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  • Colorado, USA
  • 1994
  • $10BN to $50BN
Company Overview
Northrop Grumman’s UAV products include:
  • Bat UAS – It is a medium-altitude, multi-mission Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). It can be configured with multiple sensor payloads for maximum mission flexibility.
  • Global Hawk - It is the leading supplier of persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance information.
  • Firebird - This product line supplies an established airframe with autonomous mission capability. It comes available in manned, autonomous and optionally piloted configurations.
  • Fire Scout - It is a combat specific, autonomous helicopter system that delivers real-time Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Target-acquisition (ISR&T), and battle management to strategic users without depending on manned aircraft or space-based assets.

Northrop Grumman’s majorly offers HALE Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, medium range UAVs, short range UAVs, and combat UAVs. It also provides a range of products and solutions in information and services, electronics, aerospace, and technical services to its global customers. The company’s unique offerings for the UAV market also include a high-altitude long-endurance system known as the Global Hawk system which is used for real-time high-resolution imagery of land masses for threat awareness; the Tritron system which offers ISR functionality over oceans and coastal regions; BAT which is an affordable, medium altitude, multi-mission unmanned aircraft system, among others.

Evaluated against 102 key buying criteria
  • Product Maturity / Solutions Offered / Satellite Communicati...
    Robust Communication
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  • Product Maturity / Features Offered / Payload Control
    Multiple Payload Carriage
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  • Product Maturity / Features and Functionality / Hardware
    Longer Wingspan
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  • Product Maturity / Solutions Offered / Site Visualization
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • Product Technical Support
  • Repair Services
  • Training
  • Satellite Communications
  • Site Visualization
  • Combat Operations
  • Industrial Warehousing
  • Remote Sensing
  • Antenna
  • Battery
  • Flight Controller
  • FPV Camera
  • Frame
  • No Weaknesses


Vice President,Company Name Classified
Vice President, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)(*)( )4

“Best Minehunting UAV"

This is the only high-speed UAV mine hunting system in the world and our organization is really happy with the results.
Head - Product Development,Company Name Classified
Head - Product Development, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)( )( )3

“Longer Wait Times for Delivery"

We had ordered for Northrop''s Triton drone and had to wait longer for longer than expected time for the product to finally reach us. The company must really work on their logistics part.
General Manager,Company Name Classified
General Manager, Company Name Classified

“Longer Wingspan"

The best part about Northrop''s Global Hawk is that it has a wingspan of 131 feet, which makes it easier to fly longer distances without even refueling.
Other,Company Name Classified
Other, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)( )( )3

“Average Flight Control Capability"

It was really sad to learn that Northrop''s drones had flight control system failures, which wasn’t expected, and that further lead to the drones causing accidents. Felt like a total failure.
Vice President - Sales,Company Name Classified
Vice President - Sales, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)( )( )3

“Best in Class Communication System"

Northrop offers numerous commercial and government satellite and line-of-sight communication options.
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#1 Solutions Offered / Site Visualization
#2 Features and Functionality / Hardware
#3 Functionalites / Security
#4 Functionalites / Surveillance
#5 Solutions Offered / Aerial Imaging


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