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Helix pharmacy management system provides a competitive edge to pharmacies who are delving into the LTC segment. Offering a smooth and intuitive user interface, Helix is a state-of-the-art complete pharmacy management solution for those who seek increased speed and accuracy. It helps businesses manage to handle customer prescriptions, track orders, regulate stock inventories, resolve queries, and much more. 

Helix pharmacy management system is a user-friendly and fast management software, it is easy to train people to operate the system due to its logical layout out and interactive design.

Helix Features

->Process Prescriptions

  • Reviews multiple orders and markets services to a wide number of customers and make private payments automatically
  • Includes eligibility checks and sends users alerts for rejections and also facilitates batch filling orders through barcode scanning
  • Compliant with NCPDP SCRIPT standard and prepped for E-prescribing

->Billing and Reporting

  • Unlimited insurance plans for patients
  • 9 different payment methods and allows multiple payors with ultra-fast processing and response times for generating bills and reports
  • Tracks payments and fully integrates with existing pharmacy management systems

->Medical Records

  • Customizes forms, maintain weight logs and design default data-entry layouts for accurate data inputs
  • Generates medical records based on the results of RX processing
  • Automatically transmit updated medical records to customers

->Inventory Control

  • Track orders, update received quantities and process returns on items to wholesalers
  • View details about past purchases and generate inventory reports including GST calculations
  • Scan barcodes to update inventory stocks and manage multiple vendors for the same drug

Helix Pricing

Helix pricing plans are not available on their website and such information is available upon request. To learn more about the different Helix pricing plans, one needs to contact their support team. The support team is very helpful and provides all the necessary information concerning pricing. 

Helix Demo

Unfortunately, there is no demo video available showing how the product works. However, users are allowed to request a free demo by visiting the vendor website and dropping in an email.


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Helix Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 02, 2020

“Makes Order Tracking Easy”

Never miss out on details about past orders and maintain order accountability with multiple vendors. Users can also modify selected orders and change purchase conditions whenever they want.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“Real-time status updates”

Real-time system updates on orders are provided by the system software and users can get printed reports too.
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