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Thales is a leading provider of modern air defense, C4I systems, and defense electronics across the world. Secure communication and information systems, land and air systems, defense mission systems, and unmanned aerial vehicles are among the products offered by the defense and security industry. It sells a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles, including combat UAVs, tactical UAVs, and small UAVs. Thales can provide entire UAS solutions as well as individual items to help you establish your UAS capacity.

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Thales is a major participant in the European market for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for governments around the continent. Aerospace, defense and security, and transportation are the three segments through which the company develops technological solutions and provides services. Thales is also a partner in FCAS (Future Combat Air System), a joint venture between the United Kingdom and France to develop unmanned combat aircraft systems. Thales UAS is supporting worldwide legislative measures that will pave the road for their integration into civil airspace, where their uses are limitless.

Thales Group offers three types of UAVs. Mini and Micro UAS, which include - SPY’ RANGER, FULMAR, SPY’COPTER, SPY’C, SPY’ARROW, Tactical UAS, Watchkeeper, Strategic UAS, UCAV, and MALE.


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Thales MALE UAS systems can be used to locate enemy forces, track non-combatant populations in large groups, assess the state of in-theatre infrastructure, and create target lists. It's great for observing theatres of operations and conducting zone reconnaissance.

Fulmar X belongs to the mini-UAV category. It has an eight-hour range owing to the aircraft's low fuel consumption in flight as a consequence of its aerodynamic design, and it can travel 800 kilometers without refueling. There are two versions of this Spanish design: one for the land and one for the sea. Fulmar X is a cost-effective solution that can be customized to meet specific requirements and integrated with other systems to create a comprehensive solution.

The Fulmar Naval mini-UAV system has a low lifetime cost and high-performance characteristics, and it can be deployed and integrated into C4 ISTAR systems quickly. Fulmar is the most effective naval mini-UAV system with great tactical capabilities due to its operational and maintenance simplicity.

Watchkeeper is an ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) system that gathers important information on prospective threats, non-combatants, and friendly troops' whereabouts. It also assists with route reconnaissance, identifying potential threat spots, and giving precise topographical data.

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