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Saab is a defense, commercial aviation, and civil security company that manufactures and sells goods, services, and solutions. The aeronautics business area of Saab manufactures products for the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry. Unmanned fixed-wing and rotary-wing vehicles for defense purposes are among the company's UAV products. This division of the corporation has developed remotely piloted aerial systems in collaboration with UMS Aero Group AG (Switzerland).

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Unmanned aerial systems from Saab are used for reconnaissance, identification, target acquisition, and electronic warfare, among other military applications. Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are also supported and trained by the corporation. Customers in the military industry may rely on its support & services division for integrated support solutions, technical maintenance & logistics, spare parts, field facilities, and regional operational support.

Saab offers the Skeldar series which is a medium-range VTOL UAV that has been specifically designed for surveillance, intelligence gathering, light cargo transportation, and electronic warfare purposes.

Saab UAV Products include:

Skeldar V-200 Land, Skeldar V-200 Civil Security and Skeldar V-200 Maritime


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The UMS Skeldar is a multi-purpose system that may be used for reconnaissance, identification, target acquisition, and electronic warfare. UMS SKELDAR creates its own related systems that allow many types of UAVs to be flown at the same time from the same Ground Control Station (GCS). Along with the RPAS capability required, it may also supply clients with certified ISR instructors for vehicle training or to analyze sensor data.

Airborne Computer Systems from Saab may be fitted into a wide range of civil and military aircraft. Fighters, trainers, helicopters, transport aircraft, commercial airliners, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are among the commercial and military aircraft that use these systems.

All of Saab Flight Control System's products are built on a modularized architecture that allows for cost-effective construction of each configuration. From cockpit controls to safety-critical control computers and motor control electronics to electromechanical actuators, it can offer the entire system.

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