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In the 3D mapping and modeling space, Alphabet offers Google Earth, which is a computer program that renders a 3D demonstration of the earth based on satellite imagery. The program maps the earth by superimposing satellite images, aerial photography, and GIS data onto a 3D globe, facilitating user the view of cities and landscapes from various angles. Google Earth provides a series of other tools through the desktop application and covers more than 98 percent of the world through satellite images.

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The company was formed after the corporate restructuring of Google. It became the parent company of Google and its several former subsidiaries. It offers its solutions and services through its main business segments, Google, and other bets. Google’s primary business areas include search, advertising, cloud computing, and operating system and platform. Google search engine maintains a list of websites and online content for Google Network members, advertisers, and content providers. The company provides AdWords and AdSense programs to enable websites to promote ads via AdWords advertisers.

Google Earth Pricing

Google Earth pricing scales to fit your needs with no termination charges or usage limits. You can use mobile Maps free of cost. It is a free program. Google Earth's pricing model is categorized under Google Maps, Google Routes, and Google Places.

*Google Earth Pro: Pro is now available for free.  Google Earth Pro used to cost $399 per annum. Google Earth along with advanced tools that help you in 3D buildings, print high-resolution images for presentations or reports, and record HD movies of virtual flights.

*Google Maps: Google Maps Platform pricing is $200 per month. Users can set daily quotas to protect against unexpected increases. First, $200 of usage each month is free.

*Static Maps: Google Earth pricing for Static Maps costs $2 per 1000 requests. This program is free for mobile. Static maps show maps as images.

*Dynamic Maps: Google Earth pricing for Dynamic Maps costs $7 per 1000 requests. This program is also free for mobile. Dynamic maps display interactive and customizable maps. You can zoom, pinch, rotate, and tilt maps to explore in more detail, and style.   

*Dynamic Street View: Google Earth pricing for Dynamic Street View costs $14 per 1000 requests. Dynamic Street View displays an interactive Google Street View 360 panoramic or thumbnail image.

Google Routes:

*Directions: Get directions for transit, driving, or walking and create routes with up to 10 waypoints for $5 per 1000 requests.

*Directions Advanced: Get directions for transit and calculate current or future travel times based on real-time traffic for $10 per 1000 requests.

*Distance Matrix Advanced: costs $10 per 1000 elements and deliver travel times and distances and access real-time traffic.

*Roads - Route Traveled: Google Earth pricing for route traveled costs $10 per 1000 requests. This determining the route a vehicle travels.

*Gaming Solution - Google Earth pricing for building real-world game environments using Google Maps data costs $10 per 1000 requests.

Google Places:

*Geocoding: convert addresses to and from geographic coordinates for $5 per 1000 requests.

*Autocomplete: This includes a place details request. The autocomplete request is free, and the following Places Details call gets charged at $17 per 1000 requests.

*Find Place: Google Earth pricing for Find Place costs $17 per 1000 requests.

*Geolocation: Google Earth pricing for Geolocation costs $5 per 1000 requests. This gives the precise location of a device based on Wi-Fi or cell towers.

Google Earth Demo

To know the software Google Earth better, the users can have a look at the website and go through the various features offered about it. For more information and a demo, the users can drop a request at the site and get across the demo soon.

Google Earth Features

Adding surfaces: Google Earth database can add polygons or surfaces and give them a color and elevation. The image perfectly visualizes the best situation made in Google Earth. Google Earth enables the exploration of Mars, the Moon, the view of the sky, and outer space, including the surfaces of various objects in the Solar System.

Adding pictures: Google Earth can add pictures, photos, or maps and play with their transparency. Google Earth includes a layer for user-submitted panoramic photos, navigable in a similar way to Street View.

Adding 3D models: You can set your own 3D models, or models from the 3D Warehouse, on the Google globe. Google Earth shows photorealistic 3D imagery.

Street View: Google Earth is fully integrated with Street View. This displays 360° panoramic street-level photos of selected cities and their surroundings. The photos can be viewed from many angles and are navigable by arrow icons.


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