Company Overview
The company specializes in thermosetting epoxy, urethane; and methyl methacrylate structural adhesives, moisture-cured urethanes, and MS adhesives & sealants used in a wide range of industrial applications.
Evaluated against 60 key buying criteria
  • New product development/innovation
  • No of new product development/innovation centers
  • Width of product portfolio
  • Strength of company across the market/product value chain
  • Depth of product offering
  • Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • Breadth of Applications Served
  • Customized solutions for applications/industries
  • Patents approved
  • Patents in sustainable or green technologies
  • Percentage of patents on - Production technology, End products, Product form
  • Focus on sustainable or green technologies for new products
  • Frequency of commercializing new products / Time to market new products
  • Focus on Product Innovation
  • Patent Landscape
  • No Weaknesses
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#1 Focus on Product Innovation / New product development/innovation
#2 Focus on Product Innovation / No of new product development/innovation centers
#3 Breadth of Applications Served / Width of product portfolio