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Comparing 17 vendors in Virtual Fitting Room Startups across 62 criteria.
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  • Zugara is a technology innovator and is one of the top AR companies. It is engaged in providing AR and VR software solutions focused on solving user interaction and industry-specific problems. Zugara has a patent portfolio specific to AR, mixed reality, and computer vision ecosystems. The company has executed web, in-store retail, and mobile projects by using body detection, gesture recognition, image recognition, and facial recognition technologies. The company has licensed its products directly to the retailers and has distributed them via an international network of eCommerce platforms and resellers.

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    • Los Angeles, California, US
    • Founded: 2001
    • 51 to 100
  • Metail is one of the digital companies that uses advanced computer vision technology to serve retailers and consumers. The company offers eCommerce model photography to retailers and consumers.It is one of the digital companies that uses advanced computer vision technology to serve retailers and consumers.

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  • Magic Mirroris a global leading digital signage provider among shopping malls and retailers. Its Solutions based on a touchscreen display and 3D Kinect technology. It has designed a variety of apps (e.g., Virtual Dressing, Fun Photo Booth, Face Mask, etc.) and a control panel, which enables the customers to customize dresses to suit their business use cases. It also offers customization and maintenance services depending on business needs. The company is a global leading digital signage provider among shopping malls and retailers.

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  • The company provides a cloud-based virtual retail platform to fashion brands, retailers, manufacturers, and designers. The company's platform combines front-end retail processes with back-end processes, such as fitting and order creation, for streamlining of the manufacturing process. The core business of ELSE Corp is a technologically advanced Cloud SaaS and API platform, based on the business model for fashion industry, with an innovative concept for 3D and Cloud based product customization and personalization processes of fashion products. It has strong collaborations with important European system integrations, software giants, industrial manufacturing groups, and leading CAD 3D software companies combining a superior knowledge of Computer-aided design (CAD), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), eCommerce systems, and production process management.

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  • The company offers size recommendation and analysis of individual dimensions, such as height, weight, age, and body shape, for online shoppers. Its platform uses the most advanced ML algorithms to provide data-driven results to businesses. It is serving leading apparel brands and retailers across 6 continents across the world. It is an online clothing size adviser. Fit Analytics uses Google BigQuery, TensorFlow, and Google Kubernetes Engine as an analytics platform to provide and scale the ML capabilitie

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  • The company provides an online fitting room service for fashion eCommerce to recreate a real-life dressing room experience virtually on its website. It builds a precise 2D body model of the customer virtually. Its online tool provides a summary of the recommended sizes, details of the model, the elasticity of the fabric, and Natural Human Language (NHL) description for how the garment fits and feels in different parts of the body based on the customer's body measurements and body shape.

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  • Visualook is a Spain-based firm that offers digital dressing solutions that enable users to try on clothes in online stores.The company has developed an innovative visualization system, "Clothing Fitting." It has an intelligent tool called ˜Calculate your size.This tool recommends the user the ideal size for every garment corresponding with the size guide of each manufacture. It is easy-to-use, reliable, and quick to calculate the size or put the garments on the system generated 3D avatar. It offers manufacturers and retailers of clothing and footwear 2 complementary tools that are included in its online stores to increase sales.

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Below criteria are most commonly used for comparing Virtual Fitting Room Startups tools.
  • Viability

    • Partnerships and Collaborations

    • Employee size

  • Partner Ecosystem

    • Strategy to manage distributors spread across the globe

    • Strategy to address new target audience

    • Partner Ecosystems

      Distributors | System Integrators | Value Added Resellers | Managed Service Providers | Others, please specify (Partner Ecosystem) |
  • Funding

    • Value of the latest funding received

    • Total funding received till date

    • Total Revenue

    • Purpose for the latest funding received

      New Product Development / R&D | Team Expansion | Geographic Expansion | M&A/partnerships/collaborations |
    • Latest level of funding

      Seed Stage | Series A | Series B | Series C | Series D | Private Placement | Self Funded |
  • Support

    • Type of Support Services Offered

      Technical Support | Customer Support | Post Purchase Support | Others, please specify (Type of Support Services Offered) |
  • Feature and Functionality

    • Pricing Strategy

    • End-users catered

    • Technology integrated

      Gesture Recognition + 3D Body Scanning Technologies | AR and VR | Artificial Intelligence |
    • Organization-size catered

      Large Enterprises | Small and Medium Enterprises |
    • Offerings

      Software | hardware |
    • Applications

      Apparel | Accessories | Eyeware | Jewelery and Watches | Beauty and Cosmetics | Others (Applications) |
  • Deployment

    • Deployment Model

      On-Premise | Hosted / On-Cloud |
    • Delivery Model

      Directly | Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors / MSSPs |


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