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Offer18 USP

Offer18 is an award winning Performance Marketing Solution that has been created specifically to help Affiliate Networks, Advertisers, and Agencies with professional tracking capabilities. Offer18 enables digital professionals to create their own affiliate network, radically enhance their campaign performance, and efficiently utilize their traffic sources to produce better ROI with the help of its in-built progressive tools of technology.

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Offer18 has been particularly built for performance marketers to enable them to track, analyse, enhance as well as automate their campaign performance. It provides users with the most flexible SaaS platform along with a market presence with a better longevity in Performance Marketing. Its services are more cost-effective with best-of-the-lot features and a commitment to adding latest technologies that might be lacking in other services providers in the market.

Offer18 Pricing

Offer18 pricing comes in 5 flexible variants, as discussed below:

For Startups – USD 49/month


  • 3,00,000 Units (Clicks + Conversions)
  • Impressions 0.01 USD per 1000
  • Additional Usage – 1 USD per 10,000 units
  • *1 Unit = 1 Click or 1 Conversion

For Professionals
– USD 149/month


  • 10,000 Conversions
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Professional Support – Email, Skype and Live Chat

For Performance Marketers
– USD 349/month


  • 40,000 Conversions
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Professional Support – Email, Phone, Skype and Live Chat

For Enterprise –
USD 750/month


  • 100000 Conversions
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Dedicated Support – Email, Phone, Skype and Live Chat
  • Additional Usage – USD 0.01 per conversion

Tailored Pricing –
Customised pricing


  • Custom Conversions
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Dedicated Support – Email, Phone, Skype and Live Chat
  • Custom Additional Usage 

Offer18 Demo

Offer18 provides interested users with a demo remotely as well as the user specified location. Also, the company offer a 30 day free trial, for which users are not required to provide their credit card details.

Offer18 Features

Listed below are some of the many top features provided by Offer18’s Performance Marketing Solution:

Tailored UI Design – The solution comes with a user-friendly interface, further simplifying setting up an account. The company provides quick demos and tips and tools which has brought down the learn curve significantly.

75+ Data Breakdowns – Offer18 provides real-time measuring filters which allow users to get an improved visibility into their performance analytics, thereby improving their reporting experience by leaps and bounds.

Fraud Detection – The solution comes equipped with a high-class in-house security tool which is capable of detecting every fraudulent activity.

Multiple Targeting Options – Offer18 provides top-of-the-line targeting options, which not only takes Geo into account but also enables users to consider carrier, languages, OS and deliver campaigns to the appropriate audience.

Campaign Automation – Campaign Automation helps businesses automate performance which naturally increases the ROI. This feature optimises every campaign or offer under the rule created for automation.

Smart Offer/URL – This allows users to create smart URLs which are capable of distributing traffic according to individual criteria as well as through weighted splitters.


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