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Flir Systems Inc. designs and sells technology used for thermal imaging, visible light imaging, video analytics, and advanced threat detection. The company operates through 3 business segments: industrial business unit, government & business unit, and commercial business unit. The company offers different payloads and UAV platforms for the UAV market. Flir Systems Inc. has product offerings for the government & defense, industrial, and commercial markets. The company has UAV payloads for firefighting, traffic monitoring, and law enforcement applications. Firefly camera  tool provides in-depth learning for system designers in structured decisions enabling the users to bring up high-quality products and improve productivity. A neural network with Neurotechnology is well utilized by the FLIR Firefly DL facilitating with optimum cost-effectiveness and taking complex decisions for on cameras, with no host PCs. 

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Flir Systems offers products through two categories:

UAV Camera Payload and UAV

UAV Camera Payload
  • Flir Duo Pro R
  • M200 V2 Series
  • M210 V2-Series UAS Thermal Imaging Kit
  • M210RTK V2
  • Dji Zenmuse XT2
  • Zenmuse XT Premium Aerial Thermal Imaging
  • Flir Vue Pro
  • Flir Vue Pro R
  • Flir Star Safire Series
  • Ultraforce Series
  • CBRNE detectors
  • R80d Skyraider
  • Black Hornet PRS
  • Osprey
Firefly DL
  • Small-sized and light-weight: The camera tool is a pocket package of 27mm x 27mm x 14mm with an optimized 2W consumption only. The camera weighs only 20-gram and is easy enough to carry and function at all places as it is a portable and compact device.
  • Fire detector and inference enabled: The camera design itself is prepared to merge inference with machine vision features that helps in prior fire detection with a pre-trained neural network and a quantum efficiency of 530nm (pixel size 3.45).
  • An open platform for making decisions directly: The FLIR Firefly DL is a real-time on camera that is directly connected to internal VPU with neural technology for making quick decisions and deep learning.
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