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There are two varieties of drones offered by Intel: Premium and Classic. Both are engineered to withstand real-world performance situations, have LEDs that create over four billion color variations, and are purpose-built for safety. The Intel next-generation Premium drone is brighter and quicker than the previous generation, making it excellent for high-resolution animations, rapid transitions, and environments with a lot of ambient light. The Intel Classic drone is the ideal answer for clients on a budget who wish to display simplified graphics and text in low-light environments.

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Intel Corporation is a technological and international corporation based in the United States. Intel manufactures drones for inspections as well as swarm-capable drones for usage in drone light shows at night. Intel has completed over 1,000 presentations in over 23 countries on six continents and has a track record of safety that aviation authorities across the world trust.


Users can refer to the company website for a demo.


Intel® Drone Light shows prices start at $99k

500 Premium Drones prices start at $299k

300 Premium Drones prices start at $199k

300 Classic Drones prices start at $149k

200 Classic Drones prices start at $99k


World-class creative teams can swiftly develop, test, and simulate 3D graphics thanks to Intel's cutting-edge animation and performance control tools. This program also aids in performance safety by automatically mapping collision-free paths and allowing us to operate a whole fleet of hundreds, if not thousands, of drones from a single computer.

Intel's next-generation Premium drones are brighter, quicker, and have better positional precision, resulting in more precise animations. Their enhanced brilliance, thanks to four LEDs, makes them ideal for settings with limited airfield space and intense ambient light, such as cities and stadiums.

For clients on a tight budget, Intel Classic Drones are excellent. These drones are a great choice for situations with low ambient light and plenty of landing space.

Intel's Shooting Star quadcopter drone is built for light displays. It's made of Styrofoam and lightweight polymers, with built-in light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for display. A single computer and operator can operate a large number of Shooting Star drones, which can generate over four billion color combinations from the built-in LEDs, with the system's algorithms regulating the choreography and optimizing the flight routes.

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    Repair Services
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    3D Mapping
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    Aerial Imaging
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    Aerial Surveillance
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    Site Visualization
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    Aerial Imagery
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    Industrial Warehousing
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    Product Delivery
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    Remote Sensing
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    FPV Camera
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    RC Receiver
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    All Weather Capability
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    Automatic Takeoff and Landing
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    Mapping Tools
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    Multi Sensor Capability
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