What is Video Analytics Software?

Video analytics software is the technology used for computerized processing and analysis of video streams. It is also called Video Content Analysis (VCA), intelligent video analysis, or video surveillance analytics. The video streams used for analysis are captured using various devices, such as network cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), and Network Video Recorders (NVRs). The captured video streams are then analyzed using video analytics software for various purposes, such as recognizing people, sending safety alerts, recognizing license plates, detecting unattended objects, and tracking footfalls. Core competencies of video analytics software providers include the companies’ ability to provide unique solutions.

Top 10 Video Analytics Software providers in 2020

  • 3vr, Inc
  • Agent VI
  • Aimetis Corporation
  • Allgovision
  • Arris Group Inc
  • Aventura Technologies
  • Avigilon Corporation
  • Axis Communications
  • Briefcam
  • Delopt

Competitive Leadership Mapping


Visionary leaders in the video analytics software market are the leading market players in terms of new developments such as product launches, innovative technologies, and the adoption of growth strategies. These players have a broad product offering that caters to most of the regions globally. Visionary leaders primarily focus on acquiring the leading market position through their strong financial capabilities and their well-established brand equity.


Dynamic Differentiators in the video analytics software market are established players with very strong business strategies. However, they have a weaker product portfolio compared to the visionary leaders. They generally focus only on a specific type of technology related to the product.


Innovators in the in the video analytics software market are vendors that have demonstrated substantial product innovations as compared to their competitors. The companies have focused on product portfolios. However, they do not have very strong growth strategies for their overall business, when compared with the visionary leaders.


Emerging companies in the video analytics software market usually have niche product and service offering. Their business strategies are not as strong as that of the established vendors. The emerging vendors include the new entrants in the market, emerging in terms of product portfolio and geographic reach, and require time to gain significant traction in the market.

Why should organizations deploy Video Analytics Software solution?

There are several benefits of deploying video analytics software that would enhance the safety systems of enterprises and sites to become a valued part of the business:

Facial Recognition

  • This capability of the Video Analytics Software solution allows identification of persons in the real-time by assessing distinctive characteristics of individuals from public and private databases.
  • Furthermore, it can also be used to identify convicts trying to escape from a particular place.
  • This feature also helps in preventing disorder and uncertainty at public places.

Heat Mapping

  • This feature of the Video Analytics Software allows the measurement of motion in a picture and edits that picture by recolouring for determining the motion in a specific area.
  • This helps in making correct business decisions based on the data offered. Moreover, it can be used to determine the area in which there is the most customer involvement.
  • This feature also helps businesses in making the effective decisions based on product sales and personnel distribution.

Intrusion Detection

  • This Video Analytics Software feature helps businesses to spot burglars who try to trespass facilities.
  • The solution creates a virtual line is the boundary of the physical area and if any person or an object attempts to cross the line, the video analytics system will inform security personnel about the intrusion.

People Counting

  • This feature of the video analytics software offers a real time count of the number of individuals passing or exiting a location.
  • This feature is efficient at sports and entertainment venues for management of staffs and security personnel based on the number of people present at particular sites such as entry or exit points, ticketing areas, and others.

Motion Detection

  • This capability of the video analytics software provides security teams with the benefit to protect precious things.
  • For example, if there is a monument, and people try to get nearer or pass into the controlled area, this will notify the security personnel to take essential action. 

Occupancy Estimation

  • This feature helps in knowing the number of people present at a particular location.
  • The data will help in improved management of the available space, planning the staff, and handle the lighting or temperature conditions.

A few important Video Analytics use cases

Video Analytics software solutions has several applications across industries. Some of the best use cases have been highlighted below:

Enhancing total in-store performance

  • Retail organizations can leverage video analytics software systems to understand their in-store performance and take correct actions to boost it.
  • Video data that is fed to an algorithm produces critical insights regarding the in-store movement of customers.
  • Insights delivered by video analytics software can help store owners in better product placement, advertisement and, promotion display.

Decreasing Retail Shrinkage

  • Retail and logistics organizations can deploy video surveillance analytics to reduce inventory loss considerably.
  • The data captured by cameras can be assessed to gain insights about usual operating hours, average time spent in the inventory, and other details.
  • The model is then taught to identify uncommon activities like unexpected time of operation, unofficial access, distrustful movement of inventory and more.
  • In these ways, the companies can get notifications in the real-time and prevent theft before it occurs.

Enhancing Patient Satisfaction

  • Video analytics software help healthcare businesses to enhance their overall patient experience.
  • Cameras can constantly keep a tab on patients waiting to meet the doctor, and assure they are checked-in within a given time duration. Even a notification can be sent to the staff about a patient who has been left unattended for a long time.
  • Moreover, by evaluating the video captured on the entrance, one can find insights about the percentage of people needing assistance. This helps healthcare organizations to assign resources accordingly and enhance patient outcomes.

Transport Monitoring System

  • Vehicle traffic detection - Video analytics software can be used to track the traffic flow speed on highways that could be leveraged to forecast travel time, calculate toll values and more.
  • Incidence detection - Videos from CCTV cameras can be used to identify road accidents, vehicle breakdowns, and bad road conditions.
  • Pedestrian monitoring - Data, such as the direction of motion, pedestrian density, and average speed can be used to improve safety measures, in public spaces. 

Top features to be considered while choosing the best video analytics software

  • Intelligent Tracking - The Intelligent Tracking capability zooms in on and tracks a chosen object, which helps the security teams in keeping a track of a possible security threat, or object of interest.
  • Geolocation - Because Video Analytics software automatically produces data on an object’s position, speed and trajectory, the users can recognise the real world position of any object that is being noticed and tracked.
  • Tamper Detection - With Video Analytics Software the users can modify their tamper alarm to the level required.
  • Event Correlation - Intelligent Video Analytics Software has the ability to process millions of events to offer correlation and trend analysis capabilities.
  • Progressive Event Visualization – With video analytics software, the users can site and track the pre-set events on a graphic information system (GIS) map in the operator client user interface.
  • Latest System Management Abilities - Intelligent Video Analytics offers a web-based administrator client interface that helps in configuring, modifying, and fine-tuning the environment.
  • Intrusion Detection – A video analytics software offers automated border monitoring and secure area protection capabilities.
  • Security and Data Privacy Management - Intelligent Video Analyticsenables safe system access with password and login controls.

Upcoming trends in the video analytics software market

AI for Video Analytics

  • AI has the ability to analyse the vast amount of data that videos generate, providing quicker results.
  • Intelligent video analytics also leverage deep learning for facial recognition. A good quality deep learning solution enables video analytics to analyse facial data more efficiently.

Micro Expression Analysis

  • Video analytics can be achieved based on data curation, sentiment analysis, and other advanced solutions.
  • Expressions like “happy”, “sad”, “angry”, “scared”, “surprised” or “neutral” form the basis of video analytics.

Real-time video processing 

  • Video Analytics solution offers a variety of benefits to end users, based on developments in the complexity of real-time alerting 
  • By expanding the possibility of real-time video processing, users can activate notifications for wider surroundings and also increase data aggregation and visualization into dashboards in real time.

Facial Recognition

  • Video Analytics solution matches faces by correlating biometric features against a compiled watchlist or database of digital images, either removed from video frames or uploaded to the system.
  • With so many important applications, from identifying missing persons or criminal suspects, to recognizing VIP customers, this technology is posed for bigger adoption.

Recent News

  • BriefCam, a leading provider of the video analytics solutions, announced its acquisition by Canon Inc.
  • Motorola Solutions Concludes Acquisition of Avigilon
  • Nortek Security and Control Acquires AI, Video Analytics Software provider IntelliVision

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Imagine Communications is a US-based organisation providing advanced IP, cloud-enabled and software-defined services to broadcasters, networks, video service providers and enterprises around the world. The organisation is a leading provider of live production infrastructure, advanced advertising services, as well as software-based playout and targeted delivery solutions. Through its continuous innovation, Imagine Communications drives nearly $50 billion in global ad revenue for its customers across the media and entertainment industry and its products benefit almost half of the world’s video channels.
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3VR aims at providing quality video intelligence solutions for business platforms to achieve advanced levels of security at all times. With deep customer insights and real-time management, it allows organisations to not only protect their employees but also their customers along with gathering data for enhanced operations and enriched experiences for customers. The video software management (VMS) uses the newest capabilities of forensic science along with integrated video analytics to come at smarter solutions for video analytics.

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Agent Vi offers comprehensive video analytics solutions that can be deployed on-premises as well as on cloud. It offers various video analytics solutions, such as real-time video analysis, alerts, video searches, and numerous other BI applications that can be fully integrated with a range of third-party cameras, encoders, and video management systems. savVi offers a set of advanced, automated video analysis tools that offer immediate detection and extraction of events and valuable data from surveillance footage. SavVi helps users making optimal usage of their surveillance systems and distribute their time and attention in a more effective manner. Agent Vi also delivers a flexible offering for edge devices that have'nt undergone integration with savVi.
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Aimetis Corporation or Senstar is a company that is aware of the current need for video analytics, and they have brought forward their platform for it, which makes sensing videos quite easy and fuss-free. The video analytics tools are especially useful for the security industry, but they can be used by any company who needs to analyse a video along the way. Most common features of video analytics include face recognition, license plate recognition, left item detection etc.
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AllGoVision, a leading video analytics player . It offers products and solutions for numerous applications, such as building surveillance, traffic surveillance, and BI across industry verticals. In the video analytics market, the company offers its software, AllGoVision. The organization also integrated with the products of companies, such as Honeywell, Genetec, and Milestone. The company is committed to performing in-depth research and product innovation. With the right combination of in-house Image Processing Expertise and skilful engineers, the company has successfully integrated with 10+ major VMS. AllGoVision's solution also offers flexibility in installation which makes it possible to be installed in the same machine as VMS or in a separate machine. The solution's Alarm center can be hosted on a WAN or a cloud environment.
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Aventura provides innovative IP and analog, enterprise-level digital video surveillance systems, intelligent analytics, cameras, fiber, Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) accessories, hardware and software products, and peripheral solutions. Aventura offers robust integration with various platforms, such as access control, intrusion detection, dispatch, analytics, command and control, and unattended ground sensors. Aventura is strongly committed to delivering enhanced video analytics services that enable organizations to provide superior customer services and achieve better productivity. This Intelligent Video Analytics software is ready to use from the box, but can be specifically configured to match the user requirements. It also allows users to set multiple overlapping detection zones and lines, in order to ensure tight monitoring.
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The company is acquired by Motorola Solutions in 2018. Avigilon is a provider of video analytics, network video management hardware and software, and surveillance cameras and access control solutions. In the video analytics market, it offers the video management software, Avigilon Control Center (ACC), along with Appearance Search and Unusual Motion Detection technologies. The software features advanced video search and self-learning video analytics. The company also offers video analytics appliances that modernize legacy surveillance camera installations by adding the advanced Avigilon self-learning video analytics to any connected video stream.
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Axis Communications provides intelligent security solutions with specialization in network videos, IP video surveillance, security cameras, and IP cameras. In the video analytics market, it offers a number of video analytics applications, such as the Axis Camera Application Platform, an open analytics development platform. The company has developed AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) which is an open platform supported by most Axis cameras. The platform enables users to add analytics and other applications to satisfy specific security and business requirements. These applications enable users to have proactive surveillance. The applications are fully scalable and facilitate clients in reducing bandwidth and storage use by sending and recording only video that is of interest.
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With Briefcam’s Video Analytics, it is easier to get the results that you want quickly. With their intelligent video analytics software, users can transform their video surveillance data into powerful insights that they can act upon. This powerful tool includes advanced technology, which allows it to understand the context of the video while detecting and classifying the objects present. With this software, you can get smart reporting for your surveillance as well as intelligent alerts when it is required.
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Delopt has developed various solutions for advanced surveillance methods, and video analytics is amongst the essential tools. It ensures to deliver high-quality surveillance with powerful analytics. The feature is available as IntruLib-SDK and also as a Server product namely the iSecure Server IP. It offers a variety of analytics features including various processes like motion detection, zone analytics, and sophisticated sabotage detection. The web-interface is very advanced to handle queries smoothly and configure analytically.
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Digital Barriers, a trusted global customer base-spanning organization, dedicated to delivering world-class solutions through better technology and a shared commitment to producing cutting-edge solutions in four domains – Live Streaming Bodycams, Wireless Safe Cities, Connected Vehicles and Digital Walls. They are continually transforming the security scenario with services like ultra-low bandwidth live video streaming, body-worn camera, video analytics, and live facial recognition technology. The technology offered; includes Edgevis Live, Edgevis Shield, SmartVis Face and SmartVis Safe Zone.
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Dolby Laboratories Inc video analytics optimize the content for all types of screen. The video analytics offered by Dolby is fast, high quality and a cost-efficient solution for all its users. It certainly helps the users in quickly generating the files that they need by using the excellent technology of video analytics of Dolby Laboratories. It also offers automated quality control for analyzing the business workflow. It helps ensures that the content generated meets the standards of the industry.
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ELKO is a group who is trying to make everything smarter by providing creative and modern solutions, and they do provide video analytic solutions. VCA technology is the video analytics platform that has been set up by them, and they make sure that the product reaches everybody. The platform is connected to the cameras that you have put up, and it doesn’t take a tremendous amount of time to return with the results.
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Genetec is a leading provider of robust IP-based security solutions that offer enhanced security and improved operational insights. Genetec offers cloud-based services, open platform software, and hardware systems along with its flagship product, Security Center, which unifies IP-based video surveillance, access control, and Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) into one platform.Genetec is a provider of powerful video analytics and focuses on providing customers improved operational efficiency, intelligent analytics, and robust security. KiwiVision Video Analytics offers quality threat detection, enhanced privacy protection for end-user data, improved maintenance, easy deployment, faster resolving of bottlenecks, and superior actionable data
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Gorilla provides innovative video intelligence and the IoT technology. It also provides video IoT solutions that provide a combination of video analytics and the IoT technology to offer customers actionable insights to run their businesses efficiently. Gorilla Technology offers video analytics solutions with the major benefits of cloud and edge computing architecture availability, advanced video analytics, real-time insights, object identification verification, and enhanced API integrations. Gorilla's multiple AI algorithms work together to provide intelligent video analytics (IVA) that convert data into actionable, real-time insights with people, vehicle, and object identification capabilities. Gorilla's IVAR real-time analytics technology offers insights into business and operations within a single dashboard.
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I2V aims to provide its clients with intelligent and integrated solutions for their business operations. I2V not only provides a Video Management system but offers Video Analytics as well. I2V’s Video Analytics system is incorporated with the most comprehensive and advanced Video Analytics algorithm. Because of the Incident-Event-Action framework included in I2V’s Video Analytics software along with these advanced analytics algorithms, businesses can help reduce the manual effort required in monitoring video surveillance and reduce some human errors.

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Intelligent Security Systems is recognized as one of the leading developers in offering security surveillance and control systems with 120,000 deployments in 23 countries across the globe. The company provides services for networked digital video & audio recording, video image pattern processing and digital transmission. It has one of the latest technology in supporting cameras and devices for security surveillance. The company offers one of the most robust video management platforms.
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Intellivision has a strong foothold in the video analytics market. It offers market-leading AI and deep learning-based video analytics and video cloud software. The company offers the widest offering of AI-based Intelligent Video Analytics in the Video Analytics market. The solution automatically analyzes live, streaming videos from CCTV and surveillance cameras to deliver actionable alerts for security events, eliminating false alarms and reducing the need for manual monitoring. The company's Video Analytics products add AI to CCTCs by determining video content in real-time, extracting metadata, sending out alerts and delivering actionable intelligence to security personnel or other systems.
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Intuvision has an expertise in providing high-end video analytics and surveillance solutions to efficiently address organizations security needs. The company is focused on enhancing its offerings through continuous investments in R&D initiatives, which has also helped the company to upgrade its portfolio. The company provides customized video analytics to end-users in both government and commercial domains. Intuvision has designed video analytics solutions for Face, Parking, Retail, Security, Traffic. Their solutions learn from real time scenes and objects with cutting-edge algorithms. They offers GPU acceleration which helps users to achieve maximum efficiency. The comprehensive set of event rules and integrations with 3rd party systems allow intuVision VA to meet the most challenging intelligent video requirements.
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Iomniscient combines a set of patented technology to help improve the security and efficiency of organizations. They provide fast and accurate results and prove to be more cost-effective than a simple video recording system. With their intelligent software, it is easier to manage and monitor video surveillance in an organization. Even with a minimal computer infrastructure, organizations can receive accurate and quick responses from Iomniscient’s Video Analytics software due to their unique combination of Deep Learning Algorithms, Heuristics as well as Neural Networks.
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Ipsotek is among the popular solutions for Video content analysis. The software automatically carried out activities like identification of the behavior, sending alerts to operators, and much more. The solution is capable of eliminating any human error as well as the operators, can instantly intervene.
Ipsotek is counted as the best tool for forensic and business intelligence. The solution comes with various benefits like cost-saving, commercial advances, and improvised security.
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Video Analytics is a strong point of KiwiSecurity, and they are a pioneer at it. The company is mostly known for the video analytics solutions for security services which are in constant need for analysis. They have different services such as intrusion detector, object detector, camera health monitor, privacy monitor and several other things. They even provide customised solutions for companies which are in need of it. If you need their help, they will be ready to offer it.

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Netscout Systems Inc. is a company that provides various solutions and offers platforms for maintaining security equipment which has made them add video analytics into their platform which is an important part, and they have done it quite well. It helps in their defence mechanisms where analysis of a video leads to a better understanding of current threats and find the right solution. They have been pioneers in the market, and they are still driving.
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PureTech Systems sells its products and solutions through a network of resellers that operates in the US as well as globally. The company is a leader in the development and implementation of advanced video analytics solutions for security and safety applications. Their analytics are developed in-house and maintained by their own technical staff. The company develops new algorithms and applications consistently. Some of their popular algorithms include: Object Detection - which identifies objects and intrusions with the help of various types of cameras and illuminants while ignoring normal environmental conditions; Image Stabilization - This algorithm removes video deflections an instability providing a stable video for 3rd party systems and operator viewing; Automatic PTZ Following (Single Camera) - It is developed specifically for outdoor use, this function monitors an objects of interest at varying zoom levels.
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Qognify has developed a variety of intelligent solutions in video analytics which mainly uses video footage to provide insights to users. It ensures to get the much-required surveillance one needs along with smarter ways to get the most out of it. Qognify believes in expert deployment to be the real differentiator in video analytics. It is a significant part of its award-winning video management solutions and can reach the most sensitive areas. There is a number that it adds to develop the overall experience by ensuring security in each step.
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Video is a prominent device of today and Science Applications International Corporation is one such company that provides video analytics. They have gathered multi-intelligence sources to make it possible, and they also utilise machine learning to make it much more accessible. The platform also employs the right tools at the right time to make video analytics the ultimate tool that can be used for several businesses. The best thing about the platform is its accessibility.

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Viseum are the international manufacturer of advanced intelligent CCTV product software that solves problems with CCTV surveillance and security. Globally-patented Software Technology Services and Panoramic Surveillance Camera utilise radically fewer cameras to cover a more significant area than any other CCTV camera. An auto-intelligent Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras uniquely follow people until their faces/vehicles are captured up to a complete 360° in the highly populated complex.
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