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Occipital USP

Occipital 3D Rendering Software is a spatial computing company that enables easy and powerful 3D scanning available to everyone including doctors and developers. The iOS native SDK, Structure Sensor is making 3D scanning easy and affordable to all around the globe. Canvas, its power tool for home improvement creates a scale-accurate 3D model in a matter of minutes for the users to measure, review and share models instantly or transform them into a design-ready and editable CAD file.  PX-80 provides a professional data capture solution to help industry pros in heavy-duty scanning requirements also enabling a whopping 16 hours of scanning a day. Its device Bridge is powered by Bridge Engine and is a mixed reality HMD for the iPhone enabling 6-DoF tracking, real-world physics interactions, shadows and occlusions all on the iPhone.

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Occipital 3D Rendering Software is the world’s first manufacturer of 3D structure sensors for mobile devices. It is simply clipped onto the compatible iPad to transform it into a complete mobile 3D scanner. Occipital 3D Rendering Software offers high quality and full color 3D scans to the users in seconds.

Occipital Pricing  

Occipital Pricing plans are mentioned below-

  • Occipital Pricing Structure Sensor- $379 - $499
  • Occipital Pricing  PX-80 - $30,000- $40,000
  • Occipital Pricing Bridge - $399
  • Occipital Pricing Canvas - $499 for Structure Sensor and for total set-up $899 with Scan to CAD starting from $15 per scan. 

Occipital Demo 

Occipital 3D Rendering Software provides a demo on the website in the form of video clippings to make the users familiar with all its functionalities.


AR/VR Slam

  • Provide mixed reality capabilities to mobiles
  • Deliver world-class UX with accurate, ultra-low-latency tracking
  • Map entire rooms in seconds
  • Preserve system resources

3D Scanning 

  • Unlock 3D capabilities
  • Provides robot vision
  • Fuse depth, color and IMU data
  • Enables augmented reality

Pro features

  • Improve home using scale accurate 3D model
  • Perfect and refine models with editing tools
  • Share simply to multiple services
  • Capture large areas with lightning speed

Web Tools 

  • Enables large scale SLAM
  • Works with Structure SDK
  • Support multiple export formats like OBJ, VRML, PLY, STL
  • Build own app


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Occipital Reviews


Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

Apr 30, 2020


Occipital’s Canvas provides straightforward, effective, powerful and out-of-the-box solutions with exceptional quality for 3D designing, scanning and mapping for user safety and experience.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Create apps”

This platform provides developers to develop apps for a low-cost 3D sensor with great potential. It provides depth data for true 3D imaging and 3D scanning as well as virtual reality gaming. It is intended as a platform for software developers in general.
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