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Alti Ascend UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) offers up to five times the endurance of competing systems. Alti Ascend expands the fleet of best in class endurance vertical take-off and landing, fixed, wing unmanned aircrafts. Alti Ascend flies for up to 6 hours and in a standard operating link range of up to 10 km. There are 3 Alti Ascent- Alti Ascend A is for agriculture & farming, Alti Ascend M is for mapping & photogrammetry, Alti Ascend S is for security & surveillance.

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Key features of Alti Ascend UAV are as follows-
  • Multi Payload - Alti Ascend aircraft are designed to carry multiple payloads from high-resolution mapping systems to advanced surveillance EO/IR cameras with object tracking.
  • Hybrid Fixed Wing - It is a next-generation hybrid aircraft that provides a fixed-wing with a reliable quadcopter component for vertical landing and take-off.
  • Vertical Take-Off - This UAV can vertically ascend to altitude, where it transitions into forwarding wing-bound flight for duration of the mission.
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