PARROT DRONE SAS in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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Parrot is a key participant in the commercial UAV sector, designing, developing, and marketing unmanned technology products for enthusiasts and professionals all over the world. Drones, accessories, and support services are among the company's UAV products. The Parrot Sequoia+ is the world's first multispectral camera to provide comprehensive and accurate reflectance measurement, allowing for a more consistent examination of acquired data and eliminating the requirement for a reflectance target.

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Surveying and mapping, mining and quarrying, engineering and construction, agriculture, the environment, and humanitarian applications are all covered by Parrot products. Drones are manufactured by the firm for both enthusiasts and professionals. Drones - Anafi FPV, Anafi Thermal, Anafi, Anafi Extended, Bebop 2 FPV, Bebop 2 Power FPV, and Mambo FPV are among the company's offerings.

Anafi Thermal, Anafi Work, Bluegrass Fields, and Sequoia are some of Parrot's professional drones. All of the company's drones come with accessories and support services.


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For beautifully detailed aerial photos, the ANAFI Ai sensor enables a high megapixel count. It employs a Quad Bayer color filter array, in which groups of four neighboring pixels are color-matched. In both picture and video modes, real-time HDR capture may be achieved by combining the signals from four nearby pixels.

The dynamic range of ANAFI Ai is four times that of traditional sensors with a standard Bayer matrix. Even the most challenging scenes may be shot with little highlight blowout and shadow detail loss.

ANAFI Ai has a 4G radio module (in addition to the Wi-Fi radio) that allows it to send a 1080p video with very low latency (300 ms) and no range limit anywhere in the world.

The Parrot Sequoia+ multispectral camera catches all information from both visible and invisible light, resulting in useful data for monitoring. RDB photos are also captured by the camera, which may be processed later via photogrammetry software to provide high-resolution maps with a variety of rich data.

A 60 Hz FLIR Boson micro-bolometer is available from ANAFI USA. This module has a mechanical shutter that allows for automated sensor recalibration as often as feasible, ensuring the total consistency of each thermal pixel's response. The thermographic camera from ANAFI USA has two complementary color options, allowing the drone to adapt to any task.

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