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IBM SPSS Statistics
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IBM SPSS Statistics USP

A number of clients use IBM SPSS Statistics technology to address industry-specific business challenges to enhance professional decision-making. This will include a comprehensive, user-friendly and interactive forum for interpreting the data and addressing challenging industry and analysis issues. From data planning and control to review and documentation, it covers all aspects of the analytical process. It also offers personalised functions and personalised configurations for varying experience levels and functional roles. 

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IBM SPSS Statistics allows users to quickly dig deeper into the data, with a much more effective tool than spreadsheets, databases or other standard multidimensional tools. Many companies from startups to large enterprises rely on IBM SPSS Statistics technology in order to generate sales, outsmart rivals, perform analysis, and data-driven decision-making.

IBM SPSS Statistics Pricing

The pricing plans for this software are very dynamic and come in five different forms. The pricing for this software depends on the business requirements of the users and can be customized according to the business needs. For more pricing plans contact the vendor directly. Some of the IBM SPSS statistics pricing plans are as follows:

  1. Base Subscription - Monthly Auto-renewal - $99 USD per user per month
  2. IBM SPSS Base v26 - $1,290 USD per year
  3. IBM SPSS Statistics Standard v26 - $2,850 USD per year
  4. IBM SPSS Statistics Professional v26 - $5,730 USD per year
  5. IBM SPSS Statistics Premium v26 - $8,450 USD per year

IBM SPSS Statistics Demo

The official demo is not given by the software provider on its website, but the demo for the software can be requested on-demand. Basically, IBM SPSS offers a free trial of its software for 14 days in which user get to know about the functionality and user interface and then can decide which plan to buy.


Simple to use - Conduct efficient analysis using a point-and-click framework, even without any programming required, and quickly creates visualisations even reports.

Efficient information conditioning - Minimize the time for data preparation by detecting null values, displaying incomplete data trends, and summarising the distributions of variables.

Fast and accurate - In a single phase, with Automatic Data Processing, examine massive amounts of data and compile results.

Detailed - Using an intuitive interface to run detailed and descriptive statistics, regression and much more. And, by syntax, users can optimize basic tasks.

Open source development - Use an extension package or create your own to develop SPSS functionality with R and Python.

Protection of data - Store files and data with SPSS built directly on the device instead of in the cloud.


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IBM SPSS Statistics
86 Buyers Negotiating
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    Cost Analysis
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    Data Visualization
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    Artificial Neural Networks
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    Data Ingestion & Wrangling
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