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Cheetah 3D
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Cheetah 3D is an animation application software that provides the drafting of 3D models and is quite easy to use. It was specially developed for the MAC operating systems for computer-generated imagery and developing 3D artworks while rendering complete sets of polygons and spline modelling tools. Whether it is character rigging or featuring JavaScript API, it allows the users to have a personalized experience. 

Cheetah 3D Pricing

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  • Cheetah 3D version 7- 99 USD for a single-user license

  • Cheetah 3D previous version- 59 USD, in comparison to the latest Cheetah 3D Pricing

Cheetah 3D Demo

The developers have made a trial version for the users which is completely free of cost. In addition, there are video tutorials and trials available on its official website.


Integrated Tools 

  • Operates with a complete set of polygon tools along with scene objects like camera and spotlights, parametric polygon objects
  • Makes UV tools available with parametric spline objects, texture painting tools, and creator objects

Key Animation Tools

  • Operates with auto-keying options, spline control points, and F-curve type editor
  • It offers varieties in key interpolation with the linear, Bezier spline, etc. FK and Ik are being adapted and vertex weigh plus OpenGL preview is available

Application Dynamics

  • Integrate bullet-physics engine with rigged body supporting convex, concave and convex hull shapes
  • Offers rope and soft-body dynamics, speedy anchors for connecting softer bodies with rigid ones, with backing for complex scenarios

Susceptible Scripts

  • Uses Javascript language and WebKit Java engine with JIT compiler for faster scripting
  • Customize objects, file loaders and automate the repeated tasks


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Cheetah 3D Reviews


Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

Apr 30, 2020

“Simple Interface with a Sense of Power”

The ease in accessibility is the biggest strength for such animation software. The price of the software is well-suited for MAC animators, although a little expensive.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“The Variations in Tools for Optimum Experience”

The intuitive approach of the developers along with varieties of 3D modelling tools and an adaptive camera make this quite susceptible for MAC OS X.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the main features of Cheetah 3D software?

Some of the key features of the software are as below: • Universal Binary Application • Full Support of Retina Displays • OpenGL Preview • Customizable UI Layout • Snapping • Character Animation Tools • Intuitive Editors

Who is Cheetah 3D software ideal for?

The software is ideal for: smaller firms or start-ups, smes and large organizations.

Which mobile platforms is Cheetah 3D software compatible with?

Details will be updated soon.

Which operating systems is this software compatible with?

The software is compatible with the following operating systems: WebApp and Windows.

What deployment options does this software offer?

The software offers Cloud Based Deployment.

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