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NetSolutions EHR
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NetSolutions EHR USP

NetSolutions by Cantata Health is one of the best electronic health records and financial management software for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living communities. It helps to deliver better care and take control of financials. The platform ensures the organizations to put patients first and meets its care objectives every time. With its modern approach to EHR, providers achieve positive outcomes through flexible, productive workflows and best practice design to give their staff more visibility into their patients’ overall health. NetSolutions pricing supports all kinds of budgets and requirements.

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Following key features are offered by NetSolutions-

  • Robust Care Plan Options- Enables to make smarter decisions by choosing from a variety of standardized Care Plans and Clinical Decision Support tools customized for providers.
  • Non-Disruptive Implementation- Cantata provides non-disruptive implementation with its new EHR designed with speed in mind, it’s ready to go as soon as it’s installed to avoid unwanted downtime.
  • Comprehensive Medication Integration- Enables to compare patient medication orders to avoid treatment errors such as omissions, duplications, dosing errors, or drug allergies and reactions. Rules-based triggers alert staff of potential issues based on the provided information.
  • Real-World Clinician Support- Offers real-world clinician support through its U.S. based certified support and services teams from implementation and beyond.

NetSolutions Pricing

NetSolutions pricing is a subscription-based model and it depends on practice size and features the user wants to choose.


NetSolutions  pricing & plans

NetSolutions pricing details are offered by the software provider or traced from publicly accessible pricing content. NetSolutions pricing suits, by and large, all types of practices.


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NetSolutions EHR
78 Buyers Negotiating
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  • +6
    Managed Compliance
  • +5
    Personalized Care Plans
  • +14
    One Centralized Solution
  • +14
    Ambulatory Care Centers
  • +6
  • +8
  • +7
  • +6
    Care Coordination
  • +7
    Patient Engagement
  • +12
    Record Management
  • +14
    Revenue Cycle Management
  • +11
    Clinical Documentation
  • +10
    Dashboard & Reporting
  • +5
    Patient care and practice management
  • +14
    Patient Workflow Management
  • +9
  • +6
    Diagnostic & Imaging Centers
  • +5
    Home Healthcare Agencies & Assisted Living Facilities
  • +7
  • +13
    Health Analytics
  • -13
  • -8
    Multiple Medical Provider Access
  • -13
  • -12
  • -11
    Technical Services
  • -10
    Training & Education

NetSolutions EHR Reviews


Buyer, Physician, SME

Mar 02, 2020

“Netsolutions review”

I enjoy working with the knowledgeable customer service staff.That I can''t access it from home but that is only because we host it in house.
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Buyer, Pharmacist, SME

Mar 02, 2020

“Good support team”

A lot more efficiencies...billers do not have to do all the thinking to be able to bill accurately.Customer service is amazing. The management team listens to the needs of their clients and actually care to make their product better to accommodate the ever evolving world of Healthcare! Their reps understands the billing rules for all of the states they support and the rules are built into the software. If they are unsure they will get help and usually within 24 hours. Providers/users are not left having to do manual "work-a-rounds" to get their jobs done. This software is the way to go...if something is wrong, it''''s more than likely operator error. This software offers a lot of flexibility to accommodate all the different rules from all of the different Payors out there. Billers find it very easy to use...Possibly better statement options. Have more reports be available in excel (there are lots but not too user friendly)
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