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NSFOCUS Web Application Firewall
California, USA
$101MN to $500MN
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NSFOCUS Web Application Firewall USP

NSFOCUS Web Application Firewall Software provides up to 1 Gbps of DDoS protection from other volumetric and application layer attacks, including TCP Flood and HTTP/S GET/POST Flood. The WAF employs access rate thresholding, IP reputation, and algorithm-based protection mechanisms. Some of the virtual WAFs include WAF V1000, WAF V600, and WAF V300. Some of the WAF hardware include WAF 2000, WAF 1600, WAF 1000, and WAF 600. The NSFOCUS WAF is the ideal solution for safeguarding critical servers, web applications, and data. It delivers high-quality application layer security to organizations of all sizes. Request NSFOCUS Web Application Firewall Pricing to get more information.


NSFOCUS delivers a comprehensive, WAF that protects organizations’ essential assets, data, and applications. It eliminates the problem of data breaches and service disruptions. NSFOCUS WAF provides protection against the top 10 OWASP-listed threats, XSS, CSRF, injection, Remote File Inclusion (RFI), illegal file upload and download restrictions, malicious scanning, web shells, anticrawlers, and botnets. It is incorporates the advanced machine learning technology to protect the world’s largest banks, telecommunication, gaming, and social media companies.


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NSFOCUS Web Application Firewall
82 Buyers Negotiating
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NSFOCUS Web Application Firewall Presence in Web Application Firewall Software
NSFOCUS generates its revenue by providing solutions and services for threat intelligence, DDoS protection and mitigation, cloud and on-premises security, next-generation IPS, and web application security. The company has a high focus on physical security. It has a worldwide reach with regional and sales offices set up in the US, Japan, Europe, China, and South East Asia. The company caters its products and services to telecom carriers, data centers, financial services companies, cloud service providers, MSSPs, and enterprises across the globe. The company has adopted various effective inorganic growth strategies, such as partnerships. Some of the companies that have partnered with NSFOCUS include MultiPoint, a distributor of IT security and Internet technology solutions and Spectrami, a Dubai-based value-added distribution. This is not very active in undertaking acquisitions, and this may affect the company’s position in the WAF market. However, it is active in adopting organic growth strategies, such as new product launches and product enhancements. Recently, the company launched its threat intelligence platform to expand its reach across Australian organizations and improve its situational enterprise-grade security capabilities.
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