What is Supply Chain Analytics?

Supply Chain Analytics software is the application of different analytics tools to improvise the supply chain operational efficiency and effectiveness with data-driven intelligence.

Top Supply Chain Analytics Vendors in 2020:

  • Oracle Corporation
  • SAP SE
  • IBM Corporation
  • SAS Institute Inc.
  • Microstrategy Inc.
  • Tableau Software Inc.
  • Software AG
  • Infor Inc.
  • Logility Inc.
  • Savi Technology

The Supply Chain Management area has emerged as one of the prominent tools for implementing analytics tools, as the organizations are striving to leverage analytics to gain a competitive edge over others. Top supply chain analytics solutions offered by the industry players include supplier performance analytics, spend and procurement analytics, inventory analytics, demand analysis, and forecasting, and transportation and logistics analytics.

The Supply Chain Analytics market is expected to grow from USD 3,606.8 million in 2018 to USD 9,875.2 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 14.6% during the forecast period.


Top 25 companies offering Supply Chain Analytics software features were analyzed, shortlisted and categorized on a quadrant under Visionary Leaders, Innovators, Dynamic Differentiators, and Emerging Companies to identified best Supply Chain Analytics software providers.


Vendors who fall into this category generally receive high scores for most of the evaluation criteria. They have a robust and established product portfolio and a very strong market presence. Moreover, these vendors also have strong business strategies. This category includes top Supply Chain Analytics software vendors Oracle Corporation, SAP SE, IBM Corporation, SAS Institute Inc., Microstrategy Inc., and Software AG.


The dynamic differentiator's category includes established vendors with very strong business strategies. However, they are low in the product portfolio. This category includes vendors such as Rosslyn Analytics, Savi Technology, Domo Inc., and Cloudera Inc.


Innovators are vendors who have demonstrated substantial product innovations as compared to their competitors. They have a focused product portfolio. However, they do not have very strong growth strategies for their overall business. This category includes best Supply Chain Analytics software vendors such as Infor Inc., Tableau Software Inc., Qlik Technologies Inc., Tibco Software Inc., Logility Inc., Voxware Inc., BridgeI2I Analytics Solutions, Axway Inc., and 1010Data Inc.


Emerging companies’ category comprises vendors with niche product offerings, who are starting to gain their position in the market. They do not have very strong business strategies as compared to other established vendors. They might be new entrants in the market and require some more time before getting significant traction. This category includes vendors such as The Anylogic Company, Relex Solutions, Datameer, Targit, AIMMS, and Antuit.

Importance of Supply Chain Analytics Software:

  • Accelerate sales
  • Speed-up material movement
  • Improve standards
  • Efficient utilization of data 
  • Gain a significant return on investment
  • Better understand risks
  • Increase accuracy in planning
  • Achieve the lean supply chain
  • Prepare for the future
  • Improving product tracking & traceability
  • Optimizing transportation performance

Types of Supply Chain Analytics:

  • Descriptive analytics: It offers visibility and a single source of truth across the supply chain, for both internal and external systems and data.
  • Predictive analytics: It helps an organization understand the most likely outcome or future scenario and its business implications.
  • Prescriptive analytics: It helps organizations solve problems and collaborate for maximum business value. This helps businesses collaborate with logistic partners to reduce time and effort in mitigating disruptions.
  • Cognitive analytics: It helps an organization answer complex questions in natural language. It also assists companies to think through a complex problem or issue.

Important features to be considered while choosing Supply Chain Optimization:

  • Data Visualization:  Data Visualization can turn complex data into supply chain insights and transform your decision-making cycle into a process of discovery.
  • In-memory Analytics: In-memory Analytics is a business intelligence (BI) methodology used to solve complex and time-sensitive business scenarios. With in-memory analytics, the queries and data reside in the server's random access memory(RAM).
  • Omnichannel Analytics: Omnichannel Analytics Solutions delivers analytic and measurement environment solutions to measure results of their marketing campaign spend across digital and offline channels and derive actionable insights from their data.
  • Real-time Analytics: The real-time supply chain provides a constant stream of real-time data. This enables greater visibility, agility, and in-the-moment decision-making via artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning applications and data analysis.
  • Risk Assessment: The main factor for supply-chain risk management is a predictive model that uses enhanced analytics to identify potential risks.
  • Supply Chain Network Optimization: SCM Network Optimization provides the ability to determine the costs and benefits of adopting a company’s overall network in response to changes.

What are the types of Supply Chain Management Software?

  • Supply Chain Planning: This manages planning processes related to product demand, materials supply across the company’s supply chain and product distribution.
  • Supply Chain Execution and Fulfilling Orders: This deals with management, monitoring, and allocation of resources with supply chain events.
  • Supply Chain Collaboration: These are web-based software applications that distribute & manage the planning and administration information across a global supply chain network.

How to choose the right Supply Chain Management software?

  • There are some key factors that need to be considered while choosing supply chain optimization software for your business.
  • Identify what features are needed in the software and based on that select the software type for your business.
  • Examine the integration of new supply chain management software with an organization’s existing software and business.
  • Find service-oriented and reliable vendors and also check if they offer support services needed for the implementation and maintenance of software.
  • Check if the software is customized as per your industry.
  • Check if chosen Supply chain management software is flexible in its operating system and database.

What’s trending?

  • Analytics and Analysis
  • Supply Chain Optimization Apps
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Supply Chain Optimization
  • Blockchain Roles in Supply Chain Optimization
  • Business events and systems events are gaining traction in the supply chain world
  • Content and SEO For Supply Chain Companies
  • Conversational Commerce
  • End Users Are Top Priority
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Information That Informs Logistic Decisions
  • Robotic Processes Automation (RPA)
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Best Supply Chain Analytics Software 2022

Comparing 26 vendors in Supply Chain Analytics Software across 92 criteria.
All vendors(26)

The company is an established vendor of enterprise-grade products and solutions. It specializes in developing, manufacturing, and marketing hardware systems, database, and middleware software, and application software. It operates in 3 business segments, namely, cloud and on-premises software, hardware, and services. The cloud and on-premises software segment offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), applications, and database and middleware software.
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IBM has established itself as a leading player in the BI and data analytics market spaces with its diverse product portfolio, which includes Watson, Cognos BI, and other industry-specific applications. For supply chain analytics, the company has developed 2 products, namely, Watson Supply Chain Insights and Watson Order Optimizer, which enable users to proactively predict, assess, and mitigate risks. Moreover, it offers state-of-the-art data analytics capabilities with the help of its data analytics solutions, such as IBM Cognos Supply Chain Procurement Performance Analytics, dedicated to the supply chain department.
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SAS Institute is one of the distinguished analytics companies, which cater to diverse segments of business establishments, government bodies, and universities. The company provides high-end, state-of-the-art analytics solution to the enterprises that encompasses analytics, business intelligence, data management software, and services that empower organizations to make informed and quick decisions enhancing business continuity.
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The company is an enterprise software platforms provider that focuses on providing enterprise customers with software platform and services for deploying intelligence applications. MicroStrategy manages its business in one operating segment engaged in the design, development, marketing, and sales of its software platform through licensing arrangements and cloud-based subscriptions and related services.
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Tableau is an established provider of BI and analytics solutions. It caters to a global clientele. The company offers supply chain analytics software in the supply chain analytics market and complete visualization to supply chain users. It has been consistently growing and establishing its brand and presence across the globe.
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The company is a software developer and provider of IT platforms enabled with emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and advanced analytics. The company has organized its business into 3 segments, namely, Digital Business Platform (DBP), Adabas & Natural (A&N), and Consulting. The DBP segment focuses on business and IT transformation, IT portfolio management, integration, in-memory data management, and IoT/cloud business solutions. The A&N segment offers data management with the A&N product offerings, whereas the consulting segment specializes in the implementation of the company's products at the client site. Software AG assists businesses from various industries such as banking, manufacturing and supply chain, communication and media, energy, retail, transportation and logistics, and utilities.
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This unique strategic focus of Infor, in creating beautifully designed solutions creates a competitive advantage and enables it to target customers, who want not only functionality, but also design. Infor has adopted new product launches as one of the key growth strategies to offer innovative and upgraded product offering. The company develops applications designed to target the needs of customers in specific industries through its micro-vertical software suites. These micro-vertical approaches to solutions empower its clients by saving time and resources required during implementation, as these solutions are tailored according to the specific needs of customers
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Logility INC is the lifeline of all the major companies as it helps in a better understanding of the requirements of your customers. It automates planning and reduces risk in your supply chain management. So you can now stay ahead from your competitors and plan things with great precision with constant visibility in your entire supply chain management practices. Transition your business and take it forward from reactive to proactive stage with the help of Logility INC.
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Savi Technology offers a complete supply chain solution to solve all the logistic issues that your company is facing based on the status and location of your asset. It accurately predicts the arrival time of the goods at a retail store and distribution centre. You can easily see the status of your active shipments, and you can identify the risk of missing an arrival at the expected time. So if you want to make your supply chain more secure, agile, and optimized, then Savi Technology should be your ultimate solution.
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Domo Inc is a software company that has years of reputation in developing cloud-based platforms for businesses. Its precise intelligence tools and detailed data visualization has helped companies get real-time, simplified, and direct access to business data to make decisions. Right from keeping track of the inventory to ensuring an efficient and effective supply chain, the software from Domo Inc has proved its mettle. It is an all-in-one tool for comprehensive analysis and management.

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Cloudera Inc is offering one of the most flexible supply chain analytics software available in the industry. It simplifies the complex data that it accumulates and translates into a simpler language. The platform can work with Any cloud and is available for all technologies from Edge to AI. More importantly, it is open-source. It is easy to integrate into an enterprise of any module, from hospitals to industries. Cloudera is an open-source that is highly secured and correctly governed.
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Qlik Technologies Inc has brought about a revolution in the field of business data visualization with the help of AI. Its omnichannel analytics has given firm support to the businesses or companies to search for new market bases by retaining the existing one. The effectiveness of the software from the company can be made out of the fact that the maximum numbers of companies in the supply chain are relying upon and adopting it because of scalability and precision.

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TIBCO Spotfire is an advanced analytics tool that helps you enhance your supply chain management and increase revenues for your business. It works by identifying the critical trend first, which leads to strategic decisions to manage daily tasks like inventories, logistics, and distribution. It is a very accessible tool that is easy to use with complete analytics solutions. There are many functions that Spotfire excels at, including visual analytics, data wrangling, and predictive analytics.

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Voxware has developed an advanced Supply Chain Analytics software called VoxPilot, which aims at establishing your business within the market competition landscape. It efficiently analyzes and aggregates a variety of data and gives you different insights into your VMC data and supply chain along with external information. VoxPilot is accurately able to predict future events and helps you in making better decisions for your company. It also enables you to take the best course of remedial actions in case of any damage.
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Rosslyn Analytics is one of the most productive supply chain analytics software helping your business to prosper and helps in adopting better, faster decisions. This software is considered to be an advanced and enhanced automated supply chain analytics platform that assists in making better decisions on behalf of you. The powerful RAPid platform is a sophisticated analytical platform that helps in automatic extraction, aggregation, improvement, and organization of all your crucial data as well as document files, thereby fueling enhanced analytical business process. You are easily able to manage workflows and also get notified when renewal time comes. You can also monitor your KPIs and can start reviewing relationships with your supplier for reduced risk.

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Axway Inc offers you one of the best single-platform analytics in the form of supply chain analytics software. It is a perfect tool to improve the scope of the enterprise and reduce costs. The platform also helps in providing scalability forecasts and insights that can help the company formulate strategies. It is also easier to improve the operations of the company by acquiring data ideal for research and development of sales and services.
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Anylogic is bringing you a supply chain simulation that will help you with dynamics like cost reduction and improved services. It extracts data from various suppliers, carriers and other sources and simplifies it to offer clarity in insights to enhance the performance of an enterprise. Thus, it promotes the right decisions. An enterprise will find it easier to control its transportation, logistics, warehouses, and other vital assets. Its simulation process is one of the most beneficial tools available.
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1010Data’s Supply Chain Analytics stands out for being a versatile and high-performing tool. It incorporates the essential aspect of a flexible interface and accumulating data for faster insights and answers. The platform transforms data while it is performing analytics due to the integration of massively parallel processing and dynamic memory management features. Capable of working with popular tools for user’s convenience, it is a must-have for any enterprise looking to acquire a competitive edge.
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Relex has created an efficient retail and supply chain analytics software which makes data analysis more accessible to people. It helps business companies in various aspects to make better decisions about their operations and accordingly analyse situations. The software has tried to bring upgrade in traditional forms of computing by introducing better speed and accuracy in due time. Relex has used the combination of AI and in-memory data processing along with computational power to enhance productivity and scale of the workforce.

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Targit has developed sophisticated software for supply chain analytics which aims to shape your business from the beginning to end and thereby form a much desirable performance. Tailored analytics and efficient management of logistics help in laying out a measured performance to executives. The aim is to streamline your supply chain from the small details towards the bigger picture. The Targit Decision Suite processes the information which can help you make strategic decisions for your supply chain.

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Supply Chain Analytics is one of the most leading requirements for streamlining the operations of an organization. Datameer is contributing best-in-class support to enhance the effectivity of recording the organizational decisions on the data platform on a spreadsheet using its Supply Chain Analytics Software. Its better supply chain analytics software plays a crucial role in managing the updates on productivity, growth rate, logistics, and all other essential information for optimized business flow. It also manages the payment inflow and outflow along with the trade-off details.

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AIMMS is a prescriptive analytics software company. In addition to this, AIMMS has also been a reputed name in the field of supply chain analytics software development. Its multiple configurable applications like network design and S&OP help solve numerous complex problems with its advanced analytics. SC Navigator by AIMMS gives any company or business insight into the changes going to happen in the market.

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Antuit is a global leader in developing high-end supply chain analytics software that offers prescriptive analytics and predictive analytics for improving performances and cut down on the costs. With the help of this software, you can deliver unmatched and high-end consumer service at very minimal prices, even when the consumer demands are not foreseeable and at a rapid pace. It helps in enabling the design, data optimization, and high-end supply chain performances by keeping the decisions in parallel to timescales, organizational operations along with the inventory. You can take advantage of a predictable chain of supply with the right match of expertise in domains, data analytics, as well as advanced technology. In this scenario, the risks are minimized, and returns are well balanced.
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Dataiku has developed advanced analytics solutions to help you unlock your best potential from your logistics supply chain. The DSS is made to collect and analyse the maximum amount of data available and build solutions to effectively reduce the cost of various expenditures, optimise the time utilised and improvise on the usage of all your assets. The aim is that your company can use all its resources up to its best and therefore, get the maximum return value which it deserves.
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