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Hempel offers both water and solvent-based coatings for various applications. The company also offers anti-fouling coatings and others. Some of the products are, Hempadur 15553, Hempel's Galvosil 15780, Hempaprime CUI 275, Hempathane 55930, Hempadur Quattro XO coatings, etc.

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Hempel offers its paints and coatings products to markets including oil & gas, marine, infrastructure, thermal power, wind, container, yacht, and infrastructure. The company also offers anti-fouling coatings for vessels that travel at high speeds with relatively high activity levels.

Some of the paints and coatings solutions offered by Hempel include:

  • Atlantic+
  • Avantguard
  • Dynamic 9000 79950
  • Dynamic 9000 79900
  • Hempatop Finish 850 MS1
  • Galvosil
  • Globic
  • Hempacore


Products offered by Hempel are available through its worldwide distributors, e-store, and direct company website. Pricing for some of the products has been disclosed by the vendor. The pricing is in line with the competitors in the market and users can contact the vendor for getting more details & competitive Hempel pricing.


To know better about Hempel, the users can have a look at a website and go through the various features offered about it. For more information and demo, the users can request the website and get across the demo soon.


  • Provides intumescent passive fire protection
  • Longer corrosion protection
  • Easy to apply and fast drying, even in high temperatures and humidity
  • Offers extended durability
  • Offers abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Offers weather resistance
  • Offers good gloss and colour retention
  • Offers easy to clean and maintain
  • Offers fire protection properties
  • +11
    Abrasion Resistance
  • +5
    Acrylic Resin
  • +6
    Alkyd Resin
  • +6
  • +9
  • +10
    Decorative Paints
  • +12
  • +13
    Floor Coatings/Wood Flooring
  • +9
    High Gloss
  • +14
    Industrial Coatings
  • +5
    Interior or Exterior walls
  • +12
    Low VOC Emission Properties
  • +9
    Marine/Yacht Protective Coatings
  • +7
    Pavement Markings
  • +8
  • +14
    Corrosion Resistance
  • +7
    Epoxy Resin
  • +11
    Solvent borne Coatings
  • +10
    Water borne Coatings
  • +13
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