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Skylight USP

Skylight offers in-built building blocks and readymade deploy solutions to match industry-specific requirements. Applications developed with Skylight can then be used across a broad range of devices including Google Glass, Vuzix, Holonlens along with all other iOS and Android-based platforms. Platform readiness for enterprise-scale with high performance, industry level security, and fully managed cloud deployment makes Skylight a more reliable & trustworthy AR solution. Request Skylight Pricing to get more information.


Skylight is an enterprise-level augmented reality platform to develop applications for smartphones, smart glasses, and or any other wearable devices. Skylight offers smart building blocks to develop apps quickly, with premium quality and affordable costs. Skylight UI is highly adaptive and performs tasks at optimal performance. Software is built specifically to provide real-time functionality in production areas such as task assignments, guidance, tracking and maintaining a check on activities.

Skylight Pricing

Skylight pricing varies from the number of users connected and the utilization of resources by the customer. Skylight augments reality solutions are highly scalable for small, medium and large scale industrial usage. Connect with support with specific business requirements to know more about Skylight pricing. Several industries have benefited from skylight AR solutions.

Skylight Demo

Skylight offers a demo to understand the complete features of this commercial AR application platform. You need to request a demo with the right credentials to enjoy this AR experience before opting for the right Skylight Pricing plan.

Skylight Features

Ease of development process and impeccable experience: Quick development process with pre-built blocks. Using the same build across all major AR compatible devices

An interactive experience for wearable devices: Virtual instructions – vision picking and work guidance. Image capturing, document viewing, and event notification

Organizational benefits: Integration with all major enterprise systems. Live video collaboration among workers and experts

See potential insights from the operational data:
Visualize real-time data and Pinpoint bottlenecks. Maintain product cycle time and ensure complete auditing on individual performance


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Skylight Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

May 09, 2020

“Uncomplicated and varied”

Skylight was very easy to access and use. Helps give solutions for a variety of industries like; Automotive, Aerospace, Logistics, Oil & Gas, Retail, telecom, and more.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Organized and Powerful AR solution”

Skylight has helped our organization to grow vertically amidst strong competition from the market. Ease of audits, inspections and performance checks gives more control to the supervisor staff.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 09, 2020

“Highly Productive and Efficient tool”

Skylight AR solutions power employees to work at their optimum level to increase their productivity level. Additional features for sharing, image capturing and notification further increase its value in daily activities.
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