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  • Shanghai, China
  • 1999
  • $51MN to $100MN

YUNEEC in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

YUNEEC Overview

Yuneec offers UAV products, and also all the required accessories and the software.
Its UAV products include:
  • H520 RTK
  • Mantis Q
  • Typhoon H Plus Series
  • H520
  • H920 Plus
  • Breeze 4K
The company’s UAV accessories include:
  • Airframes
  • Payloads
  • E50
  • E90
  • CGO4
  • Camera
  • Transmitters
  The software include:
  • DataPilot
  • Developer Portal

Yuneec manufactures drones, manned electric aircraft, radio-controlled drones, multicopper, radio-controlled helicopters & micro copters, and radio-controlled electric powered airplanes. The company’s drones are used for fire rescue, coast guard, law enforcement, and other commercial applications. The company also provides general parts & accessories as well as repair and support services. The company is one of the major players in the “Ready to Fly” drone sector.

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YUNEEC strengths and weaknesses

  • Product Maturity / Features Offered / High Definition Camera
    HD Images
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  • Product Maturity / Hardware / Frame
    Light Weight
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  • Product Maturity / Features and Functionality / Features Off...
    Sharing images and videos
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  • Aerial Imaging
  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • Community Forums
  • Product Technical Support
  • Repair Services
  • Training
  • 3D Mapping
  • Satellite Communications
  • Site Visualization
  • Industrial Warehousing
  • Product Delivery
  • Remote Sensing
  • Antenna
  • Battery
  • ESC (electronic speed controller)
  • Flight Controller
  • Less Flight Time
    This drone doesn’t cover up a lot of ground as the flight time is less than 10 minutes. Show More
  • Unstable Video Quality
    These drones offer unstablized 4K video which is unusable. The drone''s digitally stabilized 1080p footage isn''t any better. Raw images show black corners. Show More
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Combat Operations
  • FPV Camera
  • RC Receiver
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Reduced Radar Detection
  • All Weather Capability
  • Automatic Takeoff and Landing
  • Flight Control System
  • Georeferencing
  • High Definition Camera
  • High Stability
  • Mapping Tools
  • Multi Sensor Capability
  • Payload Control
  • Thermal Imaging
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YUNEEC Reviews

Vice President - Product Management,Company Name Classified
Vice President - Product Management, Company Name Classified
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“Light Weight"

The best part that we particulary liked was that, Yuneec drones being built out of plastic, that makes them naturally lighter compared to its peers.
Senior Manager,Company Name Classified
Senior Manager, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)( )( )3

“Unstable Video Quality"

Low quality imagery, is it really 4K? The drone''s digitally stabilized 1080p footage isn''t any better. Raw images show black corners.
Other,Company Name Classified
Other, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)( )( )3

“Sharing images and videos"

We are so glad that these drones have a built in image and video sharing capability.
Senior Product Manager,Company Name Classified
Senior Product Manager, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)( )( )3

“Less Flight Time"

Yuneec really should check the batteries that it uses. Flight times less than 10 minutes? Really bad.

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Top YUNEEC Features

#1 Hardware / Frame
#2 Features Offered / High Definition Camera
#3 Solutions Offered / Aerial Imaging
#4 Functionalites / Surveillance
#5 Functionalites / Security


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