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In the 5G infrastructure software market, Ericsson developed the 5G New Radio called Ericsson AIR 6468. AIR 6468 is designed to be compatible with the 5G New Radio standards as well as long-term evolution (LTE). This prototype features 64 transmit and 64 receive antennae that support 5G plug-ins for both Massive MIMO and multi-user MIMO.  Further, the company is involved in developing a network deployment delivery platform for operators to enable complete installation, configuration, and integration with minimum time. Request Ericsson Pricing to get more information.


Ericsson is a global provider of telecom-based services and equipment. It operates through three business segments - Networks, Global Services, and Support Solutions. In the 5G technology, the company focuses on offering innovative products such as 5G access and transport modular system, and 5G core system, thereby providing end-to-end solutions to its customers. In the 5G infrastructure market, the company works closely with various telecom companies for the deployment of 5G network. The company developed the 5G Radio Prototype to support the huge requirement of high-speed data transfer rate. Some of the subsidiaries of Ericsson are Ericsson Broadcast and Media Services (UK), Metratech (US), and Redback Networks (US).


Detailed pricing for this company has not been disclosed, but it is in line with leading competitors in the market. Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on your needs. For the best pricing plans, contact the vendor. 


For more information and a demo, the users can drop a request at the site and get across the demo soon.


  • Faster and step-wise approach - Ericsson 5G network is faster, cleaner, easier to manage, and ready for anything that happens next. It delivers a customized and step-wise approach by bringing high-speed mobile internet and IoT in many use cases.
  • Service automation - Ericsson 5G network provides automated provisioning, insight-driven service assurance, and service automation simplified operations, helping to achieve greater savings in a shorter time. Ericsson Network slicing enable service providers to offer innovative services to enter new markets and expand their business.
  • 5G Core - Ericsson’s 5G Core is a multi-access and programmable cloud-native dual-mode network designed for the 5G future. It helps to manage growth with automation and simplified operations, and adopt the required agility to capture new business opportunities.


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    High-speed mobile network
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    Low Latency
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    Macro Cell (5G Radio Base Station)
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    24/7 Customer Support
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    Above 6GHz
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    AI-powered RAN
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    Autonomous Driving
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    Drone Operation
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    Edge Computing
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    Enhanced capacity
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    Entertainment and Multimedia
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    Fleet Management
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    Healthcare and mission critical applications
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    High bandwidth
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    High speed
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    High speed transmissions
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    Industrial IoT
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    IoT applications
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