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Mitsuba USP

Mitsuba 3D Rendering Software is an open-source (GPL), free, physically-based renderer that implements a variety of material and volumetric scattering models and also implements some of the latest and greatest integration techniques. Mitsuba 3D Rendering Software is primarily an academic research project. Its best part is that it features a plugin system for integrating new functionality, which could potentially be useful if a user wants to try out a custom model.

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Mitsuba 3D Rendering Software is a research-oriented retargetable rendering system that is written in portable C++17. It is evolved by the Realistic Graphics Lab at EPFL. Mitsuba 3D Rendering Software is an integrated small group of crux libraries and a wide variation of plugins that implements functionality ranging from materials and light sources to complete apprehension algorithms. It is incorporating into many variants that include color handling (RGB) differentiable rendering.

Mitsuba Pricing

Mitsuba Pricing is simple, transparent, and affordable. It offers a simple and easy user interface and all necessary information and functionalities for a user. There are different kinds of Mitsuba Pricing segments ranging from $99 to $10,000 per image, but the detailed specification is not mentioned. To avail the price quote, the user has to login through the website officially.

Mitsuba Demo

Mitsuba offers its customers with free trial and demo is also provided. But to avail, the service an individual has to fill the credential on the website, and very soon the experts will get in contact with.


Multi-channel renderings
  • Facilitates images with multiple channels, that are the results of the traditional rendering algorithm 
  • Tracks the computation in one pass and writes the output to a dense multi-channel EXR file

Python integration

  • Automate a full control of the rendering process and display the results using the user interface written in python language
  • Create a simple and fast custom GUIs to control certain aspects of rendering (e.g. material parameters)

Real-time preview

  • Helps to out-of-focus blur directly in the preview together with the redesigned sensors
  • Create more accurate output with a faster and new preview


  • Helps the user with a lot of work with documentation and making it fun to read
  • Provides with a high-resolution reference manual for download which helps the user


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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 14, 2020

“Saves time”

Mitsuba lets an individual save time by accessing control as one wants, like setting a limited duration.
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 14, 2020

“Easy to access system”

Mitsuba is easy to use and access and the customer service is great.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the main features of Mitsuba software?

Some of the key features of the software are as below: • Progressive Photon Mapper • Energy Redistribution Path Tracer • Volume Rendering • Parellilization • Ray Tracer Internals • Collada Workflow

Who is Mitsuba software ideal for?

The software is ideal for: smaller companies or start-ups, smes and large size organizations.

Which mobile platforms is Mitsuba software compatible with?

Details will be updated soon.

Which operating systems is this software compatible with?

The software is compatible with the following operating systems: WebApp and Windows.

What deployment options does this software offer?

The software offers Cloud Based Deployment.

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