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The best part of Perch digital signage software is that it is has successfully integrated the concept of physical & digital marketing campaigns to retail innovators and leaders in this industry. Perch believes that by proving the service it will be magical. Perch 3D sensing technology is able to detect regarding the customers choices, they touch, pick up which triggers to bestow with delightful and informative experience at every moment which encourages them during the time of purchase. They collaborate the digital exposure with the physical marketing.

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Perch digital signage software was founded in the year 2012 with the aid to transform the vision of the physical retail industry by overlaying the digital experience on the top of retailers, brands and physical products which aids to enrich the shopping experience, drive remarkable product transformation lift and delight the customers. The retail marketing is physically aware and has the idea about what the customers are doing, which products they are sensing so that it delivers the right marketing message at the right point of the journey.

Perch Pricing:

Perch pricing is transparent and user friendly affordable price. It drives volume and gains share through 30-130% sales lift and first party customer data. The exact Perch pricing details depend upon the needs of the customers and after filling in the credentials in the website, the experts guide through the details via the email or telephone call.

Perch Digital Signage Software Demo:

Perch says that every product tells a story and one has to sign up for latest news on cool technologies and innovative brands that are changing in the industry. To avail the service one has to visit the official website of Perch.

Perch Digital Signage Software Features:

  • Engages shoppers to interact with products
  • Aids to detect the products the customers touch
  • Identify the digital marketing using advanced computer vision technology
  • Attracts customers to the display of high impact digital media
  • Drives product engagement platform
  • Integrates sensing technology into retail display 
  • Gain valuable insights about the product development and marketing
  • Continuous improvement
  • Respond to customers with engaging product-level marketing media and software
  • Analyze behaviour for continuous improvement of packaging and contents  
  • Omnichannel functionality 
  • Handle retailer relationship with the desired channel buyers
  • Execute omnichannel message with branded content which are distributed online and in stores
  • Aids to foster monthly volume commitments to ensure there is no stock outs


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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 02, 2020

“Customer engagement”

Track shopper behaviour by time to look at campaigns, store locations that create impact. It integrates merchandising marketing with Perch engagement analytics.
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Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 02, 2020

“Product interaction”

According to the product the customers want and pick it most of the time, and convert this product to the best to sales and measure an individual media on a cost per pickup.
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