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Yuneec drones are used for fire rescue, coast guard, law enforcement, and other commercial applications. The company also provides general parts & accessories as well as repair and support services. The company is one of the major players in the “Ready to Fly” drone sector. Yuneec is specialized in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), for the aerial photography role.

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Yuneec International is a Chinese aircraft manufacturer. Yuneec manufactures drones, manned electric aircraft, radio-controlled drones, multicopper, radio-controlled helicopters & micro copters, and radio-controlled electric-powered airplanes. Yuneec offers UAV products, and also all the required accessories and software.

Yuneec UAV products include - H520 RTK, Mantis Q, Typhoon H Plus Series, H520, H920 Plus, and Breeze 4K

Yuneec UAV accessories include – Airframes, Payloads, E50, E90, CGOET, CGO4, Camera and Transmitters

Yuneec software include – DataPilot and Developer Portal


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  • Yuneec Typhoon H+ with Real Sense is priced at $1,999

(Yuneec Typhoon H+ with RealSense in Backpack with ST16S+ Controller, and 1" CMOS SONY C23 Camera)

  • Yuneec H520E with E90X is priced at $3,699.99

Yuneec H520E Airframe w/ST16E Controller, E90X SONY Camera, 2 batteries, and accessories

  • Yuneec H520E (Airframe only) is priced at $2,699.99

Yuneec H520E Airframe w/ST16E Controller, 2 batteries, and accessories

  • Yuneec H520E RTK Commercial Hexacopter (Airframe Only) is priced at $5,299.99

Typhoon H Backpack (fits H+/H3/H520E)


The Typhoon H Plus with Intel Real Sense from YUNEEC provides high image quality. Outstanding reliability and automatic flight modes that all photographers and videographers dream of. Typhoon H Plus is equipped with a 1” 4K camera, a PX4 based flight controller, and flight modes including Follow Me.

Yuneec H520E/520 offers unlimited perspectives and new creative possibilities. Its plug and play payloads, extended range, and new controller software make the H520E/520 the safest and reliable hexacopter. The performance in the wind is best in class, and a motor can fail while the H520E/520 completes its mission – manned or autonomous.

Typhoon H Plus is one of the quietest and most efficient camera drones in its class, boasting up to 28 minutes of flying time in calm weather and flight condition. Refined cabling ensures optimized air circulation and improved cooling. The reworked ST16S remote control has a brighter, optimized display, includes a USB port for easy data access, and has a completely new intuitive user interface.

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    Satellite Communications
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    Shipping and Delivery
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    Site Visualization
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    Product Delivery
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    Remote Sensing
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    Flight Controller
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    GIS Mapping
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    RC Receiver
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    Flight Control System
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    High Definition Camera
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    Intelligent Flight Modes
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    Mapping Tools
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