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In 5G infrastructure software market, Huawei offers different technological solutions such as the X-Ethernet technology and 5G-based mobile bearer solution X-Haul to help operators build end-to-end 5G networks. The company also offer small cells and radio access network (RAN) in the wireless network segment. The small cell and RAN are the two most important building blocks in the 5G network implementation. Along with a wide range of products, the company has strong R&D capabilities that provide its solutions with a technological edge. The company also launched the 5G network slicing router that will be helpful in 5G services and for 5G network operators.

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Huawei provides services and solutions to telecommunications operators. It has three main operating segments—Carrier Network, Enterprise, and Consumer. The Carrier Network segment develops and manufactures wireless networks, fixed networks, carrier software, and core network. The company develops XEthernet wireline technology for 5G technology. Also, Huawei develops a 5G router based on the network slicing technology to get closer to the 5G network implementation.


Its pricing is not mentioned on the website. You can contact them through email or phone for an understanding of the functionalities of this tool. Its pricing varies based on your need, and you can call them for a quote.


You can request a full demo on their website.


  • 5G RAN portfolio - Huawei’s 5G RAN portfolio delivers the best network experiences and addresses the challenges faced by carriers regarding site deployment, spectrum acquisition, and user experience consistency. It helps carriers to speed up large-scale 5G network rollout and improve network experience.
  • 5G-Ready Transport Network - Huawei’s 5G Converged Transport Network Solution helps carriers to build a High Capacity, High Availability, SLA Guaranteed, and Intelligent O&M Transport Network. The ATN series provides premium IP bearer network solutions for all-generation mobile services and FMC and addresses the challenges of the access layer of operators in the evolution of the integrated bearer network.
  • One Core Network - Huawei 5G core network provides users with deterministic experience, differentiated services and, unlocking the new driving 5G services. This microservice-based 5G core network is fully integrated with 2G, 3G, and 4G. It has a centralized control plane and one-stop user plane deployment option that improves system performance, simplifies deployment, and ensures smooth software evolution, and migration to 5G without changing cards or numbers.
  • +11
  • +12
    High-speed mobile network
  • +10
    Low Latency
  • +10
    Macro Cell (5G Radio Base Station)
  • +9
    24/7 Customer Support
  • +7
    Above 6GHz
  • +12
    AI-powered RAN
  • +12
    Autonomous Driving
  • +9
    Edge Computing
  • +10
    Enhanced capacity
  • +13
    Entertainment and Multimedia
  • +10
    Fleet Management
  • +11
    Healthcare and mission critical applications
  • +7
    High bandwidth
  • +5
    High speed
  • +8
    High speed transmissions
  • +8
    Industrial IoT
  • +14
    IoT applications
  • +11
  • +5
    Micro Cell
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