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AlienVault develops commercial and open source products to prevent cyber threats. The company offers various products and solutions, including Unified Security Management (USM), AlienVault Open Source SIEM (OSSIM), and compliance management. The USM platform offers a dedicated SOC as a Service offering with capabilities, such as automated threat hunting, investigation activities, and incident response to detect, respond, and investigate cyber incidents. It also provides customized solutions for banking and cloud. AlienVault provides security intelligence, threat analysis, and log analysis solutions in the field of security analytics. Request ALIENVAULT Pricing to get more information.


AlienVault is one of the leading players in the SOC as a Service market. The company offers its SOC as a Service through its Unified Security Management solution. It also offers a strong security portfolio, which includes solutions such as Asset Discovery, Intrusion Detection, Security Automation, and SIEM and Log Management. The Unified Security Management solution delivers multiple SOC capabilities deployed on a cloud-based platform. It not only reduces risks related to sensitive information but also ensures vendors comply with various regulations. The company's broad partner base includes major industry players, such as ConnectWise, AWS, and Azure. It is focused on both organic and inorganic growth strategies for its growth and development. For instance, in June 2018, AlienVault enhanced its AlienVault Unified Security Management. Anywhere offering by adding a new solution, Endpoint Detection and Response. The solution would automate threat detection and response across networks and endpoints of organizations


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