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Cerner Ambulatory EHR
Missouri, USA
$101MN to $500MN
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Cerner Ambulatory EHR USP

The Cerner EHR software supports an enterprise-wide view of patient care and the point at which care was delivered in both acute inpatient and outpatient settings. This seamless integration across the continuum of care enables providers to make informed, data-driven decisions without leaving the clinical workflows. Cerner Corporation is a leading supplier of healthcare information technology (HCIT) solutions, devices, and hardware. This makes the company one of the best EHR software providers. The company offers a broad range of services, including implementation, training, remote hosting, operational management services, revenue cycle services, support and maintenance, health care data analysis, clinical process optimization, transaction processing, employee wellness programs & third-party administrator services for employer-based health plans.  Cerner EHR offers powerful decision support that utilizes predictive algorithms to fire rules and alerts, engaging providers when a patient requires care. Cerner Ambulatory pricing supports all kinds of budgets and requirements.

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Following key features are offered by Cerner-

  • Physician experience- Cerner offers instinctive solutions – applications that collaborate across platforms (mobile and desktop) and enhance user efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction. It helps clients and identifies other methods to help organizations reduce physician burnout.
  • Patient experience- Allows patients to be involved in their care with its patient portal. Cerner’s portal is integrated with the EHR system and provides the patient with access to their longitudinal records. Patients can communicate with providers through secure messaging to book or change appointments, view clinical information, request refills, update information and send files. Through the portal, physicians can share accredited, evidence-based data with their patients on more than 3,000 topics.
  • Interoperable- Its interoperability solutions put health information at the fingertips of providers, within the EHR workflow. Providers spend less time searching for information and are granted more time with their patients. When information is freely shared across geographical and technological barriers, a more comprehensive picture of the patient’s unique medical history is available, enabling providers to make informed decisions regarding patient care.
  • Seamlessly integrated- With Cerner solutions, one can share and access information easily among multiple facilities and across the continuum of care. Hospitals, clinics, physician offices, long-term care facilities, satellite clinics – all your locations – become connected. Cerner revenue cycle solutions are intimately integrated into the clinical process to ensure that the financial, operational and clinical facets of your organization work together.


Cerner Ambulatory EHR Pricing


Cerner Ambulatory Pricing starts at $25 per user/month.

Cerner Ambulatory pricing & plans: Being SaaS-based software Cerner Ambulatory pricing involves an implementation fee and an ongoing subscription fee. Additionally, Cerner Ambulatory pricing includes the cost of data migration as follows-

  • 1,000 records: $500
  • 10,000 records: $2,500
  • 100,000 records: $10,000
  • 1,000,000+ records: $25,000

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +9 Easy Patient Workflow Management
  • +5 Intuitive solution
  • +14 Advanced health analytics
  • +14 Ambulatory Care Centers
  • +6 Cloud
  • +5 Home Healthcare Agencies & Assisted Living Facilities
  • +8 Hybrid
  • +7 On-Premise
  • +13 Health Analytics
  • +7 Patient Engagement
  • +5 Population Health Management
  • +12 Record Management
  • +14 Revenue Cycle Management
  • +9 Ancillary Care Provider Access
  • +11 Clinical Documentation
  • +10 Dashboard & Reporting
  • +12 ePHI Storage
  • +13 Interoperability
  • +8 Multiple Medical Provider Access
  • +5 Patient care and practice management
  • -8 Non user-friendly
  • -7 Complex reporting
  • -6 Nice care coordination
  • -14 Patient Workflow Management
  • -13 Consulting
  • -9 Implementation
  • -11 Technical Services
  • -10 Training & Education
  • -6 Diagnostic & Imaging Centers
  • -7 Pharmacies
  • -6 Care Coordination
  • -12 Optimization
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Cerner Ambulatory EHR Reviews


Buyer, Diagnostics Center, SME

Mar 02, 2020

“Advanced health analytics”

Cerner offers advanced analytic packages allowing clients to use predictive analysis.
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Buyer, Pharmacist, SME

Mar 02, 2020

“Flexible and Intuitive solution”

Offers a flexible solution that is well-designed and stable which can be handled by large group of users.
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Buyer, Diagnostics Center, SME

Mar 02, 2020

“Nice care coordination”

Provides streamlined scheduling book for hospitals to see patients old orders and appointments to better care for them.
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Buyer, Physician, SME

Mar 02, 2020

“Easy Patient Workflow Management”

Cerner EHR is all in one solution and at one place with effective data that covers patient''''s entire helath records including patient''''s previous visit within the emergency room, previous hospital admission and hospital related urgent care information, etc.
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Buyer, Physician, SME

Mar 02, 2020

“Excellent Patient care”

Provides strategic consulting for practices transforming to value-based care.
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Buyer, Physician, SME

Mar 02, 2020

“Complex reporting”

The reporting functionality is bit complex as it doesn''''t allow much configuration and ease of use as other behavioral EHR products.
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  1. Solutions Offered / Health Analytics
  2. Features Offered / Patient Workflow Management
  3. Solutions Offered / Revenue Cycle Management
  4. Features Offered / Patient care and practice management
  5. Features Offered / Dashboard & Reporting
  6. Features Offered / Multiple Medical Provider Access
  7. Solutions Offered / Patient Engagement
  8. Features Offered / Clinical Documentation
  9. Solutions Offered / Care Coordination
  10. Features Offered / Ancillary Care Provider Access
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