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Tata Power is listed as one of the top EV charging companies in the market. End-to-end customized solutions offerings as per your requirement - Backend Power Infrastructure, EV Chargers of different charging standards, Charger Installation, Annual Maintenance, Charger Management Software Platform Subscription, and Mobile App. Request TATA POWER Pricing to get more information.


Tata Power EV charging stations mobile app to help owners to locate the nearby charging stations on an aerial map, provide updates on charging, recommendations on paying charges online. It also provides fast charging EV chargers relying upon their rated capability will charge your EV a lot quicker as compared to 13A plug purpose. Offers safety, EV Chargers comes with several in-built protection systems which boost safety. It permits access management, so the EV chargers come with OTP / RFID authorization systems. therefore, you can be assured that nobody can misuse the charging points at your automobile parking space without your permission.

Tata Power Pricing

Tata pricing has not been disclosed by the vendor. However, it is in line with the competitors in the market. Users can contact the vendor for getting more details & competitive pricing.

Tata Power Demo

To know better about Tata, the users can have a look at a website and go through the various features offered about it. For more information and demo, the users can request the website and get across the demo soon.


  • EV CMS Software
  • Seamless charging experience
  • Customized solutions
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