ASCENDING TECHNOLOGIES in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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Ascending Technologies has been acqiured by Intel. Intel Falcon 8+ UAV offered by Ascending technologies is a professional drone with V-Shaped design. This drone enhances commercial-grade drone vision with real-time air compensation and provides advanced performance standards and best safety for close mapping and inspection. Falcon 8+ drone is configured as a closed system with isolated onboard data storage that does not transmit data over the internet. Request ASCENDING TECHNOLOGIES Pricing to get more information.


Key features of Falcon 8+ Drone are as follows-
  • Advanced Flight Performance- This drone is designed to provide consistency and also provides stable flights in external influences like weak GPS signals and high winds. It allows users to collect accurate, actionable data with high quality while operating in various environments.
  • Safety- Falcon 8+ provides superior safety with industry-leading electronic and hardware systems. It also includes additional redundancies for communications, rotors, motors, and batteries.
  • Precision Data- This Drone provides detailed information and data for orthography and 3D reconstruction, and also ensures unobstructed data capture and enables greater than the 180-degree view from top to bottom.
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