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Decibel USP

Decibel UX Software helps its users to test their designs in order to drive the design forward. It helps them to see how each feature affects the entire test run and what the customer’s reactions to them are. It also helps in reducing the friction in getting new testers because the more number of testers the better it is in the long run. The whole session can be replayed in order to see the flaws and the flow of the customers during the test. Request Decibel Pricing to get more information.


Decibel e UX Softwaris an online based service which helps its users with understanding the customer behaviour on their online platform. It helps them to benchmark, test and then analyse the user activities in order to see the things that are holding the experience. It can further help in giving detailed reports on the solutions that can be taken in order to make this experience better. It uses data sciences on the data being generated from the tests in order to better serve its users in understanding customer patterns. 

Decibel UX Software Features

  • Discovery Features

Allows its users to see where they need to improve by using machine learning algorithms on the data sets generated during testing.

  • Session Replay

Integrates the users path throughout the session into a data set in order to see how certain bugs make an hindrance in the flow of the user.

  • Heat Maps

Generates heat maps of the most visited parts during the tests in order to showcase the things which are right.

  • Form Analysis

Helps its users to minimize the friction while taking up the details of the testers which increases their numbers.

Decibel Pricing

Decibel pricing varies according to the requirements of the user and number of tests performed. Decibel pricing is also very competitive in the commercial space. Simply contact the customer service to know more about the Pricing plans.

Decibel UX Software Demo

Users can sign up for a free demo on the website in order to get a feel for the service. In order to see how the testing gets done, also having the chance in knowing from the team themselves the best way to use the platform to get the best results. 


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Decibel Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020


Get ready to get blown away by the amount of details that it is able to capture during a single run in order to give the best results.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 02, 2020

“Session Replay”

The session replay is very helpful in determining the flow of the customers and better optimize the tests for the same.
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