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Efacec is considered a global leader in the fast-charging infrastructure market for electric vehicles and is one of the top EV charging companies. Efacec is the largest Portuguese company in the area of energy, engineering, and mobility. The company has eight business units - Transformers, Energy, Switchgear, Automation, Environment and Industry, Transport, Service, and Electric Mobility. The company offers a full range of charging solutions to charge electric cars, motorcycles, and buses with integration in management systems for efficient use of electric grid infrastructure. EFACEC’s solutions include Private Charging, Public Charging, Quick Charging, Ultra-Fast Charging, and Wireless Charging. Request EFACEC Pricing to get more information.


EFACEC designed Public Chargers to own up to two 7.2 kVA outputs, and you can charge any EV unit that is compatible with SAE J1772 by following simple installation procedures. The general public charger can be wall-mounted or pedestal-mounted, permitting versatile installation choices. Every Public Charger can be integrated with a charging infrastructure network and its operation can be monitored and controlled by the central management system.
EFACEC electric vehcile charging products include:
Quick Charging Station 
High Power Chargers 
Public Chargers

EFACEC Pricing

EFACEC pricing has not been disclosed by the vendor. However, it is in line with the competitors in the market. Users can contact the vendor for getting more details & competitive pricing.


To know better about EFACEC, the users can have a look at a website and go through the various features offered about it. For more information and demo, the users can request the website and get across the demo soon.
  • +12
    AC Power
  • +11
    DC Power
  • +14
    Dynamic load management
  • +9
    Energy Efficiency
  • +6
    Long charging cord
  • +5
    Normal Charging
  • +8
    Open Protocol Charging Networks
  • +5
    Safety Certified
  • +8
    Wireless charging
  • +10
    Less than 2%
  • +12
    Ranging between 1 to 2
  • +6
    Varies between 1 to 2
  • +12
    Automatic payments & billing
  • +11
    Charging speed
  • +7
    Charging time control
  • +6
  • +10
    Enhanced Safety Systems
  • +13
    Inductive Charging
  • +11
    Interactive admin panel
  • +13
    Mobile & web apps for end-users
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