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Arnold 3D Rendering Software is a physically-based rapid, memory-efficient, and scalable raytracer. Its goal is to simplify the pipeline of VFX and animation companies with a reduced collection of user interface components and to facilitate a single-pass approach to remove all the associated storage and management costs.

Arnold Pricing

Arnold Pricing includes the following subscription packages-

  • Arnold Pricing for Monthly & Annual Single-User Subscription-
  • £45 / €50 / $45 Per Month
  • £350 / €395 / $360 annually

  • Arnold Pricing for Annual Multi-User Subscription-
  • £605 / €685 / $630 annually

  • Arnold Pricing for Annual Multi-User Subscription Packs-
  • 5-Pack: £2,280 / €2,580 / $2,370 annually (25% discount)
  • 25-Pack: £9,060 / €10,260 / $9,420 annually (40% discount)
  • 100-Pack: £24,325 / €27,550 / $25,290 annually (60% discount)

Arnold Demo

Arnold 3D Rendering Software provides a free trial for 30 days. The trial version is practically similar to the commercial version and also allows rendering Arnold for 30 days without a watermark.


Memory efficient

  • Arnold's compact and highly optimized data structures, render scenes with many voluminous unique primitives
  • Lower memory footprint than is feasible with the other renderers.

Arbitrary Output Variables (AOVs)

  • Render any number of AOVs or passes for compositing purposes, including normal, Z-depth, position, and ID masks. It also 

Standalone command-line renderer

  • Native scene description format stored in human-readable text files (Arnold Scene Source, or .ass). 
  • Files are easily edited, can be read and written with the C/Python API, can be loaded at render time, or can be fed to the command-line renderer, kick.

Subdivision and displacement

  • The software supports Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces. 
  • Subdivided vertices are then vector-displaced through arbitrary shader networks. 
  • High frequencies are automatically captured as a bump map, reducing the necessity for excessive subdivision


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Arnold Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

Apr 30, 2020

“Global Illumination renderer”

Externally based sampling renderer. From the ultimate rendering, photorealistic look. The coloring of organic shaders, hair, and fur looks and feels natural. Used for CG and Visual effects in international cinemas.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Excellent integration for C4D users”

Arnold uses a node-based approach to assembling materials, making a system that''s especially versatile and straightforward to use, with way more visual input than a layered system, where you would like to dig right down to get where you would like it. Channels are all nodes, including textures, that may be directly loaded into the node manager, which is an Xpresso window, creating an explorer/finder window.
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