cisco Systems Inc
  8. OSI
  9. Aclara Technologies Llc
  10. IBM Corporation


Top Startups

Emerging firms have offerings for niche products and services. Their business tactics aren't as powerful as the established companies. The evolving vendors include the new market entrants, beginning to emerge in terms of product portfolio and geographical coverage, and need time to gain strong market popularity. Some of the emerging new entrants are:

  1. Lition
  2. Stem
  3. BBOXX
  4. Arcadia Power
  5. Origami Energy
  6. Electrify
  7. The Faraday Grid
  8. Atom Power
  9. Innowatts
  10. Moixa


The MicroQuadrant matrix provides information about the major players who offer smart grid solutions. It outlines the findings and analysis on how well each market vendor performs within the predefined MicroQuadrant criteria. The vendor evaluations are based on 2 broad categories: strength of product portfolio and business strategy excellence. Each category carries various criteria based on which the vendors have been evaluated. The evaluation criteria considered under strength of product portfolio include the breadth and depth of product offering (on the basis of the industries that the vendors cater to, deployment models, and subscriptions), product feature and functionality, product quality and reliability, and focus on product innovation (on the basis of R&D activities for new product innovation). The evaluation criteria considered under business strategy excellence include vision alignment, effectiveness of growth strategy (on the basis of partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions), channel strategy and fit (on the basis of the channel partners that the vendors cater to), and geographic footprint (on the basis of geographic presence).


General Electric Company, ABB Ltd., Siemens AG, Schneider Electric SA, Itron, Inc., Landis+Gyr, Aclara Technologies LLC, Cisco Systems, Inc., Open Systems International (OSI), Inc., IBM Corporation, Wipro Ltd., S&C Electric Company, and Eaton Corporation Plc are the leaders in the smart grid market and are recognized as the visionary leaders. They have a strong portfolio of solutions, services, and hardware in the smart grid market. These vendors are marking their presence in the smart grid market by offering customized solutions as per the requirement of the energy utilities sector. These vendors have undertaken various growth strategies to advance consistently in the smart grid software market.


Kamstrup A/S, Trilliant Holdings, Inc., and EnerNOC, Inc. are recognized as the dynamic differentiators in the smart grid market. These vendors have an innovative portfolio of solutions, hardware, and services. They also have an extensive network of channel partners and resellers to increase the deployment of their solutions across a multitude of vertical markets. The dynamic differentiators have been consistently generating positive revenue growth in the smart grid market, and their market position is boosted by the organic and inorganic growth ventures undertaken by them.


Oracle Corporation, NextGrid Inc., Tech Mahindra Ltd., and Fujitsu Ltd. are recognized as the innovators in the smart grid market. They possess innovative solutions to cater to the future mobility demands. These companies are concerned about their product portfolio, and they have the robust potential to build strong business strategies for expanding their business and stay on par with the visionary leaders. These vendors have been consistently offering smart grid solutions to fulfill customer demands. Innovators have been at the forefront for the deployment of innovative smart grid solutions.


Globema, Infrax Systems Inc., Esyasoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd, e-Smart Systems Pvt. Ltd, and Grid4C are recognized as the emerging companies in the smart grid software market. Most of the emerging companies have undertaken multiple acquisitions to boost their sales capabilities across various regions and to offer integrated solutions, hardware, and services to a wide range of clients.

Top 20 Smart Grid Companies, Worldwide 2023

Comparing 24 vendors in Smart Grid Software across 82 criteria.

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All vendors(24)
ABB offers a range of products and services for power and automation technology. The company supports the essential services required for dependable and high bandwidth communications and delivers reliable electric, water, heating, and cooling services for customers. In the smart grid market, ABB offers technologically-advanced offerings, such as network management systems, utility communication systems, and substations and feeders. Network management systems provide a complete range of smart grid solutions with business intelligence and crew resource management capabilities. ABB’s advanced power transmission systems rely on electrical transmissions featuring FACTS devices, which enable maximum power distribution; the HVDCA technology, which reduces energy loss; and WAMS, which monitors network instability.
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Siemens provides a complete end-to-end range of smart grid technologies, products, services, and solutions. The company works with energy producers, grid operators, industrial companies, and smart city operators to help them meet the challenges of efficient energy distribution and management. The company offers products for power quality measurement, substation automation, smart communication, grid control, cybersecurity, and smart metering infrastructure. Siemens is a pioneer in driving the digitization of smart grid solutions and services.
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Oracle is a leading provider of enterprise solutions. The company has a strong market foothold due to its diverse range of enterprise business solutions. Oracle offers a wide solutions portfolio for the utilities industry vertical. The company offers advanced technologies for the smart grid market. The company’s smart grid technology focuses on flexibility, shareholder trust, advanced technology, cost-effectiveness, and customer convenience. Oracle offers various utility solutions, such as the utility network management system to support vital distribution automation systems.
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Schneider Electric offers various products, solutions, and services in the smart grid market. The company’s smart grid solutions combine electricity channels with IT infrastructure to build network structures for efficient demand and supply management. Schneider Electric’s ADMS solutions unify various model platforms under a single solution suite that includes SCADA, DMS, EMS, OMS, and DTS. Schneider Electric’s energy management products focus on making energy safe, reliable, productive, efficient, and green. The company offers advanced metering infrastructure, provides end-to-end smart metering solutions, and supports MDM and analytics solutions.
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Landis+Gyr provides utilities-based integrated energy management solutions. The company has a strong global foothold with 18 manufacturing units that ensure high quality and innovations. Landis+Gyr’s product portfolio delivers complete end-to-end advanced metering solutions. The company offers a broad-spectrum product and services portfolio in the electricity metering industry. Landis+Gyr designs and develops smart grid energy products and solutions, and also provides associated support services for utilities, such as electricity, gas, and water. Landis+Gyr’s smart grid portfolio focuses on gathering real-time data and information, which facilitates easy decision-making.
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Itron manufactures and distributes equipment essential for the measurement of electricity, gas, and water. The company supplies a broad range of standard, advanced smart meters and meter communication systems, including networks and communication modules. It offers services which involve small, mediumsized, and large enterprise software applications, project management systems, consulting services, and meter data management solutions. The company provides end-to-end utility solutions and services, such as consultation, program management, and smart meter deployment. Itron offers various smart grid solutions, such as AMI, that improve grid operational costs, reduce environmental challenges, and monitor the network demand and supply.
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Cisco offers various smart grid management solutions, including the GridBlocks Architecture, which transforms electrical facilities into digital facilities by integrating grids with communication networks; Field Area Network, which helps monitor and control the energy throughout a distribution network; Transmission and Substation solution, which monitors utility operations and diagnoses communication network concerns to protect grid operations; Grid Security solution, which protects grid operations from external cyber threats that target data and grid assets; Grid Operation, which lowers carbon emission; and Connected Grid Cisco Developer Network solution, which empowers its technology partner to access Cisco’s developing tools and resources, and go-to-market benefits.
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Open Systems International provides state-of-the-art and high-performance automation solutions for utility firms across the globe. The company’s solutions include SCADA systems, network management systems, EMS, DMS, OMS, GMS, substation automation systems, data warehousing analytics, situational awareness systems, individual software and hardware products, and smart grid solutions for utility operations. Open Systems Internationa solutions empower utility firms to meet operational challenges at a lower ownership cost. Open Systems Internationa offers the Spectra solution, Monarch/SGP, and OSIRIS Platform for smart grid management. These solutions are built upon the ADMS platform. Spectra comprises an absolute set advanced functionalities and applications. It can improve security and perform internal and external analysis.
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Aclara is a renowned provider of Smart Infrastructure Solutions (SIS). The company caters to approximately 800 electric, water, and gas firms globally. Aclara offers a robust end-to-end solutions portfolio that includes meters, edge devices, AMI, customer engagement software, installation services, and data analytics. These solutions equip utility operators with the actionable intelligence required to manage utility distribution networks. The wide-ranging solutions suite addresses the needs of utility providers, right from initial planning to implementation. The company offers a complete suite of electric utility solutions, smart meters, software solutions, communications networks, consumer engagement solutions, and sensors and controls.
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IBM offers end-to-end solutions in the smart grid market. The company is focused on providing smarter energy capabilities to improve reliability, efficiency, and return on assets; better engage customers; reduce costs; manage distributed energy resources; and transform operations for the energy industry. IBM offers various smart grid solutions for transforming the grid network, improving power generation performance, and improving customer operations. The company’s offerings are backed by its strong analytics solutions. IBM analyzes data gathered from meters and other intelligent devices to reduce outages and improve business processes.
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Wipro is a global IT, consulting, and business process services company that helps utility firms to create successful and adaptive businesses growth strategies in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Wipro combines digital strategy, customer-centric design, advanced analytics, product engineering, and a 360º view of “Business through Technology” to fulfill customer needs. The company offers smart grid operations management solutions for outage management, crisis management, smart demand management, microgrid management, enterprise security management, grid analytics and optimization, and remote diagnostics.
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Eaton is a globally renowned power management company specializes in providing energy management, power distribution, power quality, hydraulics, electric, and power monitoring products. The Eaton smart grid solutions are highly competent in handling power, efficiently, safely and reliably across residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Eaton is highly appreciated for its valuable solutions for energy management. Moreover, the Eaton smart solutions boast exceptional performance, safety, and fuel economy.
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S&C is specialized in designing, manufacturing, and providing high voltage switching and protection products around the globe. The company serves highly competitive electric power industries. S&C offers products for electric power transmission and distribution, which supplies minimum or no outages, even in significantly harsh weather conditions. S&C has an active approach to the demands of industries and offers reliable and diverse solutions for utilities, commercial, industrial, data centers, and institutional power systems.
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Kamstrup is a globally leading organization involved in manufacturing of energy metering solutions and systems. Ever since the company was started, it has been advancing through creating more energy-efficient solutions. The company’s competency can be seen in its designing and manufacturing of digital meters for electricity, water, cooling, and heating. Moreover, the company’s smart grid solutions are recognizable for their technology backed advanced functionalities. The software facilitates better energy management with real-time monitoring and automated functions.
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Trilliant is a communication and network software service provider company. Trilliant’s services include providing advanced infrastructure for metering, integrating renewable energy solutions, and smart grid management software. Trilliant Smart Grid Software is made using proven strategies and is capable of deploying robust networks securely and reliably. Trilliant smart grid software is highly adaptive and encapsulates flexibility and functionality.

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Nexgrid is the leading supplier and manufacturer of monitoring equipment. The company holds expertise in the production of solutions for smart grid management. The self-managing devices offered by the company facilitate effective energy management and monitoring. The Nexgrid product catalogue includes smart grid network infrastructure, software, and technology solutions for real-time electric, gas, and water metering. The Nexgrid Smart grid software facilitates superior monitoring, efficient energy transmission, distribution, and management.
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Fujitsu is a multinational corporation specializing in providing information technology and communication services. The company is reputable for offering a complete gamut of technology solutions and services. Fujitsu is the 4th biggest IT service provider company in the world. Fujitsu’s smart grid software solutions have great potential for revolutionizing power distribution network. The smart grid solutions provided by the company feature the most advanced technology features. These solutions are intended to foster low carbon societies globally.

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Tech Mahindra is an Indian multinational company specializing in providing technology services and solutions to businesses. The company is renowned for offering innovative technology solutions for electric and gas utilities. Tech Mahindra has strong competence in delivering innovative Smart Grid technology solutions. The company holds expertise in manufacturing smart grid solutions for advanced metering, home network, energy management, sensor design, and geographic information systems. The Tech Mahindra intelligent grid solutions are efficient, cost-effective, and reliable.

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EnerNOC Inc is a pioneer in providing smart energy solutions. Ever since inception, the company has been acclaimed for solving unique challenges in the field. Its technology solutions feature robust features and functionalities. The turnkey solutions provided by EnerNOC encapsulate optimal performance parameters and flexibility to use. Moreover, to adjust the requirements of consumers, the company keeps on making efforts towards incorporating the latest technology advancements.
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Infrax Systems Inc innovates in the smart grid energy sector, network operation, and grid security technologies known as Secure Intelligent Energy Platform.
The company is serves network operators, integrators, government, military and utility companies. Infrax focuses on smart grid energy products by optimizing smart grid applications and managing the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Infrax Networks, the business unit of wireless broadband, offers a high bandwidth network to electric utility companies for deploying smart grids. The SIEP opens the gateways to the secured management of AMI and distribution automation. The company is also a provision of cybersecurity enabled with the platforms, Secure Network Interface Card (SNIC) and GRid Intrusion Management (GRIM), capable of preventing intrusion in any part of an electrical grid.
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Esyasoft is a leading company that provides analytics and software solutions for energy utilities. Esyasoft’s solutions simplify and improve supply and demand management for consumers. The platform--Esyasoft’s Integrated Smart Grid Suite--provides solutions that advance the efficiency of power distribution networks. Specific solutions include meter data management system, peak load management system, renewable energy integration, revenue management system, smart grid analytics, and energy efficiency.
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eSmart Embedded and IoT Solutions Company help you find technical solutions to modern problems. The company has developed Smart Grid Software that comprises wireless physical access control and Real-Time Indoor System (RTIS). This software has become an end-to-end solution for use in case of a fantastic return on investment. This company provides client-focused IoT solutions that help personalize issues and develops the best and most authentic solution to every problem arising in the mean course of time.

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Grid4C is an AI-powered energy analytics provider that serves global energy providers, their customers, and the energy grids.
It incorporates AI & Machine learning concepts to read billions of meters’ data to deliver reliable, real-time, and accurate predictions.
The Grid4C Engine takes account of monitoring each meter, deriving unique information, understanding its behaviour, and breaking it into sub-series to model it later automatically. After the modelling phase, the engine monitors each meter and detects possible deviations using anomaly detection algorithms and determines irregularities with a valid concern.
With intelligent AI regulated concepts, the company undertakes the areas of Home Advisory, Operational, and Customer Analytics.
The solutions include:
● fault detection in home appliances, bill and usage forecasting at home,
● load research and fault detection in the grid at an operational area, and
● rate design and outage analysis & prediction for customers.
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