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EHang is one of the leaders in the autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) technology platform. It provides AAV products and commercial solutions, which include passenger transportation, logistics, smart city management, and aerial media solutions. The company’s Ghostdrone and Falcon series drones are used for commercial and security applications.

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EHang’s drones are used for numerous applications such as public security, environment monitoring, fire emergency rescue, inspection, surveying, and mapping, among others. The company is partners with various governments and industrial players to develop unmanned ecosystems that would feature drone deliveries and command centers. Ehang offers the following UAVs -
Ghostdrone – It is a UAV that can be completely controlled with the help of a smartphone. It mimics the phone movements.
Falcon B Series – It is a high-performance commercial drone that allows users to deliver modified flight platform solutions for enterprises.


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EHang pricing is not mentioned on the website. You can request them through email or phone for understanding the functionalities of this tool.


EHang autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) provides full redundancy to ensure security, autonomous pilot, and centralized control of the intelligent command-and-control center.

EHang’s eco-friendly and intelligent low-altitude passenger-grade autonomous aerial vehicle provides a low-altitude short-and-medium-haul transportation solution for future intelligent transportation.

The technology of autonomous flight eliminates the possibility of failure or malfunction caused by man-made errors. Without any concern about controlling or operating the aircraft, the passengers can just sit and enjoy the journey.

EHang AAV uses 4G/5G as the high-speed wireless transmission channel to communicate smoothly with the command-and-control center, thus enabling remote control of the aircraft and real-time transmission of flight data.

EHang AAV uses electric power to reduce the environmental harm caused by emissions. The aircraft can be fully charged in two hours. The charging devices can communicate in real-time with the aircraft Battery Management System (BMS).

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