Threat intelligence solutions are an information security discipline that seeks understanding of sophisticated cyber threats by collecting, enriching, and analyzing the information of advanced threats and employing the best actionable intelligence to counter the threats and their targeted attacks. It refers to the ability of organizations to understand and analyze the information on threat vectors collected from various sources and preventing advanced threats through a comprehensive threat intelligence strategy.


This market study includes the MicroQuadrant matrix that provides information about the major players that offer threat intelligence solutions. The vendor evaluations are based on two broad categories - strength of product portfolio and business strategy excellence. Each category includes various criteria, based on which the vendors are likely to be evaluated. The evaluation criteria considered under strength of product portfolio include breadth of offering, feature/functionality, delivery, scalability, and support. The evaluation criteria considered under business strategy excellence include reach (regional presence), industry coverage, channel network, viability, roadmap, and organic and inorganic growth. The products offered by these top players are loaded with many features and capabilities. Additionally, these players have adopted various business strategies to maintain their leading positions in the global threat intelligence market.


Vendors who fall in this category generally receive high scores for most of the evaluation criteria. They have strong and established product portfolios and a very strong market presence. They provide mature and reputable threat intelligence solutions, as well as strong business strategies.


They are established vendors with very strong business strategies, but a weak product portfolio.


Innovators in the MicroQuadrant matrix are vendors who have demonstrated substantial product innovations as compared to their competitors. They have very focused product portfolios, but do not have very strong growth strategies for their overall business.


They are vendors with niche product offering, who are starting to gain their market positions. They do not have much strong business strategies as compared to other established vendors. They might be new entrants in the market and require some more time before getting significant traction in the market. Today’s businesses are widely deploying advanced technologies to increase their productivity. This adoption of IT technologies has made organizations concerned about the security infrastructure to secure their business applications from being attacked by the cyber criminals. Threat intelligence solutions are deployed in various industry verticals, such as government, BFSI, IT and telecom, healthcare, retail, transportation, energy and utilities, manufacturing, and education. The IT applications used for various operations hold highly sensitive data and hence, are majorly targeted by cyber criminals and hackers. Threat intelligence solutions help organizations to monitor, detect, and respond to large amounts of data generated inside and outside the organization to expose hidden threats, detect patterns, and mitigate vulnerabilities.

GOVERNMENT Cyber criminals have turned their interest toward the government sector, as it holds critical information. The government vertical consists of four institutional units - central government, state government, local government, and social security funds. The implementation of e-governance in several countries across the globe has led to the increasing adoption of threat intelligence solutions in the government vertical. The government sector handles highly secured and private data of individuals, departments, processes, and agencies. A large chunk of content generated in the sector is undisclosed and highly classified. Government agencies are subject to stringent security policies and regulations, owing to the critical nature of the data. Thus, the deployment of threat intelligence solutions and services can minimize the risks associated with evolving cyber-attacks. BFSI The BFSI sector is also popular for cyber criminals, as it holds very sensitive information of employees, customers, assets, offices, branches, and operations. As this industry is always improving its processing and transaction technologies, it is on the lookout for security solutions and services. The risk of identity thefts, intellectual property frauds, and cyber-crimes is impacting the BFSI vertical, and has accelerated the extent of losses from fraudulent cases. Threat intelligence helps in identifying and predicting threat occurrences and analyzing their impact, thereby enabling organizations to take required actions. The BFSI industry frequently keeps introducing new and improved financial products and services to improve its business operations, and cyber criminals are attracted toward this sector to grab sensitive customer information. The threat landscape is continuously evolving, due to which the financial institutes need to safeguard their online assets from these threats, but they lack actionable intelligence.

IT AND TELECOM sector includes the IT solution and service providers, consulting companies, internet service providers, and communication companies. This industry is constantly evolving, in terms of technology, and also remains an early adopter of the innovative technological solutions. The IT and telecom companies are deploying a large number of services through web and mobile applications. ICT has become a major part of the daily activities of industries, governments, families, and consumers. And a main driver for economic and social growth. Nowadays, online fraud is one of the most critical issues causing difficulties for cyber experts, network operators, service providers, and users around the globe.

Cyber-attacks are rapidly increasing and harming the critical assets of organizations. The security vendors are offering a variety of threat intelligence solutions to protect sensitive information and prevent data loss. Threat intelligence solutions and services help to combat advanced threats and vulnerabilities, and secure the infrastructure in organizations. The different threat intelligence solutions include SIEM, log management, IAM, risk management, and SVM. These solutions protect the systems individually, and when integrated with the threat intelligence platform, provide comprehensive security to the users.


SIEM is a combination of security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM) functions. SIEM, for analysis purpose, collects logs and other security-related documentation, and is quite expensive to deploy and complex to operate and manage. SIEM technology supports threat detection and security incident response through real-time collection and historical analysis of events. It also audits and detects a wide variety of events and contextual data generated by users and data interaction, operating system (OS) activity, network hardware, and applications. SIEM also supports compliance auditing and reporting requirements, and enhances security operations. It simultaneously monitors all database transactions and provides a complete audit trail of database activities, including queries, results, authentication activities, and privilege escalations.


Log management is the process of collecting, archiving, managing, and reporting log data, generated from various devices, such as firewalls, routers, servers, switches, and other log sources. The main objective of log management is to track security events and network activities. Log management solutions in the threat intelligence market help to monitor a large number of security events generated from network devices to identify security breaches and enhance the security levels within organizations, which helps in threat intelligence. This platform protects networks, endpoints, and devices from various malicious attacks, sophisticated cyber criminals, ransomware, and APTs. The implementation of log management in the threat intelligence platform can prevent security threats, help to cut down business costs, and enhance the information security infrastructure.


Identity management is the process of managing or authorizing attributes, such as phone numbers, email addresses, or social security numbers. Access management is the process of authenticating the identities. IAM solutions allow the right individuals to access the right resources at the right time and for the right purpose. The IAM solution comprises provisioning, advanced authentication, directory technologies, password management, audit, and single sign-on.

IAM is a business security framework that manages digital identities scattered both inside and outside the enterprises. IAM solutions manage the access to information and applications across enterprises by undertaking security and risks considerations. These solutions in threat management facilitate enterprises to create, store, delete, and maintain user identities and their related access permissions, automatically.

The varied technological environments, strict compliance requirements, and increasing digital identities across enterprises are driving the demand for IAM solutions for information security in the threat intelligence solutions.


SVM is a proactive approach to secure sensitive data by eliminating the network security weaknesses, which include contingent cyber threats, such as dormant malware attack and other advanced invasion techniques. Vulnerability management is a continuous process of recognizing, remediating, and overcoming vulnerabilities, and helps in tracking systems, applications, devices, and databases in a network and their vulnerabilities, throughout the lifecycle of the applications, devices, and databases. It also helps in fixing the vulnerabilities to prevent system hacking, thus helping organizations to boost their efficiency and operate smoothly.

The process includes risk identification, along with mitigation and patching of the unwanted software program. Businesses rely on the solution to quickly assess and prioritize the vulnerabilities, along with scanning the network asset information, security configuration, and threat intelligence.


Risk management is a necessity for seamless business functioning in the long run. Many enterprises are exposed to cyber criminals, due to the lack of a proper risk management mechanism. Taking timely inputs from the incident and risk register; analyzing, identifying, monitoring, and controlling the risks; conducting risk impact analysis; and prioritizing the risks to enterprises are the major risk management tasks.

Enterprises, which do not follow a proper risk management program are liable to fall prey to various risks, such as paying large amounts in penalties for not conforming to regulatory requirements, financial crisis due to mismanagement of financial controls, or other natural risk sources, such as earthquakes and flooding.

Some of the risk management solution vendors provide risk management for mitigating and resolving risks. This helps organizations to identify enterprise risks and align them toward critical business processes, financial control management, automatic risk notification, and management of IT security controls.

The risk management approach mitigates the impact of risks on business processes, and employs detection, mitigation, transfer, and control of the critical events for a business; hence, this solution helps an organization to combat a wide range of risks related to technology, commerce, information security, and operation, among various others.


Incident forensics is the step-by-step, in-depth analysis of a security incident, on the basis of evidence and proof. Investigation of cyber security traffic and other incidents requires the highest level of accuracy. Incident forensics provides a clear view of the incidents with reports for the users, based on analyst findings. Incident forensics in the threat intelligence solutions are helpful in providing reports and analyses of past threats, which enables the security experts to take necessary steps to prevent similar kinds of attacks in future. Incident forensics helps the security experts to backtrack the attack by conducting its in-depth analysis, which eventually saves the time and cost of the IT teams.

Best Threat Intelligence Solutions

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ThreatConnect is a global provider of threat intelligence software and services that investigate advanced cyber-attacks across organizations. . The company offers TC Analyze, a threat intelligence platform in the threat intelligence market. It aggregates threat intelligence feeds and sends the raw data to SIEM.ThreatConnect caters its solutions to a range of industry verticals, such as BFSI, retail and eCommerce, healthcare, government, and IT and telecom.
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IBM offers threat intelligence service through IBM X-Force, a team of security professionals, who monitor and analyze security issues from a variety of sources, providing threat intelligence content. It also helps businesses to learn about the latest global security threats, combine actionable intelligence, consult with experts and collaborate with peers. The company's Advanced Threat Protection Feed This feed provides machine-readable indicators that can be directly integrated with an organization's security tools through open standards.
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FireEye is one of the leading providers of comprehensive intelligence-based cybersecurity solutions that enable organizations to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and remediate cyber-attacks. The company helps businesses in prioritizing their vulnerabilities that can cause the most damage to the organization, by providing Vulnerability Intelligence. The company also provides an Intelligence Optimization Analyst who consistently works on addressing unique security concerns.
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Dell Technologies offers threat intelligence services through its SecureWorks business unit. Dell's Threat intelligence helps organizations enhance their threat landscape visibility, providing context for threats and vulnerabilities. The company provides businesses with 
deeper insights and enriched context into attacker Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP). Moreover, the company makes right use of the intelligence provided by their global visibility and expert research, and transforms it into countermeasures.
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Logrhythm is a highly appraised award-winning intelligence security solution that is known for its quick and exact threat detection and response. The Logrhythm labs from this Intelligence security module enable the user to access threat data from both commercial and open-source feeds from multiple vendors. Users have appreciated this security solution for its ability to quickly detect and respond to cyber threats, thus cutting down and saving the time required to remedy the damage caused.
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McAfee operates in various business segments, such as client computing group, data center group, IoT group, software and services, and other technological solutions. The company delivers security solutions to protect the systems and network infrastructure of organizations. The security products pertain to various areas, such as data center security, data protection, database security, endpoint protection, network security, security management, SIEM, and web security. McAfee also provides security services and technical support to its products. McAfee products are designed to integrate and work with anti-malware, antivirus, and antispyware, with security management capability, to deliver real-time visibility and reduce the risks associated with cyber-attacks. McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange enables adaptive threat detection and response. It collaborates local intelligence from security solutions across the user's organization, with external, global threat data, and quickly shares this collective intelligence across the security ecosystem, thereby allowing solutions to exchange and act on shared intelligence. This solution empowers users to make decisions on never-before-seen files, based on the endpoint context combined with collective threat intelligence.
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LookingGlass platform’s built-in security tradecraft helps security professionals to connect atomic indicators to higher-level objects and prioritizes threats as they pertain to the organization. scoutPRIME’s workflows help professionals to design and communicate incidents, and also work together with other analysts. It allows businesses to export threat intelligence in multiple formats, through an API that enables tailored data sets, or a third party system integration through custom scripts to orchestrate active defense through their security appliances.
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Cisco Talos is the best threat intelligence unit in the world. Best visibility in the industry, actionable intelligence, and precise vulnerability research trigger rapid detection and protection for Cisco clients against known and emerging threats. Cisco Talos offers better visibility compared to any other security vendor in the world and the unique capabilities and scale in intelligence. It has built one of the most comprehensive intelligence gathering and analysis platforms in the industry.
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Optiv is one of the leading providers of end-to-end cyber security solutions. The company was created from the merger of 2 leading IT security companies, Accuvant and FishNet Security. It offers a broad range of cybersecurity solutions and services to enterprises of all sizes, governments, and educational institutes.The threat intelligence offered by Optiv enhance organizations security operations by helping them define an organization-specific cyber threat landscape tailored to their unique business environment.
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AlienVault is one of the leading providers of advanced security solutions to SMEs and large enterprises across the globe.The company has been acquired by AT&T, a leading telecom company. It aims to provide cutting-edge security solutions to public and private organizations.The security team helps organizations by analyzing multiple threat indicators on a daily basis to provide continuous threat intelligence updates automatically to their USM environment
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Webroot offers business and consumer endpoint security, network security, and a portfolio of operational threat intelligence offerings for its embedded technology partners. It offers BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services platform in the threat intelligence market. It protects users from malicious URLs, IPs, files, and mobile apps by integrating accurate and real-time threat intelligence into an organization's network and endpoint protection.
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Symantec Web Security Service helps organizations in securing their large customer base from APTs and security threats. It has a huge threat indicator database that helps users in offering rapid and proactive protection to customers. The company is growing in the threat intelligence market by using various strategies, such as launching advanced products and services, entering partnerships, and expanding its services geographically. These strategies are helping the company expand its customer base and market share in the threat intelligence market. Symantec Web Security Service operates its business on a global civilian cyber intelligence threat network that tracks a vast number of threats across the internet from hundreds of millions of mobile devices, endpoints, and servers across the globe. Symantec's DeepSight Intelligence platform provides access to both Adversary Intelligence and Technical Intelligence which includes security research and analysis teams positioned across the globe.
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FortiGuard Labs has one of the biggest security research and analyst teams in the threat intelligence industry with over 215 expert researchers and analysts around the world. Their dedicated experts consistenly track the breaking threats and new techniques, observing every critical area of the threat landscape including malware, botnets, mobile, and zero-day vulnerabilities. FortiSandbox also creates, innovates, and maintains one of the most effective and proven AI and ML systems that gathers and analyzes over 100 billion security events every day. Furthermore, FortiSandbox handles an integrated threat intelligence ecosystem with over 200 security intelligence partnerships and collaborations.
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Splunk provides businesses with a library of security posture widgets which can be placed on any dashboard and it also lets users to build their own. Splunk's ES platform allows businesses to view a single event or get updates of related system events and an incident management workflow for security professionals. It also allows professionals to build their own security portals based on their roles and their organization's priorities. The platform also possesses pre-built dashboards which facilitate businesses to identify anomalies in event and protocol data.
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Juniper Networks allows professionals to leverage its proprietary, optimized threat feeds, as well as custom or third-party feeds that helps them with better policy enforcement. The company also allows businesses to simultaneously apply security intelligence policies to numerous SRX Series firewalls by making use of Junos Space Security Director. Juniper provides professionals with multiple options for monitoring and blocking traffic to the required locations and applying whitelists and blacklists to their own and third-party data feeds.
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Trend Micro is one of the leading developers and sellers of cybersecurity solutions. The company offers cybersecurity products under different segments, such as centralized management, data center and cloud security, endpoint protection, Industrial Control System (ICS), mobility, security and risk management, suites, and web gateway. Moreover, it provides services and technical support in the security marketspace. Trend Micro operates Threat Intelligence Center to provide Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to global organizations.
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The cyber threat is on the rise these days, and what could be better than a dependable and permanent solution to it? Group-IB does that. Group-IB has consistently outperformed all other threat detection systems. They have been pioneering cyber threats and investigating new ideas to counter them. The understanding of threat behaviours and distinct investigation tools have evolved into an intelligence network that runs the Group-IB threat intelligence solutions. Group IB threat intelligence solutions are recognized by the leading industrial research. Being an Interpol and Europol partner fighting against threat detections, Group IB detects more than 10000+ threat profiles from its database. Data intelligence, Malware intelligence, human resources it protects against any cyber threats.
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Securonix Threat Intelligence solutions have a built-in connector framework which support cloud applications and infrastructure, enterprise applications,etc. It also provides real-time enrichment of data with identity, asset, geolocation, threat intelligence etc. Securonix Spotter aloows instant threat hunting by leveraging natural language search. The Securonix Investigation Workbench enables professionals to search for threats with the helps of visual pivoting available on any entity in order to develop valuable threat context.
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Appthority Inc. is one of the world’s best cyber defense and civilian threat detection company. They build security software for Mobile, Mobile apps, business data security, email, cloud etc. Appthority threat intelligence is majorly used for identifying the risk of cyber attack to Cloud, Email, Web Getaways, Data system etc. It provides anti-malware protection. It enhances application security through its smart threat detection system.
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Blueliv provides businesses with precise threat intelligence that is powered by machine learning. The company has created an international Threat Intelligence Lab team that delivers customized intelligence assessments advise on how to navigate sector-specific threat landscape. The company also helps businesses in eliminating illegitimate websites, social media mentions, mobile apps and exfiltrated data.
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Over 20 years of experience in the threat intelligence Solutions, Threattrack security is prominently known as Vipre. Their security encompasses simplistic designs for an on-point solution, and display. In the world full of features, it offers an easy to understand and operate the platform. There are two modules available, one for personal use and other for business applications. The two versions are capable of offering remarkable services and integrate into the system as an essential asset. 

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Distil Networks provides ondemand reviews and assessment of the organization's website, API and mobile application traffic that includes identification, analysis, and mitigation guidance and custom signature deployment. The company also helps businesses by assessing their web application security and offering suggestions on improving their defenses against abusive traffic. Distil’s Advanced Browser Validation checks all the client connections in real-time to avoid any bad traffic from reaching the API. The company can also identify negative API clients actinng as legitimate browsers, and works across web and mobile browsers.
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Synopsys helps security professionalsto create secure, high-quality software, while reducing the risks and enhancing speed and productivity. Synopsys also offers static analysis, software composition analysis, and dynamic analysis solutions that help businesses to instantly identify and resolve vulnerabilities and defects. The company provides a combination of industry-leading tools, services, and expertise and allows businesses to enhance their security and quality in DevSecOps and throughout the entire software development life cycle. Synopsys also offers access to numerous industry-leading experts who helps businesses to integrate quality and security best practices.
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ThreatQ is an open and extensible threat intelligence software that expedites security operations by streamlining threat operations and management. The platform comes equipped with a self-tuning threat library, an adaptive workbench and an open exchange that enable users to instantly learn about threats, make informed decisions and expedite detection and response. The ThreatQ platform allows professionals to automatically score and prioritize threat intelligence based on their parameters. It also enables organizations to centralize their threat intelligence sharing, analysis and investigation on a single threat intelligence platform that can be accessed by all the teams.
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RepSM Plus helps businesses to identify and assess zero-day attacks. It helps professionals to recognize communications with known advanced persistent threats and provides visiblity into malicious communications. It helps organizations to secure their assets by detecting the assets that have been reported as infected by external intelligence feeds. Moreover, it lets businesses enhance their SOC event management operations and minimize false positives by leveraging global threat intelligence context.
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Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Intelligence Cloud, links more than 900 million endpoints and analyzes up to 5 billion requests per day. Forcepoint provides malware forensics which is consistently supported by analytics, which provide live threat analysis in Forcepoint Web, Email, Data, Endpoint and Mobile security solutions. The company also helps businesses in conducting a deep analysis of suspicious codes by leveraging behavioral sandbox and also provides a detailed activity report of the results. Moreover, Forcepoint researchers review all the white and black lists and provide detailed reports on the current threat landscape.
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Microsoft offers a dominant security platform for users. It encompasses aspects like machine learning, a vast database, and intelligence to engineer an accurate solution for each threat uniquely. The system remains nonparallel due to access to an extensive network of signals, databases, and information across the globe. Its intelligence security graph remarkably initiates an accurate response to fight the threats with the help of behavioral analytics.
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Oracle Corporation is bringing a platform that adapts and works in real-time with artificial intelligence. Its machine learning algorithms optimize the security protocols and encrypt the data for maximum protection. Oracle has successfully manufactured the world’s first identity-based security operation that helps in initiating an automatic response to potential threats and subdues them. Backed by the power of the Oracle Platform, it is a superior threat intelligence solution. 

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F5 Networks is a multinational firm that concentrates on application services and application delivery networking ADN in short. The firm's technologies promise the security, delivery, performance, availability of web applications, cloud, and other networking solutions.

The company also provides threat intelligence solutions known as the Silverline, which is a cloud-based service to secure various services like WAF and DDoS protection services.
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