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KeyShot USP

KeyShot 3D Rendering Software is a platform that makes it extremely easy to learn and use in order to achieve photographic results in a matter of minutes. It promises in providing a simple, workflow-based interface with advanced capabilities for the most experienced 3D render professional. It has the ability to create the highest quality visuals possible and thus ensuring that the users are using the best possible tool for their visualization needs.

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KeyShot 3D Rendering Software is the most recognized global illumination and real-time ray-tracing platform useful for developing 3D rendering, animations and interactive visuals with its ability to display results instantly and reducing the time to create realistic product visuals. KeyShot 3D Rendering Software offers a range of tools and features to ensure easy communication of ideas, exploration of concepts, and jaw-dropping visuals to the users.

KeyShot Pricing  

KeyShot pricing ranges from $995 to $3,995.

The various KeyShot pricing packages include:

  • KeyShot pricing 9 HD-  $995
  • KeyShot pricing 9 Pro - $1,995
  • KeyShot pricing 9 Floating - $2,995
  • KeyShot pricing 9 Enterprise - $3,995
  • KeyShot pricing KeyVR - $995 per year 

KeyShot Demo 

KeyShot 3D Rendering Software provides a demo on the website in the form of a support forum and portal, FAQs, onsite training, webinars, quick tips, and tutorials to make the users familiar with all its functionalities.



  • Switch to GPU mode with a single click
  • Remove noise on real time view
  • Allow 3D geometry and other geometry to illuminate
  • Light scenes quickly
  • Add area, point, spotlights or IES


  • Create part and camera animation using real time setup
  • Develop first person rotation animations
  • Change between two curves
  • Allows for the dynamic change of the camera’s focus distance
  • Create real time motion blur

Pro features

  • Set up personal studios
  • Allows camera path movement
  • Add flakes, bubbles and hair like growth on surface

Create 3D textures

  • Create advanced materials using node-based editor

Web Tools 

  • Create interactive visuals
  • Preserve image quality
  • Touch gesture control
  • Embed a touch-enabled product experience on iOS


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KeyShot Reviews


Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

Apr 30, 2020

“Highly capable”

it enables easy dropping of files into the scene and quick preparation of simple provides a variety of channels for post-production with an excellent material and rendering quality. It enables easy adjustments to ground and lightning besides others with a perfect studio environment.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Photo realistic results”

This platform provides ease of using interface since it is laid out in a very clear manner. It is easy to render a good looking render in a short time with realistic delightful results.
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