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Envoy USP

Envoy visitor management software is a touchless cloud-based visitor management system aimed at ensuring the increased productivity and safety of the employees. Saves time by automatically updating sales records. Sales force, mail chimp, Eventbrite.

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Envoy visitor management software is a cloud based visitor management and registration solution serving small and medium businesses across various industries. The software integrates with host directories, file sharing and sales and marketing software. Provide a real time view of visitors present. Compatible with iPods running latest versions. It appears in software.

Envoy Pricing

The Envoy Pricing  is mainly based on the business requirements and the company offers a fair deal to all its customers. The Envoy Pricing segments are as such:

  • Monthly Envoy Pricing
  • Basic : Free 
  • Standard : $119/month/location (billed monthly)
  • Premium : $359/month/location (billed monthly)
  • Annual Envoy visitor management software pricing 
  • Basic : Free
  • Standard: $99/month/location (billed yearly)
  • Premium: $299/month/location (billed yearly)

Envoy Demo

Envoy visitor management software provides free demo and also can upgrade with modern features in the form of illustrations and videos to acquaint the users with all its functionalities.

Envoy Features

  • Security and Compliance
  • Handles Visitor records, onsite security, data security
  • Supports GDPR compliance and manages teams and also protects IP with digital legal documents
  • Account Management
  • Provides the right level of envoy access for administrators
  • Assigns assistants to greet executives and also manages their personal visitors
  • Directory Management
  • Employees in the directory from the dashboard and can receive visitors, create invites
  • Automatically sync employees and also manually adds the employees to any another
  • Multi-location Management
  • Manages one account versus multiple and organizes locations by group
  • Easy to maintain and set-up and instantly access new features


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Envoy Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Setting New Standards For Envoy”

Greatest feature to tag the content and visualize the project. Multitude of features and integration tools. Creates custom integration
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 04, 2020

“Ease of Use”

Envoy is simplicity of use and ease of tagging and clustering. Improved team collaboration by allowing effective communication which is used for company. It is simple and very intuitive and feels solid.
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