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iClone 3D Rendering Software
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iClone is a real-time 3D animation software that allows anyone to create studio-quality animations for videos, films, art, or even education. It works in real-time, which means users can create high detail animations like full-body or facial animations within minutes.  The use of PBR creates natural-looking animations and the in-built global illumination creates beautiful lighting with ease. 

iClone Pricing

iClone pricing provides perpetual licenses starting from $199 to $5990 per user. Additional add-ons can be purchased separately. Here is the detailed iClone pricing for iClone 7, the latest version:

  • Entry Level- $199 per user
  • Facial Mocap Solution- $990 per user
  • Live Link Fundamental- $1990 per user
  • Live Link Performance Bundle- $5990 per user

iClone Demo

iClone 7 offers a 30-day free trial with limited features and can be downloaded from its website. Highly detailed tutorials, online manuals, and webinars are also available free of charge along with user blogs and forums.


Character Animation
  • Using character creator one can generate high-quality human characters with personalized fashion.
  • Quickly animate any character and using motion capture giving the project realistic animations 

Physically-based Rendering

  • Renders appearances of materials to match that of the real world
  • Implementation of PBR brings realistic visuals even to real-time rendered animations

Scene and Prop
  • Control cloud movements, sun and moon trajectories, light transformations using the dynamic sky system
  • Interactive props with controllable animations and scripted interactions 

Lighting System

  • Custom tools such as directional lighting, point lights, spotlights for interior and exterior lighting 
  • Create highly detailed natural lights by applying different shadow setting to individual lights

Video Compositing

  • Use videos as textures or as backgrounds for animations seamlessly
  • Export animations created in iClone to external editors and effect engines


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iClone 3D Rendering Software Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Best tool to accelerate your animation pipeline”

The learning curve is almost non-existent. You can just jump in and start animating. Rendering is fast and efficient.
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James Smith

Apr 30, 2020

“Best in class model designing”

The build in animations makes it very easy to animate your characters. You can work with motion captures to animate your character. For designing the character import feature is stunning.
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