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Raytheon is a pioneer in the development of extensible remote sensing and unmanned aerial systems. It sells items for both the commercial and military markets. Intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance; hurricane hunting; real-time intelligence; security; and research are just a few of the uses for the company's products.

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Raytheon is a United Technologies company that works largely via five segments: Integrated Defense Systems (IDS), Intelligence, Information and Services (IIS), Missile Systems, Space, and Airborne Systems. The space and airborne systems section develops and build integrated sensor and communication systems for advanced tasks like ISR, precise engagement, unmanned aerial operations, and space.

Raytheon’s UAV offerings include:

Coyote - The Coyote is a tube-launched, disposable unmanned aircraft system. The Coyote UAS may be flown alone or in swarms, and it can perform a variety of missions such as surveillance, electronic warfare, and attack.

Silver Fox is a tiny unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that has the real-time intelligence and long-range aerial resolution capabilities of a big system.

Zeus - The Zeus system provides Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) mission members with a well-defined real-time situational awareness depiction, stronger association capabilities, and integration into tactical data link networks to Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) mission members.


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The Raytheon Coyote is a tiny, disposable unmanned aircraft system capable of flying in autonomous swarms. The system is intended for replaceable payloads and can run for up to an hour. It may be launched from the ground, from the air, or from a ship.

The Coyote UAS may be used for a number of missions, including surveillance, electronic warfare, and strike, and can be flown independently or in swarms. Improved surveillance images, greater targeting capabilities, near real-time damage assessment, and reduced hazard to human aircraft are all advantages of the Coyote UAS.

The Coyote UAS is being designed as a low-cost, disposable drone. It is intended to save lives while also lowering operating expenses. Targeting assistance, perimeter security, and research missions are all possible with the Coyote UAS.

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