The definition of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connections for this report is as follows: “the ability of assets, devices, and machines to remotely operate, perform actions, and exchange information by communicating with each other, through wired or wireless mediums, and without human assistance.” "


Visionary leaders are the leading market players in terms of new developments such as product launches, innovative technologies, and adoption of growth strategies. These players have a broad portfolio of products that caters to most regions globally. Visionary leaders primarily focus on acquiring the leading market position through their strong financial capabilities and well-established brand equity.


Manufacturers under this quadrant are well-established vendors with strong business strategies. They focus on a specific type of technology related to the Product considered under this market. There are many companies in the M2M connections market that are largely dependent on their competitive research and development (R&D) activities.


Manufacturers of M2M connectivity products that are constantly striving for technology innovation play a major role in the M2M/IoT ecosystem. These players demonstrate significant product innovations compared to other competitors in the M2M/IoT ecosystem. However, they do not have very strong growth strategies for their overall business. Players under this category have a focused product portfolio.


Certain vendors in the M2M connections market have niche service offerings and are starting to gain position in the market. They do not have strong business strategies like other established vendors in this market. These players might be new entrants in the specific market and require more time before getting significant traction in the market. The market poses a moderate level of threat to new entrants in establishing their footprint as there are many players providing M2M connectivity products.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Connections Technology

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