Best Spreadsheets Software

Spreadsheets software helps in the interpretation, storage, and assessment of information, mostly contained in tabular format. In specific, Best Spreadsheets software helps to communicate with conveniently exchanged numbers and graphical and tabular data from multiple business divisions. There are also several functions in the Spreadsheet applications, such as Pivot Tables, which are instrumental in fast synthesis, extraction and display of data. Spreadsheets have been an invaluable multimedia tool, whether in a significant meeting or performing an individual task. The spreadsheets software allows decision-makers, group leaders and even supervisors to evaluate, schedule and coordinate company assets and related information to better meet business objectives.

Top 10 Spreadsheets Software

  1. Google Sheets
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Apple Numbers
  4. Quip software
  5. WPS Spreadsheets software
  6. LibreOffice software
  7. Zoho Sheet software
  8. ONLYOFFICE software
  9. LibreOffice Calc
  10. Apache OpenOffice Calc

Google Sheets is a strategic alternative to Microsoft's grip mostly on non-OS computing market is and it is certainly worth a closer look. In specific respects, the spreadsheets software app of Google Sheets provides advantage of cloud computing, web agnosticism, and interactive editing. Provides fast-moving companies with interactive, intelligent, reliable spreadsheets. Sheets were developed within mind the specifications of agile organisations. In order to make meaningful financial decisions, AI capabilities mean consumers can tap into the correct perspectives. A cloud-based design helps anyone to work with anybody, anytime, everywhere. External device compatibility, like Microsoft Office, reduces the friction of dealing with different sources of data. And built on top of the architecture of Google, Sheets allows you the freedom to build while helping to keep your data secure. Read More

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheets software tool that is used in the technology suite for Microsoft Office. Spreadsheets present arrays of numbers ordered in rows and columns which can be numerically interpreted using both simple and complicated formulas and calculations. It supports estimation, charting methods, data visualization, as well as a language called Visual Basic for Application macros coding. For quantitative data processing and to get information into their processes, millions of enterprise customers prefer Excel. In terms of spending and financial reporting, Excel is a trustworthy source; it is commonly used for financial statements, for formulating revenue prediction models, visualising trends, and for arranging documents. As an online spreadsheets software developer, Microsoft provides Excel as a full software package loaded with Visual Basic coding, both by iOS and Android smartphone applications. Read More

Users will make great spreadsheets with Apple Numbers, which include amazing charts and pictures. To include helpful graphs and vibrant examples, users can also use the Apple Pencil on the iPad. And the team will work together during real-time coordination, even if they're on a Computer, iPad or iPhone, or on a Laptop. Apple Numbers gives both individuals and large teams a simple and transparent interface. With user-friendly imagination and communication software, Numbers helps developers to make the numbers work for the whole community to experience. Partnership, processing, and coordination are skilled since they are smooth. The Numbers service is available on Mac and iOS mobile devices, as well as via iWork and iCloud on Windows. Read More

Quip is a team communication solution that integrates the creation and editing of documents and spreadsheets with chat and commenting functionality that enables teams that directly interact about tasks and projects when working on them. Using the 'Smart Inbox' GUI, Quip helps users to collaboratively create and update notes, spreadsheets and checklists in real-time, with the option to philtre and launch notes to speed up the hunt. Revisions of documentation are kept such that users can trace changes, and spreadsheets and documentation can be added with annotations. In the timeline, finished tasks should be crossed off, holding all teammates updated of which activities have been accomplished. Quip runs on desktop and phones, with native iOS and Android applications, and users can operate on reports on the move with offline usability, with updates being enabled anytime there is an internet service. Read More

WPS Office is a free, relatively small and quick office suite offering three powerful programmes such as Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation. It is strongly compliant with MS Office, though supporting the latter with a similar GUI. This includes a small box size, correct spelling, PDF conversion, multi-tab design, column modification feature, drag-and-drop table functionality, hyperlink unit transfer, and more. XLS, XLSX and CSV files are supported by WPS Spreadsheets. This ensures that users can access and edit everyone' spreadsheets and then save them directly from the WPS office, knowing that others can access them without any problems. Read More

LibreOffice for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux is a power-packed, free and open access personal productivity package. LibreOffice is a versatile software platform that lets users unleash the imagination and improve productivity with its simple layout and feature-rich resources. LibreOffice features many systems that make it the industry's most popular Free and Open Source office package. A versatile platform for data appraisal is LibreOffice Spreadsheets Solution. Regardless of the form and character, the welcoming nature of the software gives a broad foundation for data review. The most rewarding part of this programme is the open-sourced versions, which have nearly all the critical functionality. Read More

Zoho Sheet is spreadsheet ssoftware that allows users the space to arrange data, share information with the colleagues, and review data anywhere you are. For both android and ios, Zoho Sheet even offers native applications, while not binding users to their devices. Zoho Sheet is a digital spreadsheets software that helps users to create, edit, upload, and collaborate in real time on spreadsheets. It enables users to build custom functions for measurements and data inflows from other software using Deluge. Provides an elegant user interface specifically configured for online and handheld devices. Easily migrate separate files to the Zoho Sheet from the Zoho accounting and data collection items. Read More

ONLYOFFICE is an online office suite created by a Latvian spreadsheets software development firm, Ascensio System SIA. ONLYOFFICE is a shared business office that is accessible on-site and as a cloud service. It includes a 3-in-1 interactive editing program that is totally compatible with MS templates, report and project management tools, CRM, planner, mail, collaboration tools, and enhanced privacy controls. It also offers secure, cloud-connectable desktop and smartphone applications. Online text editors, a document processing software, business contact, mail and project management applications are featured in the solution. This offers the safest way to develop, update and work on business docs. Read More

The free spreadsheets software that you still need is LibreOffice Calc. It is straightforward and quick to understand for beginners, while the full set of specialised functions is enjoyed by experienced data miners and number crunchers. Built-in wizards direct you by selecting an extensive selection of specialised features and using them. Or, for ready-made spreadsheet solutions, you can import templates from the LibreOffice design repository. Read More

Apache OpenOffice is an open-source office productivity software suite. This is one of's successor initiatives and the IBM Lotus Symphony's designated replacement. The app looks and sounds natural and anybody who has used a competing product will do it immediately. Users can use Apache OpenOffice without any licence fees whatsoever. Calc from Apache OpenOffice is the spreadsheets software without any of the limitations of proprietary suites or exterior-level functionality. Alternatively, users can find several resources and features on a technical network to prepare lists and numerical results, independent of the skill level of the user. Within minutes, they will have the details in an understandable format. Read More

Market Overview

Best Spreadsheets software is classified as a type of computer programme that allows a user, via a computerised representation of a financial workbook, to perform numerical operations and evaluate statistics. Excel is one example of the best spreadsheets software.

As the world economic scenario is complex, there will be a lot of challenges over the next few decades. The current demand for the best Spreadsheets software system is reasonably constant in the established sector, such as North America and Europe, despite government policies and the strong sales of best Spreadsheets Solution in the global market, but growth in China is comparatively higher due to secondary usage.

Not only is the demand affected by the cost, but also from the output of the spreadsheets software. The industry leaders have the advantages of higher efficiency, more plentiful product styles, higher after-sales operation that is professional and phenomenal. Correspondingly, they pick up the bulk of the high-end market share.

Playing with spreadsheets is a worthy goal for a lot of individuals. In order to get their work done, something they must experience. Spreadsheets can be quite effective and therefore can make it much easier to number-crunch, but individuals are either not thoroughly educated on the tools they are using, or they are not using the best spreadsheets software they ought to be. Currently, outside the popular Microsoft Excel, many individuals would be hard-pressed to identify the best spreadsheets software.

Microsoft office is a good platform for spreadsheets and we will soon explore its features and capabilities. However, it has gained immensely from being combined with Microsoft windows for a considerable time as part of Microsoft's Office productivity package. In the spreadsheet programme industry, it is the leading player by far and away. When it comes to spreadsheet applications, many persons can only use Excel.

Notwithstanding this, there are other spreadsheets software available that can do just as great a job as Excel. It might be convenient to stick with what you know with individuals who already have Excel built and are familiar with it. However, it might be worth taking a look around any possible alternatives (some of which are free) for those who are less connected to Excel, or those who spend more time using charts and graphs.


The competitive leadership mapping provides information for the spreadsheets software. The vendors are evaluated on two different parameters: Product Offerings and Business Strategy. Product offering criteria includes comprehensive product portfolio, licensing patterns and support and services provided by the vendor. Business strategy includes criteria such as geographic footprint, industry verticals, distributor network and other organic and inorganic strategies to capture the market.


Best spreadsheets software in this category are Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers and Quip


Best spreadsheets software in this category are Zoho Sheet and Onlyoffice


Best spreadsheets software in this category are WPS spreadsheets and LibreOffice spreadsheets software


Best spreadsheets software in this category are LibreOffice Calc, Apache OpenOffice Calc, and PDF Tables

History of Spreadsheets Software

In the 1960s, the first digital spreadsheets instruments were created. Although this allowed trained developers to deal with computerised ledgers, they were not really able to view details on a monitor dynamically. This implied that any time somebody edited a text, new physical copy printouts had to be created.

Up until the late 1970s, many spreadsheets software allowed individuals to insert data into a command prompt. The personal computers market was revolutionised by digital transactions that let users pass a pointer around and edit single cells before inserting code. This enabled people to watch what they're doing as they entered numbers, allowing real-time financial activity to be monitored.

In the 1980s, GUI began to become common but flourished a decade later. By the 1990s, for virtually every major computer platform, Spreadsheets software was essential. Through a mouse pointer as well as the buttons, these applications may be controlled, making it possible for most of us to use.

By the mid-2000s, downloadable spreadsheets became prevalent. These could be installed in a browser window and instantly give users the opportunity to exchange data over the internet. Despite these advancements, a simplistic software program that allows coders to execute data processing on any specified number of cells still supports most spreadsheets.

What is a Spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet is a specialized computer application which stores data in a tabular format. It is indeed a single sheet of paper where rows and columns represent results. Spreadsheets, in addition to arranging data, help users to sort and measure numerical information.

The gaps in a spreadsheet containing data or information are recognized as cells. Depending on their location, the cells are numbered. Typically, it includes quantitative data or sequences of the short message. Also, to display graphic associations, users can use the sheet of paper.

Users can adjust the stored value using the spreadsheets and review the results on the measured results. Therefore, it is useful for exploring what-if situations. The implementation of formulas has streamlined the estimation process and standardised it. The mistakes in manual measurements are further mitigated.

What is Spreadsheets Software?

The Spreadsheets Software is an application programme that helps users to execute a multitude of functions ranging from data collection, preparation, and interpretation to difficult statistical equations and reports for future planning and monitoring. In separate rows and columns, users can also save and handle the information with ease.

Spreadsheets software allows users to store all important information and data in electronic or printed formats. It is identical to financial papers printed documents. Automatic calculations based on the embedded equations are done by the spreadsheets software, delivering reliable performance. For accounting and predictive processes, it has built-in functionality to figure out normal distribution or net present value.

With Lotus 1-2-3 trailing as the next, VisiCalc was also the first spreadsheets software. Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets have been the leading examples of spreadsheet management solutions employed by organisations internationally in the present scenario.

Features of best spreadsheets software

Does anyone understand why, relative to others, some particular spreadsheets software has earned the advantage significantly? Well, a distinguishing characteristic is a key. Spreadsheet software's influential features include:

Provides Additional Access Control - A built-in inspection monitoring mechanism is equipped with the spreadsheets software. It implies that, with enhanced data security, users will achieve more access control over the digital spreadsheets. Users will determine who is qualified to view the spreadsheet and use it. They can also limit the entrance of new people and, even after months and years of usage, get reliable data.

Controlling the Schedule - With the schedule management feature, the digital spreadsheets software lets everyone handle the tasks effectively. Users can also use apps to build a schedule. To fill in the times and figures, users need to use algorithms. To make it appear more enticing, they can expand the days, change the data type, adjust the text alignment, and add different colours.

Effective data sorting - Best Spreadsheets software allow users to sort a wide variety of data in the easiest way possible. It indicates that users can efficiently arrange the information faster, which makes it easier to interpret the results. They may also order details from a list, such as a daily schedule, to show the sales results chart. Sorting aids with grouping the material in a precise order.

Data filtering - Data filtering is a critical tool that helps users to customise the data sources based on particular market plans and solutions. It ensures that the accurate data that you like can be filtered and obtained. This makes it easier, particularly when you have a big dataset, to concentrate on correct information.

Unique Functionality and Formulas - The app helps users to construct custom equations that express the relationship between two or even more cells. It also helps make scientific equations easier. The task of functions is to calculate values and to execute various types of operations.

Real-Time Reports Creation - Best Spreadsheets software is a versatile tool that provides learners and intermediate users with real-time monitoring capabilities.  Some applications, like Microsoft Excel, have a PivotTable function that makes it very easy to classify, group, and summarise the results.

Custom-Built Models - Applications for spreadsheets include a prototype or pre-designed sheets that allow users to build new spreadsheets. Different predefined formulations or configurations can be used. Users don't have to create any equations or even compose formulas in mathematics. Many of these features are already developed into the tool.

Standardized communication - Spreadsheets software are great resources that enable everybody to access and update the same spreadsheet and organise it smoothly. If you're projecting or planning a budget where anyone can conveniently exchange their insights, the communication function also proves essential. Again, anytime you need to get input from the clients or top management, this feature works.

Activity Tracker - The activity tracker lets users better optimise their time. One should keep track of all other operations as well. The manager may decide how much time has been invested in a given project or mission. Users may also understand how much effort has been spent doing needless tasks.

Automated Notifications - A spreadsheets software tool helps everyone to add automated notifications that allow them to list all of the essential assignments, due dates, and team members' emails throughout each column. To alert individuals affiliated with the assignment quickly, they can add the timeline column and target preferences.

Build Analytical Charts and Graphs - The specialised software have premium capabilities that allow users to build more detailed statistical charts and graphs that illustrate the development and success of the business in different divisions. Also, when people give a presentation to a customer, this function becomes a benefit. To forecast strategies based on current industry dynamics and predictions, one can build maps.

Print Management - Print Management in the spreadsheets software is a feature that allows all distributions to be compiled and edited, the paper designed and the content printed. This encourages users to track the details and evaluate how they want to post the material.

Benefits of best spreadsheets software

People are still on the right path if they are looking to invest in spreadsheets software. Actually, the spreadsheets software provides organisations with numerous benefits that enable them to produce more sales. The different benefits are as follows:

Streamlining Complicated Accounting Functions - The spreadsheets software plays an important part in promoting everyday accounting activities. It helps in streamlining all financial accounting operations, such as income statement preparation, cash flow control, input and output transaction tracking, and budget preparation for a specified time period.

Secure payment tracking - Regardless of the scale of the organisation, payment tracking is a must-do feature. But if the account sheet has not been well managed, payment tracking will become a problem. This is where spreadsheets software comes as a helpful method for monitoring payments to provide a quick solution. In real-time, the program can easily evaluate the money earned and expended. Based on the date, users can also break the receivable and expended number.

Calculation streamlining - Are users bored doing the same boring computations? If so, perhaps one of the most important tools to invest in is digital spreadsheets software. The value would be that since the computer does that all, users don't have to make a single statistical equation. In order to execute complicated calculations, they have to insert the formula and set the controls. The app, for example, can accurately render shipment calculations; measure with ease the net profit and sales discount.

Data Optimization - Best Spreadsheets software is an amazing asset when it comes to storing, arranging, and maximising vital data. In columns and rows, users can conveniently organise details depending on the type of data. In the shape of pie-charts and graphs, one can then examine all these details for easy viewing.

Ease Out the Editing Process - The spreadsheet manager also enables internet spreadsheets software to conveniently edit the information, which in manual spreadsheets was a very detailed process. The application allows identifying the individual cells, bars, or columns where users need to use preset parameters to adjust the details. The preset functionality helps the developers of online spreadsheets to sort and process data and even does a few measurements.

Compatibility with the other applications - With other tools and programs, spreadsheets software can be easily combined. The spreadsheet applications, for example, can combine with the accounting system, reporting software, software for teamwork, software for performance, etc. Aligning the computer with one of these apps streamlines all of the activities and enhances the performance, helping users to produce more sales.

Build multiple spreadsheets in one file - This software helps users to create multiple worksheets in one document. For eg, for each month, one can keep track of revenue and then combine all of the twelve months into one spreadsheet. Users will be able to access separate monthly databases and display all information depending on their needs.

Third-party support - For third-party apps, the spreadsheets software also provides competitive assistance. In Open Office, for example, users can conveniently access Microsoft Excel and save Google docs in Excel form.

Multiple-User Control - In the office, the spreadsheet tool facilitates a more interactive setting. It suggests that the same database can be easily viewed by multiple staff from various agencies. Users can also distribute the spreadsheets with convenience. They can also facilitate information modifications and refresh the spreadsheet at any moment.

Extensive Security - Lack of safety issues was one of the implications of a conventional spreadsheet. But this problem has been solved to a significant degree, due to sophisticated spreadsheets software. The tech providers outfit the software with cloud-hosting capabilities that help to enhance the security of the app.

How to use the best spreadsheets software for inventory management?

To distributors, online retailers, and manufacturers, inventory management has become one of the challenging tasks as it allows them to plan out a wide-ranging operation. Yet one would have to acknowledge the spreadsheets software, which has improved the whole process and improved inventory monitoring. Taking into consideration all the details such as transactions, sales, orders, refunds, and available stock, spreadsheets help handle stocks in the most effective manner. A simple level report will then be prepared on the results of the different items. Even for small companies and startups, software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets can help inventory control objectives.

The spreadsheets solution helps to minimise mistakes and maximise productivity. With no or low spending, users can manage all the inventory products more effectively. The significant statistical equations allow users to quickly coordinate and run different facets of inventory and financial planning efficiently. One can also create a spreadsheet and display several items in various cells, such as the name and number of the product, product cost, summary, position of the product, the amount produced, overall inventory amount, inventory availability, etc.

To make adjustments, replacements, type, and order the products, users can also use some of the calculations. In inventory control, this is an important step. The applications of the online spreadsheet also support to interlink the results, which depends on a few variables. The sale price of the commodity, for instance, relies on the market cost or marked-up value. Although the marked-up price stays largely stable, depending on different variables, the cost price can change.

It makes it much easier to browse or relate several times to almost the same data. This allows users to evaluate the stock position. If you are running out of stock, you will get real-time updates in advanced. Spreadsheets software also helps to estimate or anticipate how in the future a given product will work. This encourages users to build the business plan well beforehand.

Which factors are crucial for selecting the best spreadsheets software?

Do not just hop on some programme with enticing functionality and advantages if you have chosen to introduce spreadsheet applications. Concentrate instead on separate main variables depending on the particular market specifications.

Ease of Use - In contrast to the others, some spreadsheets software can be more straightforward. Users should recommend purchasing easy to execute and use spreadsheet tools so that they don't have to pay the extra cost of preparation. Most common spreadsheet apps, such as Google Spreadsheet Program provides better user experience and easy functionality.

Features and Functionality - The required features and functionalities of the tool are another important point that a user must remember. People ought to verify if the application for the spreadsheet includes the unique functionality they are searching for, which would help the organisation succeed.

The Cost - Users have an array of choices when it comes to cost. They should try out free and open-source spreadsheets software at any discount and also go with those that have special benefits. To be accurate, it depends on the estimation of the budget.

Customizability - You will need to understand if the spreadsheets software system is able of growing the development of the company. Trends evolve fast, and in order to survive the fiercely competitive market, users have to adopt new innovations. Therefore, scalable, versatile, and technology-friendly spreadsheets software should be used.

Available support - Users need to verify the form of support and consulting services required from the software provider involved. Can it have live chat, text, and phone facilities for 24x7 online supports? Until choosing the right spreadsheets software, weigh all these components. Even, before investing in one, find out the spreadsheets software ratings.

Future trends in best spreadsheets software space

The spreadsheets played a major role to get fitted with the new and creative developments from the old log papers and booklets. Such developments enable business enterprises to embrace technologies for digitalization. For spreadsheets software, future trends include: 

Usage of Voice-Assisted Technologies - A Voice Data Entry System (VDES) technologies can integrate the spreadsheet applications. This will allow users to use a mic to prescribe info, value, or script into the cells and even talk about the content of the cell. In the MS Excel 2016 edition, Microsoft has already added this excellent functionality.

Usage of AI and ML - The positive thing for all users of spreadsheets is that the latest ai / machine learning innovations of Google Sheets have been implemented by Google. And, of course, all of these groundbreaking developments would further succeed. The job, especially for those operating on massive data sets, would further refine and standardise everything. AI is also going to propose a pivot table driven by queries from natural language.

Usage of Big Data Analytics - Big Data Analytics is conveniently supported by spreadsheets software such as MS Excel. This is an innovation of the next generation that can assist users to produce live graphs and studies, analyse and re-evaluate real-time equations and thousands of cells. They may also do organised data visualisations from multiple databases.

Mobility - Cloud-based or web-based applications provide much of the common spreadsheets software such as Google Sheets. This means users will not have to import the software from the device. The app is also available on both Android and iOS devices. Users can open them on mobile phones and tablets with ease.

Compatibility - Spreadsheets solution have been smart software that is easy to embed or send in emails. Individuals are able to distribute data with customised columns onto a separate layer.

What is the average cost of the best spreadsheets software?

The cost of spreadsheets software is calculated by various vector variables. One can find free and open source spreadsheet software solutions, such as LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice, and Banana Accounting, first and foremost. There are indeed few more free options, such as Numbers from Airtable, Quip, and Apple.

If anyone plans to purchase Google Sheets, a 14-day trial period would enable them to pay a minimum fee of $1.65 per month. With a 30-day free trial duration, Microsoft Excel arrives for $5 per month. With a 30-day free trial, the other budget-friendly spreadsheet software is OnlyOffice, which charges around $2 per month. One should also look at SmartSheet, which costs about $14, and DronaHQ, which costs about $15 a month. Both of these apps offer a 30-day free trial period.

One will explore apps for spreadsheets that provide more unique and premium functionality. Examples involve the TreeGrid Spreadsheet, which costs about $600 annually, and Excel Analyzer, which costs about $543.47 a year with a free trial duration of 30 days. Pick Plena Data, that will cost around $160 a month if you want to spend extra.

Best Spreadsheets Software

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Google Sheets spreadsheet software has a most distinguishing feature which is online collaboration. This means that the spreadsheets created by the user can be shared with other users who can see and edit the sheets in real-time. It ensures hassle-free work with proper communication between individuals.
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Microsoft Excel is a widely used spreadsheet that is known for its simplicity. It has been trusted by experts over decades when it came to data tabulation. It has been particularly valuable to students who can easily arrange and display their data sets graphically with the help of the software. Microsoft Excel has been valued and appreciated across communities for being a beneficial resource.
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Apple Numbers spreadsheet software is a good option for those people who are willing to create, design, and customize spreadsheets. It has essential features for documentation without the hassle of selection from a wide range of options like that of Excel. One can get started with Apple-designed templates for home budget, mortgage calculator, checklists, and invoices.
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The Quip is a spreadsheet and document creation tool that enables the users to communicate with the team while working. They create new productive tools so that every person from every field can enjoy them daily. Quip fixes the chain among the people, which appears to be broken by their working method.
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The software gives the users the power to forecast and find optimum solutions for complex data driven problems. The advanced modeling makes collaboration easier for work teams to deal with data quantities effortlessly. The software offers multiple device functionality, compatible across multiple platforms like PC and Android presentation-  that make it more functional for the on-the-go user.
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Used by millions of people across the world, LibreOffice Spreadsheets Software is a dynamic data assessment tool. The accommodating nature of the software provides a broad base for data analysis irrespective of its type and character. The open-sourced versions, having almost all the essential features, are the most fulfilling aspect of this software. 
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Zoho provides a software solution for labeling needs. Aggregates and compresses that large data in a graphic mode in presentation quality. Graphical presentation of data and storage of integrated data with a simple solution of operation. The spreadsheets software creates excel sheets integrating data from all courses and presents it in a graphical form. The spreadsheets software publishes the analyzed data from different sources on the webpage. The calculation of data and presentation in the statistical form of information is the operation of the software.
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ONLYOFFICE Spreadsheets software is the active multifunctional portal for business process and document management. The insightful and straightforward interface of ONLYOFFICE holds an impressive reputation among users. The AWS powered cloud service infrastructure is very reliable by thousands of users worldwide. The solutions have been tested for working well with some 50000 users for business employees oriented network connection.

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The high-end spreadsheet software LibreOffice Calc includes advanced features like data charting, analyzing, and decision making. The features like 2D and 3D chart structure LibreOffice Calc can be added to other LibreOffice documents. The software is wholesome and easy to operate and has built a trustworthy reputation in the past few years among its users. The export feature of LibreOffice Calc spreadsheets in various formats (like CSV, Adobe PDF, HTML, etc.) is a popular feature of the software.

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Apache OpenOffice Calc is designed to be easy to use with high functionality. As it is an open source software, there is constant improvement in the algorithms and services provided. This helps in maintaining the software for long term usage for various services, making sure it remains up to date. 

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PDFTables is a conversion tool that has an eye for detail in examining rows and spacing, resulting in accurate conversion of documents from PDF to other formats. It enables individuals and organizations to free up large chunks of time and warrant productivity, in the process. PDFTables protects the privacy of documents via a full service level agreement. 

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The software is easily workable on any spreadsheet and the users can conveniently use it for the analysis of the business performance in different ways. There are charts and reports provided by the software for various options such as sensitivity analysis, valuation analysis, and many others. 

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Handsontable has a multitude of functionalities designed to help the user store and customize their data in an effortless and efficient manner. Designed for non-commercial and developer use, its ingenious functionalities give a familiar feel and eases the path for building and launching business applications requiring large amounts of data handling.
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MyBase requires no programming skills for creating full-text database searches and getting the information organized easily.  Large and growing information on notes and documents is organized in one place by the software. Full text searchable knowledge of personal and corporate is created by the software. Integrates and captures web pages including URLs. In tree outline form it reads the book without a standard word processor. All the data can be sent to a webpage on a single click.
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Promoter spreadsheet software is a spreadsheet model with state of the art technology and methods for accurately assessing the projects. This is not only an ordinary spreadsheet but an advanced spreadsheet model that can accomplish complex tasks. Promoter handles stakeholders with a variety of requirements and interests. They handle various projects with infrastructure concessions like the Public-Private Partnership, Build Operate And Trade, etc.
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Sheetgo makes automation democratic and offers features that help collate large amounts of data without much ado. It’s a simple tool to automate everyday tasks using spreadsheets- it enables work teams and individuals to build an automated system for any business task. Sheetgo takes remote collaboration to another level and boosts the collaboration power of Google docs. Using this tool frees up time spent on organization, to spend on other pertinent tasks, instead. 

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A downright, concise version of any spreadsheet software, Spread Spreadsheets Software gives a clear picture of the data even in a short space. This makes it best suited for small functions that require quick integration and rapid display. The remarkable stability of the software adds to its dynamic nature and makes it an interesting tool. 
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Tiller Money is designed to be an one-in-all resource to help facilitate financial services for business, no matter the size. It’s unique Foundation Template is designed to automate and simplify the overall experience. It also provides free weekly webinar services to help understand and make optimal use of services. 

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UNISTAT Spreadsheets Software provides a software solution for labeling needs. Aggregates and compresses that large data in a graphic mode in presentation quality. Graphical presentation of data and storage of integrated data with a simple solution of operation. 
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